The Little Polar Bear (German: Der kleine Eisbär) is a 2001 animated german film directed by Piet De Rycker and Thilo Rothkirch and produced by Willi Geike. It is based on the children's book The Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer. It was released by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment.


Lars is a young polar bear who finds the big, frosty world just a little overwhelming. Then he meets Robbie, who's funny, friendly, and a seal!

Voice Cast

German version

  • Mijail Verona as Lars
  • Maximilian Artajo as Robby
  • Jochen Busse as Kalle
  • Mike Krüger as Nalle
  • Bernd Stelter as Palle
  • Ingolf Lück as Mika
  • Vanessa Petruo as Manili
  • Jeanette Biedermann as Greta
  • Dirk Bach as Caruso
  • Sandro Blümel as Pieps
  • Harry Rowohlt as Hippo
  • Adak Azdasht as Lena
  • Wolfgang Völz as Sopho
  • Barbara Adolph as Großmutter
  • Anke Engelke as Mutter Eisbär
  • Hans Werner Olm as Lemming 1 / Möwe 2
  • Johann König as Lemming 2
  • Thomas Hackenberger as Lemming 3
  • Roberto Capitoni as Lemming 4
  • Frank Glaubrecht as Drago (voice)
  • Santiago Ziesmer as Möwe 1
  • Frank Schaff as Möwe 3

English dubbed version

  • Wesley Singerman as Lars
  • Michael McConnohie as Mika
  • Daran Norris as Brutus
  • Neil Kaplan as Bert
  • Tom Fahn as Boris
  • Kimberly J. Brown as Lona
  • RuDee Sade as Greta
  • Joe Ochman as Caruso
  • Sandy Fox as Pieps
  • Rebecca Forstadt as Anna
  • Steve Blum as Henry
  • Ralph Votrian as Sophocles
  • Mari Devon as Nina
  • Edie Mirman as Grandmother and Lemming 3
  • Joshua Seth as Lemming 1
  • R. Martin Klein as Lemming 2
  • Peter Lurie as Lemming 4
  • Steve Kramer as Seagull 1
  • Jason Spisak as Seagull 2
  • Robert Axelrod as Seagull 3
  • Steve Bulen, Richard Cansino and Melora Harte as the additional voices



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