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The following is a list of episodes of Cartoon Network's The Powerpuff Girls, in chronological order. This is an animated television series created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The series began as a student film called Whoopass Stew, made by McCracken while he attended the California Institute of the Arts in 1992. Two additional shorts, "Meat Fuzzy Lumkins" and "Crime 101", later aired on Cartoon Network's World Premiere Toons. The series officially premiered on November 18, 1998, lasting 6 seasons with 78 episodes total. A Christmas special and a 10th anniversary special were also produced. Episodes of The Powerpuff Girls have seen numerous DVD and VHS releases as well.


Whoopass Stew

A short was made by Craig McCracken while he was in college at CalArts. It was submitted to the Cartoon Network, and the name was changed as it was deemed inappropriate for younger audiences. Four of them were created (one was finished, three were not). The other three pilots are presented on the Complete Series DVD set accompanied by the original storyboards and their original audio.

# Title Directed by Written by Air date
0 A Sticky Situation! Craig McCracken Craig McCracken 1994 (festivals only)
0 Whoopass A Go-Go! Craig McCracken Craig McCracken Unaired

What a Cartoon! shorts

# Title Directed by Written by Air date Network
1 Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins Craig McCracken Craig McCracken February 20, 1995 Cartoon Network
2 Crime 101 Craig McCracken Craig McCracken January 28, 1996 Cartoon Network

Original Series

Season 1 (1998-1999)

