The Rookery is a location from The Pebble and the Penguin. It is the home of Hubie, Marina, Drake, and the Adele Penguins.


The Rookery is just an giant island with snow and ice all over, it has pebble beaches, and two locations: Drake's lair and Hubie's Cliff.

Appearance in the film

During the first third of the film, Hubie dreams of marrying Marina, and when he tries to find the perfect pebble, the other penguins toss and bump him around, leaving him without a single pebble in his hand. Fortunately, a green comet shoots from the sky and lands in one of the pebble beaches, producing a beautiful emerald pebble. Hubie takes the pebble to show to Marina, but bumps into Drake who demands the pebble from him, while calling him a loser. When Hubie refuses, Drake throws him off the land, and is swept away from the rookery to warmer waters.

While Hubie (who is now accompanied by Rocko) is trying to return back to the rookery, Drake meanwhile, attempts to persuade Marina into marrying him, and threatens her that she'll be banished if she doesn't find a mate soon before the full moon ceremony; Marina becomes worried about Hubie.

Later in the climax, Drake kidnaps Marina and takes her to his lair, but Hubie returns in time to fight back Drake. At his first try, he gets knocked out briefly, but triumphantly socks Drake off the staircase of his lair to his presumed death. Unfortunately, Drake remerges from underneath parts of his tower, promptly causing the tower to collapse on him. But Hubie, Marina, and Rocko (who had just arrived after escaping from a killer whale) escape, and land safely in the snowy area of the rookery where the other penguins from the ship Misery congratulate Hubie for his bravery. Hubie presents Marina his pebble where she loves it and loves Hubie more.

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