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I wonder if there really are such things as fairies. Hmm.

Thumbelina is the main protagonist in the film of the same name. She is portrayed by Jodi Benson.




Thumbelina is a sweet and beautiful teenage girl with long strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and glossy pink lips. Despite her small size, she has a massive heart and is extremely romantic. She can easily be brought down by the world but is known for having good friends to keep her afloat.

Physical Appearance

Small slender fair skin rosy cheeks long orange hair blue eyes blue gown blue ballet flats blue headband white dress with short puffy sleeves flower braids into a long orange ponytail hair purple eyeshadows thick black eyebrows black eyelashes pink lips beautiful. Green patches in her chest in her blue dress Small size and little size and tiny size.

Role in the Film


She was born in a barleycorn plant. When her mother kissed the blossom, it opened and revealed a young girl, full-grown and no bigger than a thumb, and, in jest, she was named "Thumbelina". She had trouble with her size, felt alone, and was unsure of her place in such a "Big World". As her mother was going to read a story about "The Noble Dog", She was tired and wanted to hear about little people, which her mother turn the pages to the fairies, and she was told the wings produce magic to help them fly. Thumbelina felt more alone and different than the others, and she wished she was "Big", which Her mother tells her to be nothing but the way she is. As her mother bids her goodnight, Thumbelina sings "Soon" in hopes of finding another small person like her, so she wouldn't face the world all by herself. She meets a fairy who sabotages a page and causes her to hide in a teapot, she notices that he apologizes and is not a threat, at first she wasn't sure if she was dreaming, she then spoke when he came close and was excited. As Hero was going to attack, she intervened and stopped them from attacking. She introduces herself, and he greets her, causing a tired Hero to go asleep; as they get to know each other in the song "Let Me Be Your Wings", she hears The Queen calling for Corneilius, whom the Fairy introduced himself before the song, and he confesses he is the prince, whom Thumbelina wanted to meet, and she accepts Cornelius's offer, as he left for his parents. She woke up on the stage of the Toad's boat whom Mrs. Toad brought her one night to be wedded to Grundel the Toad. They leave her on a lily pad while going to fetch a priest, but a friendly swallow, Jacquimo (the narrator of the film), overhears Thumbelina's cries for help and frees her. Jacquimo's friends, the jitterbugs, promise to help Thumbelina get home safely while Jacquimo sets off to find Cornelius.

Meanwhile, Cornelius learns of Thumbelina's kidnapping and ventures out to find her. While trying to get home with the help of some young jitterbugs, Thumbelina is ambushed by Berkeley Beetle, who scared the jitterbugs off. He's enamored with her and her singing, and agrees to show her the way home, provided that she sing at his Beetle Ball first. She is well received by the bugs until the costume disguising her as a butterfly falls off, at which point they declare that she's "ugly". Beetle's opinion of her swiftly changes, and he kicks her out without giving her the help he promised. Both Jacquimo and Cornelius are hindered by the weather: Jacquimo accidentally impales his wing on a thorn and is eventually knocked out by the extreme cold, while Cornelius falls into a lake and is frozen under the ice. Grundel, hearing one of the jitterbugs mention Beetle, tracks him down. Beetle suggests using Cornelius, the fairy prince, as bait. Grundel blackmails him (by stealing his wings) into helping him get Thumbelina back. Beetle and his men find Cornelius trapped in the ice and take him back to Grundel.

Thumbelina almost freezes to death until she's found and taken in by the greedy yet unbearably beautiful, very attractive, and insanely sexy Ms. Fieldmouse. She informs her of Cornelius's supposed demise, saddening Thumbelina too greatly. The two take some corn cakes to Ms. Fieldmouse's neighbor, Mr. Mole. Mr. Mole tells them about a dead bird he found in his tunnel earlier that day. It turns out to be Jacquimo, who Thumbelina discovers to be only unconscious. Mr. Mole confides to Ms. Fieldmouse that he would like to marry Thumbelina and will pay her handsomely if she gets the girl to agree. Thumbelina, heartbroken over Cornelius's death, accepts. Jacquimo soon awakens and leaves to find Cornelius, refusing to believe that he is dead.

