Victor "Vic" Criss is a member of the Bowers Gang in the 1990 Lorimar's mini-series It.



TV Series

2017 Film

Vic is first seen along with Henry, Belch, and Patrick as Bill and his friends walk right past them, then stands by Belch's car as Belch, Henry, and Patrick harass Bill and his friends, after which, the four of them get in the car and leave.  After a failed attempt to run Mike Hanlon over as he is delivering meat into town later that day, Vic and Patrick merely watch Belch and Henry threaten Mike from the back seats before driving off. While leaving the library, Ben Hanscom is ambushed by Henry and tries to flee, but Vic intercepts him, and he and Belch hold Ben down while Henry tortures him. However, Ben is able to free himself from their grip and flees into the Barrens; Belch and Patrick pursue Ben while Vic helps Henry look for his knife, which he lost while tumbling down the hill going after Ben.  A couple days later, Vic, Belch, and Henry are tormenting Mike at the standpipe. Luckily, Bill, Beverly, Ben, Eddie, Richie, and Stan arrive to rescue him, fighting off Henry and his lackeys.  As August comes around, Henry, Belch, and Vic are doing a little target practice game with a gun, first shooting a couple bottles, but their fun is spoiled by the arrival of Henry's dad as Henry was intending to shoot a cat, who shoots near Henry's feet to teach him a lesson. After being enticed to kill his father by Pennywise, Henry kills both Belch and Vic as well. 



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