I have got some serious announcement to you all to read. To new users in particular: Enough is enough, I have seen too many articles that are too brief. Articles are meant to have lots of information, not brief information. And please remember to add in the infobox templates.

I have also spotted articles that may be not be relevant to Warner Bros. media. So users like Communisthater, Babyin1984 and 1322492emeller, think twice before you start creating a article and leaving it brief. Also, we're not plagiarizing from Wikipedia or other wikis e.g. DisneyWiki.

And another thing, at sometime prior to New Year's eve, I will deactivate anonymous users on this wiki and have registered users on this wiki, just like DisneyWiki, Logopedia, Closing Logos Group Wikia and Nickipedia.

Above all, I'm not being hard on you, it's that I just wanted to see articles more specific and extended to read. That is all.

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