Meanwhile, Beetle brings Cornelius's frozen body to Grundel and informs him that Thumbelina will marry the Mole. After the two leave to stop the wedding, the jitterbugs thaw Cornelius's body out. As she's going up the aisle, Thumbelina realizes that she can't marry someone she doesn't love. As she refuses, Grundel and Beetle crash the wedding. A chase ensues, with Beetle, Grundel, and the wedding guests trying to stop Thumbelina from getting away. Cornelius appears and fights with Grundel until the two fall into a chasm. Once outside and free, Thumbelina is reunited with Jacquimo, who insists he's found the Vale of the Fairies. He takes her to what looks like a frozen patch of weeds and tells her to sing, which she grudgingly does. As Thumbelina gives up hope, the ice thaws, and Cornelius appears. The two marry, and at the wedding, Thumbelina is granted wings and became a fairy princess. Thumbelina and Cornelius live happily ever after.



  • Hello, mother. (first lines)
  • Who would believe the wonder of the world I see Each little minute brings a new surprise There’s only one peculiar thing that bothers me Seems I’m the only one my size. (singing)
  • But I get out in the nick. (singing)
  • Oh, a plum’s so big And a fig’s so big And they call it a twig But a twig’s so big. (singing)
  • That’s me!
  • Oh, mother please… Are there any stories about – about little people?
  • Whoa! They are little, just like me. But – but what are those?
  • Mother, have you ever seen a fairy?
  • Really?
  • And they live happily ever after.
  • Hmm. I-I suppose it works best if two people are about the same size.
  • Yes. Well… Well, that’s not fair. I – I – I must be the only little person in the whole world. I wish I were big.
  • Mother? Would you please leave the book open?
  • I want to look at the pictures while I go to sleep.
  • Goodnight, mother.
  • Hmm. I know there’s someone Somewhere, someone Who’s sure to find me Soon After the rain goes There are rainbows I’ll find my rainbow Soon Soon it won’t be just pretend Soon a happy ending Love, can you hear me If you’re near me Sing your song Sure and strong And soon. (singing)
  • I wonder if there really are such things as fairies. Hmm.
  • (Hums Soon.) Oh, you have to go now? Ah, I see. You are a wonderful dancer. Will I ever see you again?
  • Oh!
  • You’re… Oh! You’re one of them!
  • I thought I was the only one my size in the whole world.
  • Hero, no, no… No no no, he’s a friend. Look. Hello, my name is Thumbelina, how do you do, sir? Uh – thank you, thank you for coming to visit.
  • Oooh, sorry about that.
  • Thank you.
  • Cornelius. Well, that’s a funny name. Oh, I – I mean it’s perfect. Uh, tell me about the fairy court. Is there a prince?
  • He must terribly handsome.
  • Strong and brave.
  • I would love to meet the prince.
  • Oh-oh thank you.
  • What was that?
  • Why didn’t you say something? Come on! Oh my! Why he… he’s amazing!
  • Oh, I wish I had wings.
  • Anything at all (singing)
  • You will be my wings (singing)
  • You will be my only love (singing)
  • Wondrous things are sure to happen (singing)
  • We’ll see the universe And dance on Saturn’s rings (singing)
  • Heaven is where you are (singing)
  • Stay with me and (singing)
  • You will be my (singing)
  • Wings (singing)
  • Me too. Do not forget me.
  • Never never.
  • Cor, who are those people?
  • Your mother?
  • But – your mother? Then you’re the – you are-are the – tomorrow?
  • The prince.
  • I – I will.
  • I will. I will, Prince Cornelius. Yes!
  • Will they like me?
  • Oh, then you can meet my mother.
  • And then… We’ll live happily ever after.
  • Oh, you won’t forget to come back, will you?
  • Oh… Cornelius. Hmm.
  • What? Hey, help! Help, Hero! Let me out of here! Oh, Hero. Hero, help! Help me!
  • Huh? Who-who are you?
  • Rich and famous? Oh.
  • Oh, goodbye, my mother will be very worried.
  • Big? Oh… you mean… big?
  • But uh, Cornelius loves me already. I think I’m gonna marry him.
  • What things?
  • Oh dear.
  • A star? Well, I suppose.
  • Could you say that a little slower?
  • Oh, then maybe I could take notes.
  • Aaaaaahhh…!
  • On the road
  • Oh thank you, Mrs. Toad, thank you. They really like me. Am I star?
  • Mama?
  • I’m what?
  • Oh, no no no, I love Cornelius.
  • Oh, no, no no, no I’m not marrying – no come back here – no wait, no wait a second! Where are you going? Doesn’t anybody care what I think? Oh! Help!
  • Mister Bird, over here!
  • Oh, I was… I was sleeping on the windowsill waiting for Prince Cornelius to come back and he said he would come before morning because he loves me—
  • Yes.