No. in Series No. in Season Title Airdate Production Code Network
01 01 "Monkey See, Doggie Do" November 18, 1998 102A Cartoon Network
Mojo Jojo robs a magical Anubis Dog Head and unleashes a curse that turns everyone into dogs, including the Powerpuff Girls, but the three sniff out a solution and show Mojo Jojo that their bite is worse than his bark.
Absent: Ms. Keane
"Mommy Fearest" November 18, 1998 102B Cartoon Network
Professor Utonium falls head-over-heels in love for the lovely Ima Goodlady. Unfortunately, she's really the sinister Sedusa, out to keep the girls grounded for the first time ever while she commits crimes around Townsville, such as making off with the Mayor's jewels.
Absent: Sara Bellum and Ms. Keane
02 02 "Insect Inside" November 25, 1998 101A Cartoon Network
Vile villain Roach Coach plots to infest Townsville with his army of cockroaches. The girls quickly overcome their squirms to squash Roach Coach's scheme and force him to bug off.
Absent: Ms. Keane
"Powerpuff Bluff" November 25, 1998 101B Cartoon Network
Three escaped convicts, repeatedly beaten by the girls, fashion themselves new identities when they find grown-up-sized Powerpuff Girls costumes inside Townsville Jail. Using their pseudo-superhero status, they glamour civilians of money and jewellery while the Mayor mistakenly calls the police and has the real Powerpuff Girls thrown into prison.
Absent: Ms. Keane and Professor Utonium
03 03 "Octi Evil" December 2, 1998 103A Cartoon Network
The heinous Him toys with Bubbles' mind by speaking to her through Octi, her favorite stuffed animal. Following its instruction, Bubbles provokes a fight between her sisters that prompts the Professor to issue a time-out until the girls can make amends and make squid-meat out of the giant, Him-controlled Octi.
Absent: Ms. Keane
"Geshundfight" December 2, 1998 103B Cartoon Network
The Amoeba Boys' ill-conceived plan to stand in front of the "Keep off the Grass" sign at Townsville Park all night in the rain leaves them with a terrible virus. When they infect the Townsville population, it's up to the girls to find the antidote.
Absent: Ms. Keane
04 04 "Buttercrush" December 9, 1998 104A Cartoon Network
Buttercup becomes smitten with Ace, the leader of the Ganggreen Gang. However, when the gang exploits her infatuation and lures Blossom and Bubbles into danger, Buttercup quickly comes to her sisters' rescue and shows the boys the real meaning of the word "crush."
Absent: The Mayor of Townsville, Sara Bellum and Professor Utonium
"Fuzzy Logic" December 9, 1998 104B Cartoon Network
The beastly bumpkin Fuzzy Lumpkins goes wild in Townsville and only the Powerpuff Girls, with some help from a flying squirrel, can teach him to respect other people's property.
Absent: The Mayor of Townsville (mentioned), Sara Bellum, Ms. Keane and Professor Utonium
05 05 "Boogie Frights" December 16, 1998 105A Cartoon Network
Bubbles must face her fear of the Boogie Man, after he blocks out the sun and allow his monster friends to party all the time.
Note: This episode's climax is based on Star Wars: A New Hope.
Absent: Sara Bellum and Ms. Keane
"Abracadaver" December 16, 1998 105B Cartoon Network
Al Lusion, the old-time Townsville magician, pulls off his greatest magical stunt when he comes back from the dead as the zombie Abracadaver. Luckily, Blossom also has a special trick up her sleeve.
Absent: Ms. Keane and Professor Utonium
06 06 "Telephonies" December 23, 1998 106A Cartoon Network
The Ganggreen Gang gets hold of the Mayor's hotline to the Powerpuff Girls and makes prank calls, sending the Girls on a wild goose chase all over town. However, when it's the notorious villains Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy, and Him that the gang disturbs, they learn the price of making prank calls.
Absent: Sara Bellum (voice only) and Ms. Keane
"Tough Love" December 23, 1998 106A Cartoon Network
Everyone in Townsville loves the Powerpuff Girls, but the citizens have a sudden change of heart when Him sends out an evil gas that turns the entire town against their favorite superheroines. The Girls must fight the ones they love to get them back to normal.
07 07 "Major Competition" January 6, 1999 107A Cartoon Network
There's a new man in town: Major Man, an impossibly perfect superhero who cuts in on the Girls' turf. Unfortunately, Major Man isn't as perfect as he is supposed to be as the girls soon discover, and come up with an idea to make Major Man reveal the fraud that he is in the midst of a monster attack.
Absent: Sara Bellum and Ms. Keane
"Mr. Mojo's Rising" January 6, 1999 107B Cartoon Network
When Mojo Jojo kidnaps the Professor, it's a blast from the past—a blast of Chemical X, that is. After Mojo Jojo reveals he was once the Professor's "beloved" assistant, the Professor is coerced into giving Mojo the same superpowers as the Girls. However, once empowered, the true evolution of this super-villain chimp comes to light, a fact Mojo Jojo will certainly regret (he caused Professor to add Chemical X to the perfect little girl formula, creating the Powerpuff Girls).
Absent: The Mayor of Townsville, Sara Bellum and Ms. Keane
08 08 "Paste Makes Waste" January 13, 1999 108A Cartoon Network
Buttercup teases paste-eating classmate Elmer. When a fly with atomic chemicals enters into the paste, Elmer turns into a destructive Paste Monster. Buttercup has to get out of a sticky situation by doing something against her tough nature—apologizing.
Absent: The Mayor of Townsville, Sara Bellum and Professor Utonium
"Ice Sore" January 13, 1999 108B Cartoon Network
During a heat wave, Blossom discovers that she has a new power: ice breath, but when she doesn't use her new gift wisely, she gets a chilly reception from her sisters until a fireball aims at Townsville, affecting her decision in using the new power.
09 09 "Bubblevicious" January 20, 1999 109A Cartoon Network
Bubbles is tired of people dismissing her as more sugar than spice, especially the Professor and her sisters, who treat her like a baby. When she sets out to prove she's hardcore, she takes everyone by surprise, even Mojo Jojo.
Absent: Ms. Keane
"The Bare Facts" January 20, 1999 109B Cartoon Network
After Mojo Jojo kidnaps and blindfolds him, and after the Girls save him, the Mayor has to rely on the Girls' very different individual accounts of the crime to figure out exactly what happened. However, he's still at a loss to explain why the girls keep giggling at him; the end reveals that his clothes were stolen.
Absent: Sara Bellum (voice only), Ms. Keane and Professor Utonium
10 10 "Cat Man Do" January 27, 1999 110A Cartoon Network
Bubbles saves a seemingly innocent little cat from the clutches of an evil villain, but when the girls discover it's actually the cat who is evil, they must save the Professor from becoming the "purr-fect" victim.
Absent: Sara Bellum and Ms. Keane
"Impeach Fuzz" January 27, 1999 110B Cartoon Network
When Fuzzy Lumpkins throws his hat into the mayoral ring and claims a surprise victory, it's up to the Mayor to wrestle the office (and the Mayor's actual hat) back from him.
Absent: Ms. Keane
11 11 "Just Another Manic Mojo" February 3, 1999 111A Cartoon Network
After the Powerpuff Girls lose their baseball in Mojo Jojo's window, it seems to offer the evil villain the perfect opportunity to destroy the pesky superheroes. Unfortunately, he gets more than he bargained for when the Girls treat it like a visit to his house, just to cause trouble over a baseball.
Absent: The Mayor of Townsville, Sara Bellum, Ms. Keane and Professor Utonium
"Mime for a Change" February 3, 1999 111B Cartoon Network
An accidental bleach spill turns Rainbow the Clown into the malevolent Mr. Mime, and he proceeds to eliminate Townsville of its color, sound and movement. The thought of a colorless world has the Girls seeing red, and before he knows it, Mr. Mime's number is up. Features the song "Love Makes the World Go 'Round", with Bubbles on drums and lead vocals, Buttercup on bass guitar and vocals, and Blossom on guitar and vocals.
Absent: The Mayor of Townsville, Sara Bellum, Ms. Keane and Professor Utonium
12 12 "The Rowdyruff Boys" April 7, 1999 112 Cartoon Network
Mojo Jojo creates the ultimate weapons against the Powerpuff Girls. They're Brick, Boomer, and Butch: The Rowdyruff Boys, male equivalents. When regular fighting does not work against the Boys, the Girls have to use their feminine wiles to seal a victory.
Absent: Ms. Keane
13 13 "Uh Oh Dynamo" May 27, 1999 113 Cartoon Network
Worried about the Girls' safety after witnessing their fight against an Eye Fish Balloon Monster, the Professor creates Powerpuff Dynamo, a state-of-the-art giant robot, to help them in battle. Yet, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have no reason in using Dynamo in dealing with regular emergencies. But when the Giant Fish Balloon Monster outmatches the Powerpuff Girls, the Professor forces the Girls to use Dynamo, and Townsville is soon in the middle of a huge showdown between the Dynamo and the Giant Fish Balloon Monster.
Absent: Ms. Keane

