The Winged Monkeys are the secondary antagonists of the Wizard of Oz film, they are the lackeys of The Wicked Witch of the West.


They are winged monkeys, with purple wings. They wear elaborate caps and matching vests.


They are loyal and obedient to the Wicked Witch of the West. They follow orders from her.


Live-action productions

They're first seen while The Wicked Witch of the West stares at the image of the Cowardly Lion in her crystal ball. The Winged Monkeys were ordered to fly to the Haunted Forest and Capture Dorothy and Toto.

They all fly down and two of them chase after Dorothy while the others attack Scarecrow by tearing his legs and chest apart, they take the axe from Tinman. Two of the monkeys grab Dorothy take her flying to the castle, one of them grabbed Toto.

However after the Witch's demise they along with the Winkie guards became reformed, the Winged Monkeys were never seen again afterwards.

Animated productions



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