  • Thanks! But well… But I was stolen by Mrs. Toad who says I have to marry her son and I just—
  • Ah, Thumbelina.
  • Well, I must get off this lily-pad but that’s impossible.
  • Oh, my… That was easy! Now if I can just reach the shore before those awful toads come back.
  • What waterfall?
  • Is it bad?
  • Don’t let go!
  • No, I can’t swim! I can’t even float! Help! Help, please! Somebody help! Help!
  • Somebody, help!
  • Help!
  • Yes, I think so. But who are you?
  • The jitterbugs. Oh, how do you do?
  • (Giggles) If he asks me. He will call for me at my house. Well, that’s why I want to go home. Besides, mother will be terribly worried. Oh if only I could find my way home.
  • Oh, you are all very brave and thank you, but I’m afraid I’ll never see my home again.
  • Yes.
  • Oh oh, he-he lives in the, um, the Vale of the Fairies. Oh, but I don’t know where that is either.
  • It’s impossible.
  • Goodbye! Oh, he’s wonderful. And I’m going home.
  • (Hums Follow Your Heart)
  • I’m not your toots. Where did you come from?
  • Uh… Thumbelina, and I’m going home.
  • Ugh, I wish you wouldn’t do that.
  • Oh, Mr. Beetle! I don’t even know you. Would you stop?
  • I am?
  • My voice?
  • I have an idea Can you fly me up there?
  • Well, from the treetops I could see my house. Then I’d know if I’m travelling in the right direction to get home.
  • I’ll sing I’ll sing for you
  • Whoa!
  • I’m not your toots! And I don’t even look like a beetle.
  • I – I can’t wing it, I don’t have any wings! I’m getting dizzy…
  • I’m ugly?
  • I’m cold. I’m lost. And I’m hungry. And the beetle says I’m ugly.
  • No…
  • No. He think I’m beautiful.
  • I’m going home. Jacquimo.
  • Will you find the Vale of Fairies?
  • Thank you, Jacquimo. Thank you.
  • Jacquimo was wrong. I will never find my way home. It’s impossible. Oh mother, where can you be?
  • Huh. Where-where am I?
  • I’m –I’m underground?
  • At least that toad won’t find me down here.
  • I want to go home.
  • You know my name!
  • Well, almost.
  • What?
  • Oh!
  • No. Cornelius, no!
  • No, it’s not true!
  • He was perfect.
  • Cornelius was the only one—
  • I’d rather not.
  • Very well.
  • I don’t feel much like singing.
  • Cornelius was looking for me. That’s what must have happened.
  • Uh, h-how do you do, Mr. Mole.
  • Oh, uh but… Uh. I love the light.
  • Well, uh…
  • Okay. Um.
  • Once upon a time there was, uh, the sun.
  • Oh, um. Once there was the sun Bright and warm and wonderful Shining like the love within my heart Now there’s no more sun Winter has killed everything And although it’s dark December Forever I’ll remember sun Winter has killed everything. Even the sun. (singing)
  • Oh!
  • Oh, Jacquimo, Jacquimo. My dear dear friend.
  • I – I hear your heart! You’re not dead, no! Jacquimo… Jacquimo. I’ll come back tonight.
  • How can I possibly marry Mr. Mole? I don’t love him.
  • Oh!
  • Please be warm, dear friend. Please live. Poor little swallow. I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you. I know now… There’s no place in this big world for little people. We… We cannot do impossible things. Perhaps I should marry the Mole. He could take care of me. He could. Hmph. I will. I will marry the Mole.
  • Jacquimo?
  • Jacquimo, you’re awake. Oh, Jacquimo.
  • Oh, oh, I’m sorry.
  • A thorn? Well, let me see. Oh, my goodness. Hold still. Ah. There.
  • Don’t get up!
  • You silly bird, don’t you understand?
  • Be realistic. Cornelius is gone.
  • Jacquimo, don’t.
  • Jacquimo. Stop! Stop it, Jacquimo!
  • Jacquimo!
  • No. Jacquimo. Oh, Jacquimo, stop torturing me. Cornelius is dead.
  • Never.
  • Never!
  • I cannot marry Mr. Mole. I don’t love him!
  • You!
  • No, I no marry you! I go home!
  • Go away!
  • I’m not your toots.
  • The sun. The sun is shining again.
  • Ooh. Oh, the sun!
  • Jacquimo, it’s you!
  • Oh, Jacquimo.
  • Jacquimo!
  • That’s impossible.
  • Jacquimo, I nearly made the biggest mistake of my life. I nearly said yes to the Mole.
  • But well, I don’t love the Mole.
  • This? It just looks like a patch of ordinary weeds.
  • Oh, Jacquimo. Please. Can you take me home?
  • You will be my wing You will be my only love You will take me far beyond the stars Jacquimo, this is silly. This is a weed patch.
  • Take me home, please.
  • You will lift me high above
  • Everything we’re dreaming of Will soon be ours
  • Anything that we desire Anything at all Everyday you’ll take me higher Let’s be practical. This isn’t the Vale of the Fairies. And Cornelius is never coming back.
  • You. It’s you. Cornelius, you’re alive!
  • I will. Wings. I have wings! My very own wings!
  • Hello, mother! (last lines)


