The King and I Animated Thinking Adventure is a computer game that was based on the 1999 animated film of the same name and published by Sound Source Software.

Product overview

Starring characters from the 1999 animated film of the same name, this software program for kids ages 4 to 9 (in schools and residential uses) is designed to stimulate critical and developmental thinking skills. It contains appealing and dazzling 3D graphics and characters that will attract and provide a powerful learning environment for most children.

Also, it features some adjustable skill levels that will match your child's growing abilities, rewards and surprises that encourages extended play, and hours of creative fun with printable cards, awards and flyers.

Activities (including Games and Puzzles)

It contains a number of activities including eight educational games and puzzles that involves your child in problem-solving, planning, observation and deduction, memory challenges, observable physics, music and creative design.

  • Rama's Hot Air Rescue is an arcade style game in which kids propel a hot-air balloon along with Rama rescuing people and avoiding obstacles.
  • The King's Printing Press contains rather simple print options including 3 different kinds of projects — cards, awards, and newsletters. Players simply select from a few pictures and words to customize their projects, and they are limited to the given text.
  • Louis's Floating Fireworks involves directing Louis on a raft around a maze-like river to push boxes onto the loading dock. Kids need to plan ahead and use a bit of strategy to play this game.
  • Tusker's Fruit Launch is great fun that kids need to adjust the force and angle at which Tusker the baby elephant throws fruit in order to get it in a basket. They must consider the weight of the fruit and the height of the basket from the ground.
  • Prince's Practice Match involves repeating patterns of Prince Chulalongkorn's fighting actions (kick, straight, duck, etc.). As the levels increase, there are more moves and longer sequences to remember.
  • Anna's Umbrella Game is a real test of memory and concentration. Players hide given objects in the kids' umbrellas, and must watch as the children toss and exchange umbrellas in order to remember where the objects are hidden!
  • Tuptim's Mixed-up Music requires kids to place bars of musical notes into the correct order to play a given song.
  • Master Little's Jug-O-Gems is an arcade-style activity that involves maneuvering Master Little to catch falling gems while avoiding falling rocks at the same time.



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