The Weasel is a recurring character in the Foghorn Leghorn shorts. In his appearances he generally tries to steal chickens, but his schemes are usually foiled by Foghorn because of his foolishness. In "Weasel Stop", he teams up Foghorn when they are both bested by the chicken coop's guard dog (not Barnyard Dawg), but usually is tricked by the rooster, so he can make a fool out of the dog. He was voiced by Mel Blanc.

Other Weasels

A different version of the Weasel was used as an antagonist in the 1935 Merrie Melodies cartoon "My Green Fedora", but in that appearance, he was much larger and more wolf-like in appearance. A similar lupine weasel was featured in 1937's "Plenty of Money and You". Another weasel served as the antagonist in the 1938 Merrie Melodies cartoon "The Sneezing Weasel". Another weasels were featured in "Farm Frolics" in 1941, "Daffy's Southern Exposure" in 1942 and "Flop Goes the Weasel" in 1943.


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