The "Warner Bros. Fanfare" is a triumphant fanfare composed by Max Steiner (1888-1971). Similar to the 20th Century Fox Fanfare, it played to accompany the Warner Bros. logo at the start of a majority of their feature films from 1937-1955 and even briefly on a few films in the 1970s, 1980s (when the classic Warner Bros. shield was revived as the studio's logo branding) and 1990s. (On these films, it would usually segue to the variable opening theme or score.) It was also used to accompany the Warner Home Video logo from 1985-1997, albeit it was a synthesized rendition.


Usage in films

Audio samples

Max Steiner - Warner Bros. Fanfare
Max Steiner - Warner Bros. Fanfare and Main Title (Now, Voyager)
Max Steiner - Warner Bros. Fanfare and Main Title (The Big Sleep)
Miklós Rózsa - Warner Bros. Fanfare (Time After Time)
Jerry Goldsmith - Warner Bros. Fanfare (Gremlins)
Warner Bros. Fanfare (Warner Home Video 1985-1997 logo)

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