Unikitty! is an American-Danish TV series based on The LEGO Movie. The series will be produced by The LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Animation and was announced on May 10, 2017. In September 2017, Warner Bros. Animation announced that Unikitty! has started production. [1]

At the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, it was confirmed by showrunner Ed Skudder that the rest of the series would premiere sometime in 2018.[2] A Halloween episode titled "Spoooooky Game" started the series premiere on October 27, 2017.[3], but the rest of the series won't premiere until 2018. The rest of the series should debut on Boomerang (USA) in 2018; however, if the sneak peak episode becomes popular, the series could have its original run changed to Cartoon Network.[4][5]

Unikitty premiered on Cartoon Network on October 27, 2017.


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