Wild Wife is a 1954 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert McKimson.


John comes home from work and immediately starts asking exhausted wife Marsha if she finished his chores. She finished them all but one (mowing the lawn), so he asks what she did with all her time, suggesting she frittered it away.

Marsha describes listening to him snoring all night, then jumping out of bed to make breakfast for him and their kids. She then cleaned the house, went to the bank (where she was stuck behind customers making very large deposits in pennies), the department store, the drug store, grocery store, and hair salon.

Unimpressed, John asks if that is all she did. His eyes light up when Marsha says she also bought something for him. It was a rolling pin and she summarily bashes him with it, punctuating it by saying, "Little man, I have had a busy day!"

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