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  • Thumbelina is one of the most popular Non-Disney Princesses along with Anastasia and Princess Odette from The Swan Princess until Disney started the deal with 21st Century Fox (including 20th Century Fox, including the rights for both Thumbelina and Anastasia), making the aforementioned title character an unofficial Disney princess..
  • Jodi Benson, the voice of Thumbelina, was also known as the voice of Ariel in Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid and she later voiced the character again in Walt Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet.
    • In addition to Disney accept the deal with 21st Century Fox (including 20th Century Fox, which owns current rights to the character's film) as of March 20, 2019, Thumbelina is not part of the "Disney Princess" catalog, voiced by the aforementioned voice actress.
  • Thumbelina is the second character has a high ponytail just like Goldie from Rock-A-Doodle.
  • Thumbelina and Ariel are made by the same Author Hans Christian Anderson, both Met their author at different times and are also both voiced by Jodi Benson.

Differences from the source material

  • Thumbelina was born in a tulip.
  • After the barleycorn is planted and sprouts, a tiny girl, Thumbelina (Tommelise), emerges from its flower. One night, Thumbelina, asleep in her walnut-shell cradle, is carried off by a toad who wants her as a bride for her son.
  • With the help of friendly fish and a butterfly, Thumbelina escapes the toad and her son, and drifts on a lily pad until captured by a stag beetle who later discards her when his friends reject her company.
  • Fish cut the water lily and a butterfly helped Thumbelina to drift in the river until the beetle caught her.

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