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What's New, Scooby-Doo? is an American animated mystery-comedy series. The show was broadcast from September 14, 2002 to July 21, 2006 on Kids WB, a Saturday morning children's programming block on The WB Television Network. This is the ninth incarnation of the Scooby-Doo franchise, and features the main characters - Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo - investigating appearances of supernatural creatures.


Season 1 (2002-2003)

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Air date (USA) Production code Network
1 1 There's No Creature Like Snow Creature Joe Sichta Jim Krieg September 14, 2002 Kids' WB
2 2 3-D Struction Tim Maltby Ed Scharlach September 21, 2002 Kids' WB
3 3 Space Ape at the Cape Swinton O. Scott III George Doty IV September 28, 2002 Kids' WB
4 4 Big Scare in the Big Easy Tom Mazzocco George Doty IV, James Krieg and Ed Scharlach October 5, 2002 Kids' WB
5 5 It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine Joe Sichta Mark Turosz October 26, 2002 Kids' WB
6 6 Riva Ras Regas Russell Calabrese and Swinton O. Scott III Tom Sheppard November 2, 2002 Kids' WB
7 7 Roller Ghoster Ride Scott Jeralds and Tim Maltby Dwayne McDuffie November 9, 2002 Kids' WB
8 8 Safari, So Goodi! Tom Mazzocco Ed Scharlach November 23, 2002 Kids' WB
9 9 She Sees Sea Monsters by the Sea Shore Scott Jeralds and Joe Sichta Jim Krieg November 30, 2002 Kids' WB
10 10 A Scooby-Doo! Christmas Scott Jeralds Jonathan Collier, George Doty IV, James Krieg, Ed Scharlach December 13, 2002 Kids' WB
11 11 Toy Scary Boo Russell Calabrese and Scott Jeralds George Doty IV February 1, 2003 Kids' WB
12 12 Lights! Camera! Mayhem! Scott Jeralds and Tim Maltby Jim Krieg February 15, 2003 Kids' WB
13 13 Pompeii and Circumstance Scott Jeralds and Tom Mazzocco Ed Scharlach February 22, 2003 Kids' WB
14 14 The Unnatural Scott Jeralds and Joe Sichta George Doty IV March 22, 2003 Kids' WB

Season 2 (2003-2004)

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Air date (USA) Production code Network
15 1 Big Appetite in Little Tokyo Scott Jeralds Jim Krieg September 13, 2003 Kids' WB
16 2 Mummy Scares Best Joe Sichta Ed Scharlach September 20, 2003 Kids' WB
17 3 The Fast and the Wormious Tom Mazzocco Tom Sheppard September 27, 2003 Kids' WB
18 4 High-Tech House of Horrors Russell Calabrese George Doty IV October 4, 2003 Kids' WB
19 5 The Vampire Strikes Back Tom Mazzocco Jordana Arkin October 18, 2003 Kids' WB
20 6 A Scooby-Doo Halloween Swinton O. Scott III Nahnatchka Khan October 24, 2003 Kids' WB
21 7 Homeward Hound Tim Maltby Joseph Barbera and Tom Minton October 25, 2003 Kids' WB
22 8 The San Franpsycho Tae Ho Han and Tim Maltby Bill Canterbury March 20, 2004 Kids' WB
23 9 Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman Swinton O. Scott III George Doty IV March 22, 2004 Kids' WB
24 10 Recipe for Disaster Tom Mazzocco Bill Culverius March 23, 2004 Kids' WB
25 11 Large Dragon at Large Tim Maltby Tom Sheppard March 24, 2004 Kids' WB
26 12 Uncle Scooby and Antarctica Russell Calabrese Jim Krieg March 25, 2004 Kids' WB
27 13 New Mexico, Old Monster Tim Maltby Ed Scharlach March 26, 2004 Kids' WB
28 14 It's All Greek to Scooby Russell Calabrese George Doty IV March 27, 2004 Kids' WB

Season 3 (2005-2006)

No. overall No. in season Title Directed by Written by Air date (USA) Production code Network
29 1 Fright House of a Lighthouse Chuck Sheetz George Doty IV January 29, 2005 Kids' WB
30 2 Go West, Young Scoob Chuck Sheetz Ed Scharlach February 5, 2005 Kids' WB
31 3 A Scooby-Doo Valentine Chuck Sheetz Nahnatchka Khan February 11, 2005 Kids' WB
32 4 Wrestle Maniacs Chuck Sheetz Chris Brown February 12, 2005 Kids' WB
33 5 Ready to Scare Chuck Sheetz Matt Wayne February 19, 2005 Kids' WB
34 6 Farmed and Dangerous Chuck Sheetz Jordana Arkin February 26, 2005 Kids' WB
35 7 Diamonds Are a Ghouls Best Friend Chuck Sheetz Bill Canterbury March 5, 2005 Kids' WB
36 8 A Terrifying Round with a Menacing Metallic Clown Chuck Sheetz Chris Brown March 12, 2005 Kids' WB
37 9 Camp Comeoniwannascareya Joe Sichta George Doty IV March 19, 2005 Kids' WB
38 10 Block-Long Hong Kong Horror Chuck Sheetz Ed Scharlach March 26, 2005 Kids' WB
39 11 Gentlemen, Start Your Monsters! Chuck Sheetz Bill Canterbury April 2, 2005 Kids' WB
40 12 Gold Paw Chuck Sheetz Chris Brown April 9, 2005 Kids' WB
41 13 Reef Grief! Chuck Sheetz Ed Scharlach April 16, 2005 Kids' WB
42 14 E-Scream Chuck Sheetz George Doty IV July 21, 2006 Cartoon Network
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