Warner Channel (currently referred as Warner TV in Asia; originally known as The Warner Channel) is a Latin American and Asian Pay TV channel owned by WarnerMedia's HBO Asia/HBO Latin America Group (as a joint venture with sister company Warner Bros.) that focuses on airing U.S. American-produced series and films. Most of the shows air in their original English language audio, with subtitles in Spanish (for Latin American countries except Brazil), Portuguese (for Brazil), Chinese (for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore), Malaysian (for Malaysia) and Indonesian (for Indonesia), but there are also some dubbed shows, but on 1 November, 2015, Warner Channel Latin American changed its programming style. Programs in English with subtitles in Spanish became Spanish-dubbed shows, and the SAP option for English causing many fans of the series of the original language give negative response to Warner Channel and some people who support dubbing will give positive response to Warner Channel.

Warner Channel headquarters are located in Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Singapore and Malaysia; the broadcasting, however, is generated in Miami for Latin American and Singapore for Asian viewers.

Most, but not all, series that air on the channel are in the Warner Bros. library.

In March 2015, The Philippines separated from Asia feed as they have different programming including selected shows from TruTV.

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