The Lost Chick
is a MGM Happy Harmonies cartoon, released in 1935.


A chicken has hatched seven chicks; she locates six of them, but the seventh, Eggbert, is lost. Two squirrels find an egg that has accidentally rolled out a mother hen's nest and down a hill. They take it home thinking it's a huge nut that they can eat all winter. When Eggbert the chick hatches, they try to take care of him until the frantic mother hen arrives to take him home. Later, Eggbert convinces his mother to go out into a snowstorm to save the squirrels, who spent their nut-gathering time looking after him and have no food. She finds them, almost frozen, and brings them home to live in the coop with her and her brood forever.


  • The first letters in the names of the seven chicks - Willy, Elsie, Lucy, Cissy, Oscar, Minnie and Eggbert - spell out "WELCOME."


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