Season 2 (1999-2000)

# First Segment Second Segment Air date Production code Network
14 Stuck Up, Up and Away Schoolhouse Rocked June 25, 1999 201 Cartoon Network
15 Collect Her Supper Villain August 6, 1999 202 Cartoon Network
16 Birthday Bash Too Pooped to Puff August 20, 1999 203 Cartoon Network
17 Beat Your Greens Down n' Dirty September 10, 1999 204 Cartoon Network
18 Dream Scheme You Snooze You Lose September 24, 1999 205 Cartoon Network
19 Slave the Day Los Dos Mojos October 8, 1999 206 Cartoon Network
20 A Very Special Blossom Daylight Savings November 26, 1999 207 Cartoon Network
21 Mo Job Pet Feud February 18, 2000 208 Cartoon Network
22 Imaginary Fiend Cootie Gras March 17, 2000 209 Cartoon Network
23 The Powerpuff Girls Best Rainy Day Just Desserts April 28, 2000 210 Cartoon Network
24 Twisted Sister Cover Up May 26, 2000 211 Cartoon Network
25 Speed Demon Mojo Jonesin' June 2, 2000 212 Cartoon Network
26 Something's a Ms. Slumbering with the Enemy June 30, 2000 213 Cartoon Network

Season 3 (2000-2001)

# First Segment Second Segment Air date Production code Network
27 Fallen Arches The Mane Event July 28, 2000 301 Cartoon Network
28 Town and Out Child Fearing August 18, 2000 302 Cartoon Network
29 Criss Cross Crisis September 8, 2000 303 Cartoon Network
30 Bubblevision Bought and Scold September 15, 2000 304 Cartoon Network
31 Gettin' Twiggy With It Cop Out September 22, 2000 305 Cartoon Network
32 Three Girls and a Monster Monkey See, Doggy Two October 6, 2000 307 Cartoon Network
33 Jewel of the Aisle Super Zeroes October 20, 2000 306 Cartoon Network
34 Candy Is Dandy Catastrophe November 10, 2000 308 Cartoon Network
35 Hot Air Buffoon Ploys R' Us December 1, 2000 309 Cartoon Network
36 The Headsucker's Moxy Equal Fights January 5, 2001 311 Cartoon Network
37 Powerprof. February 9, 2001 310 Cartoon Network
38 Moral Decay Meet the Beat Alls February 9, 2001 312 Cartoon Network
39 Helter Shelter Power Lunch April 3, 2001 (VHS)
October 12, 2001 (Television)
313 Cartoon Network

