Tobby, better known as "Toe" through out the movie, is the narrator of the story and main protagonist of the film and is played by Jimmy Bennett. He finds the Wishing Rock after he is hit in the head with it.



Toby doesn't really have any friends, since Nose became a germaphobe like his dad. He is bullied by the children of his parents' boss, Helvetica and Cole Black.

When he first finds the Wishing Rock he hears it whisper to him. When he thinks he's hallucinating the rock becomes more and more insistent that he 'make a wish'.


  • When ordered to 'make a wish', Toby wishes for 'friends, who are as unique and interesting' as he is. The rock brings him a group of tiny aliens.
  • Toby wishes for his alien friends to help defeat Mr. Black and the other adults.
  • He wishes for his casts to be removed.

Role in the film



  • Toby still plays games with an imaginary friend.
  • He has braces and is very diligent about cleaning them.
  • His best friend at the beginning of the movie was a pet fish in his science class.

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