Trenton's Pride is the son of Sir TrentonStripes' former arch-rival, and the (former) tertiary antagonist of Racing Stripes. He is voiced by Joshua Jackson.

Role in the film

He is first seen in the film as a foal along with his friend, Ruffshodd, meeting Stripes in the farm next door to Turfway Park. They start playing with him, but are forced to stop when Pride's father Sir Trenton sees this and does not want his son to hang out with a zebra. Three years later, Pride, along with Ruffshodd, encounters Stripes again and challenges him to a race at the Blue Moon Races. Stripes accepts, but Pride wins after Stripes loses his footing on a muddy turn and falls in the bushes. He later makes fun of him while Stripes plows the field, and is later seen, along with Sir Trenton, in a news interview shortly before Stripes' time trial. After Sandy is kidnapped, Pride is given a talk by Sir Trenton. Pride later competes against Stripes in the Kentucky Open and is in the lead, but Stripes remembers a piece of advice from Tucker and is able to overtake Pride, winning the race. After the race, Pride makes amends with Stripes and invites him to hang out.



Trenton's Pride and Stripes did not get along due to Pride bullying him for his species. However, at the end of the movie, he makes up with Stripes after he wins the race.

Sir Trenton


Trenton's Pride and Ruffshodd get along.


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