Tuptim is a secondary character and Chulalongkorn's love interest of the 1999 animated film, The King and I. She is voiced by Armi Arabe with Tracy Venner Warren doing her singing voice.



Tuptim is lovely, beautiful, cute, but also scared of being sent back to Burma and being whipped until her death. But, she is ready to fight for what she believes in and stand behind those she loves.


She is slender with tan skin, black hair, golden earrings on her two ears, red lipstick and green eyes. She wears a pink shirt with a green sash, gold earrings, black hair in a ponytail, red pants and sandals

Roles in the film

Tuptim is a beautiful teenage girl and a servant given to King Mongkut as a gift from her father, the Burmese Emissary. She yearns for knowledge and stuns Mongkut's court when she boldly tells them she can read, which books are commonly prohibited and forbidden to servants. She is befriended by Tusker, a baby elephant who loves and protects her from the villainous Kralahome and the bumbling henchman, Master Little.

Anna immediately recognizes that Tuptim has a fire and spirit that cannot be broken and also, she discovers that she has fallen in love with Prince Chulalongkorn and that he has fallen in love with her, as well.

If King Mongkut finds out, she would be sent back to Burma in disgrace and most likely to be killed and whipped until her death. However, their secret is exposed by Master Little, but she and Chulalongkorn save the King from the Kralahome.

In the end, The King of Siam gives her freedom and gives his blessing to marry his son.

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