The Warner Bros. logo is the production logo appearing at the beginning of films released by Warner Bros. and their various production divisions.


The logo contains a gold-outlined blue shield with the letters "WB" inside, surrounded by a gold banner reading "Warner Bros. Pictures", and set against a backdrop of clouds.

Starting in 1998, a recognizable CGI logo was introduced: It had the Warner Bros. studios reflected on the side of the shield before it reveals itself and zooms out. For the logo's first year, to celebrate 75 years of Warner Bros., it had "75 Years" sliding out from behind the shield and "Entertaining the World" appearing underneath the shield.



Picture Description
Warner Brothers (1923-1925)
Warner Bros. Classics of the screen
1923-1925 logo
Warner Brothers Pictures (1925–1929)
WB Logo 1923 logo
1925-1929 logo
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. (1929–1936)
Wb vitaphone logo 1931
1929-1936 logo
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. (1935–1937)
Wbshield logo 1935 prototype
1935 logo
Wblogo 1935-1939 logo
1935-1937 logo
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. (1937–1948)
Wbpinc 1937 logo
1937-1948 logo
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. (1948–1967)
Warner bros pictures b&W logo 1948
Black and White versions logo
Warner bros pictures 1948 color logo
Colorized versions logo
Warner bros pictures 1953 logo
1953-1965 logo
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts (1967–1970)
High quality Warner Bros.-Seven Arts logo
1967-1970 logo
Warner Bros., Inc. A Kinney National Company (1970–1972)
1970-1972 logo
Warner Bros. (1972–1973)
Wb1972 warner communications
1972-1973 logo
Warner Bros. (1973–1984)
Warner Bros 1972 On-Screen II
Warner Bros 1972 On-Screen
1973-1984 logo



Picture Description
The King and the Chorus Girl (1937)



Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

Picture Description
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo (widescreen)
1993-2000 logo

Against the classic backdrop of clouds, the WB is posed with the banner reading "FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT". The byline "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" fades in under the logo and Bugs Bunny dressed in a tuxedo steps to the left from under the shield, does a Vanna White-like pose, and puts his hand on the banner as he leans, brandishes a carrot and takes a bite on it as the banner shines.

1998 logo

Nearly the same as the 1998 Warner Bros. Pictures logo, the only differences are that the shield banner reads "FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT" instead of "WARNER BROS. PICTURES", and Bugs steps to the left from under the shield, doing the same pose and animation from the previous logo. The byline fades in below. Until 2001, "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" byline is used before it is replaced by "An AOL Time Warner Company" and then in 2004 "A Time Warner Company". Other times from 2003 until 2008, the logo is byline-less.

Warner Bros. Family Entertainment (1999)
1999-2001 logo
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment 1999 (The King and I Variant)
The King and I (1999)
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo (AOL Time Warner)
2001-2003 logo
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment 2002-03 Logo
2003-2008 logo
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment Logo (Time Warner)
2004-2009 logo

Warner Bros. Animation

Warner Bros. Feature Animation

Picture Description
Warner bros feature animation prototype 1998-1999
Prototype (1998-1999)

The WB shield without the banner zooms through the red Looney Tunes rings as the banner fades in over the shield reading "FEATURE ANIMATION". The shield then stops in its place as "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" byline fades in, then the rings fade out one-by-one when the WB shield turns dark and fade out.

On the pan-and-scan version of the film, the logo has an open-matte version.

This was only seen on The Iron Giant since the film was originally going to use the Family Entertainment logo, but director Brad Bird was against this, and the custom variant of the logo was used in the film.

Warner Bros. Feature Animation 1999 Logo
The Iron Giant (1999)

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