• C St Reed, your service on Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki has been exemplary, until now.

    You do realise that the strong language is not acceptable over here since I have been monitoring over the wiki activity. The Fandom network consists several disabilities and disorders in many users and I respect them all. But they have chosen to serve on Fandom and they are beginning to learn to control their feelings when online on social media (not entirely everyone, and that's another story I may be telling at some other time).

    And if one cannot perform his or her duty to custom to the regulations of the respective sites on the network, they should have the time to consider over the decision.

    I had hoped you hadn't thrown away a promising career. You have received a formal reprimand for that violation. That would be all.

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    • I appologize for my language. I was very stress and didn't mean to take it out on anyone.

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