Season 4 (2001)

# Title Airdate Production code Network
40 Him Diddle Riddle April 14, 2001 403 Cartoon Network
41 Film Flam April 20, 2001 401 Cartoon Network
42 All Chalked Up April 27, 2001 407 Cartoon Network
43 Get Back Jojo May 4, 2001 402 Cartoon Network
44 Super Friends May 18, 2001 406 Cartoon Network
45 Members Only May 25, 2001 404 Cartoon Network
46 Nano of the North June 1, 2001 408 Cartoon Network
47 Stray Bullet June 8, 2001 409 Cartoon Network
48 Forced Kin June 22, 2001 410 Cartoon Network
49 Knock It Off July 13, 2001 405 Cartoon Network

Revival Series

Season 5 (2002-2004)

# First Segment Second Segment Air date Production code Network
50 Keen on Keane Not So Awesome Blossom December 6, 2002 501 Cartoon Network
51 Power-Noia December 13, 2002 502 Cartoon Network
52 Monstra-City Shut the Pup Up September 5, 2003 504 Cartoon Network
53 Toast of the Town Divide and Conquer September 12, 2003 506 Cartoon Network
54 Burglar Alarmed Shotgun Wedding September 19, 2003 507 Cartoon Network
55 Save Mojo Substitute Creature September 26, 2003 508 Cartoon Network
56 The Boys Are Back in Town November 6, 2003 509 Cartoon Network
57 See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey November 10, 2003 (International)
March 18, 2004 (Canada)
510 Cartoon Network
58 Pee Pee G's Boy Toys November 13, 2003 511 Cartoon Network
59 Seed No Evil The City of Clipsville November 25, 2003 512 Cartoon Network
60 Lying Around the House Bubble Boy January 9, 2004 513 Cartoon Network
61 A Documentary Girls Gone Mild January 16, 2004 514 Cartoon Network
62 Curses Bang for Your Buck April 2, 2004 515 Cartoon Network
63 Silent Treatment Sweet 'N' Sour April 9, 2004 516 Cartoon Network

Season 6 (2004-2005)

# First Segment Second Segment Air date Production code Network
64 Prime Mates Coupe D'Etat April 16, 2004 601 Cartoon Network
65 Makes Zen to Me Say Uncle April 23, 2004 602 Cartoon Network
66 Reeking Havoc Live & Let Dynamo April 30, 2004 603 Cartoon Network
67 Mo' Linguish Oops, I Did It Again May 7, 2004 604 Cartoon Network
68 A Made Up Story May 14, 2004 605 Cartoon Network
69 Little Miss Interprets Night Mayor June 25, 2004 606 Cartoon Network
70 Custody Battle The City of Nutsville July 2, 2004 607 Cartoon Network
71 Aspirations July 9, 2004 608 Cartoon Network
72 That's Not My Baby Simian Says July 16, 2004 609 Cartoon Network
73 Sun Scream The City of Frownsville July 23, 2004 610 Cartoon Network
74 West in Pieces July 30, 2004 611 Cartoon Network
75 Crazy Mixed Up Puffs Mizzen in Action August 20, 2004 612 Cartoon Network
76 Roughing It Up What's the Big Idea? August 27, 2004 613 Cartoon Network
77 Nuthin' Special Neighbor Hood March 25, 2005 503 Cartoon Network
78 I See a Funny Cartoon in Your Future Octi-Gone March 25, 2005 505 Cartoon Network


10th Anniversary

Title Directed by Written by Storyboarded by Air date Network
The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!! Craig McCracken, Robert Alvarez and Eric Pringle (animation) Craig McCracken Craig McCracken and Vaughn Tada (additional) November 21, 2008 Cartoon Network

CGI Special

Title Directed by Written by Story by Air date Network
Dance Pantsed David P. Smith Chris Mitchell, David P. Smith, and Will Mata Dave Tennant and David P. Smith January 20, 2014 Cartoon Network

Christmas Special

Title Animation direction by Written by Story by Air date Network
Twas the Fight Before Christmas Robert Alvarez, John McIntyre, and Randy Myers Lauren Faust and Craig Lewis Lauren Faust, Greg Colton, Brian Larsen, and Paul McEvoy October 7, 2003 (DVD)
December 12, 2003 (TV)
Cartoon Network

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