Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki is always welcome for all users and contributions. But, chaos, harassment, and disruptive editing are not tolerated or welcome here.

Rule #1: Relevant Pages

On Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki, every page must be relevant and relate to Warner Bros., Turner Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Castle Rock, etc. This includes articles that are related to other companies that are not Time Warner, but either co-owned or transferred. This also includes articles that are created by foreign Warner Bros. Pictures studios worldwide, e.g. Men in the City (aka Männerherzen).

Rule #2: Plagiarism

Plagiarism on this wiki is strictly forbidden, it is lazy and thus stealing all the hard work that the other writers have did. However, coping and pasting is still allowed, but under the condition that you are willing to reword some of the information. This goes for infobox templates as well. If an article is completely plagiarized, it will be deleted, unless the information is reworded.

Rule #3: Spamming/Random Stuff

Spamming is absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated here. Random stuff that is not Warner Bros. related will be deleted.

Rule #4: Adding Articles

Do not add a article that is blank, or have gibberish or nonsense to it. Remember to never add fan fiction or speculation on this wiki! Remember to never create a page too brief with only a few words, for example: "Old Acquaintance is a 1943 live-action film" and probably add under construction templates as well. Any pages that are too brief will be automatically be marked for "stub" or deleted.

Don't leave the article blank with just the under construction or stub templates or even without the infobox template. Also, do not add in any empty sections in an article.

Rule #5: Cussing/Swearing

Those who are caught cussing on here, may result to a block. If you see such, report to any admins or the founder as soon as possible.

Rule #6: Impersonating another user

Counterfeit accounts are not welcome on this wiki and/or on other Wikia sites. We will ban the account who pretends to be a good user. This applies for sockpuppet users who create multiple accounts.

One more thing

Remember to edit responsibly on any articles and most recently, remember to be polite and to be respectful to one another's opinions. But other than that, happy editing, folks!

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