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Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 1
Disc 1:
Hare TonicBaseball BugsBuccaneer BunnyThe Old Grey HareRabbit Hood
8 Ball BunnyRabbit of SevilleWhat's Opera, Doc?The Great Piggy Bank RobberyA Pest in the House
The Scarlet PumpernickelDuck AmuckRobin Hood DaffyBaby BottleneckKitty Kornered
Scaredy CatPorky ChopsOld GloryA Tale of Two KittiesTweetie Pie
Fast and Furry-ousBeep, BeepLovelorn LeghornFor Scent-imental ReasonsSpeedy Gonzales

Disc 2
One Froggy EveningThree Little BopsI Love to SingaKatnip KollegeThe Dover Boys
Chow HoundHaredevil HareThe Hasty HareDuck Dodgers in the 24½th CenturyHare-Way to the Stars
Mad as a Mars HareDevil May HareBedevilled RabbitDucking the DevilBill of Hare
Dr. Devil and Mr. HareBewitched BunnyBroom-Stick BunnyA Witch's Tangled HareA-Haunting We Will Go
Feed the KittyKiss Me CatFeline Frame-UpFrom A to Z-Z-Z-ZBoyhood Daze

Disc 3: Bonus Cartoons
The Fright Before ChristmasSpaced Out BunnyDuck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century
Another Froggy EveningMarvin the Martian in the Third DimensionSuperior Duck
From Hare to EternityFather of the BirdMuseum Scream

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 2
Disc 1:
A Wild HareBuckaroo BugsLong-Haired HareAli Baba BunnyShow Biz Bugs
The Wise Quacking DuckWhat Makes Daffy Duck?Book RevueDeduce, You SayPorky in Wackyland
You Ought to Be in PicturesPorky in EgyptBack Alley OproarLittle Red Rodent HoodCanned Feud
Gift WrappedBirdy and the BeastHome Tweet HomeGoing! Going! Gosh!Zipping Along
Scent-imental RomeoThe Foghorn LeghornThe High and the FlightyTabasco RoadMexicali Shmoes

Disc 2
Wabbit TwoubleRabbit FireRabbit SeasoningDuck! Rabbit, Duck!Drip-Along Daffy
My Little DuckarooBarbary-Coast BunnyTortoise Beats HareTortoise Wins by a HareRabbit Transit
Porky's Hare HuntHare-um Scare-umPrest-O Change-OElmer's Candid CameraBugs Bunny Gets the Boid
The Bashful BuzzardThe Lion's BusyStrife With FatherAn Itch in TimeA Horse Fly Fleas
Hollywood Steps OutPage Miss GloryRocket-bye BabyRussian RhapsodyDough Ray Me-ow

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 3
Disc 1:
Hiawatha's Rabbit HuntA Corny ConcertoFalling HareLittle Red Riding RabbitHair-Raising Hare
Acrobatty BunnyThe Big SnoozeA Hare Grows in ManhattanEaster YeggsSlick Hare
Gorilla My DreamsHigh Diving HareHillbilly HareBunny HuggedOperation: RABBIT
Bully for BugsBugs and ThugsKnighty Knight BugsHoney's MoneyThe Hep Cat
Pigs in a PolkaA Ham in a RoleDog Gone SouthA Bear for PunishmentSteal Wool

Disc 2
Porky Pig's FeatScrap Happy DaffyPlane DaffyThe Stupid CupidDraftee Daffy
Nasty QuacksThe Stupor SalesmanWholly SmokeSwooner CroonerLife with Feathers
Canary RowTree for TwoSandy ClawsDog PoundedSatan's Waitin'
Birds AnonymousMouse and GardenThe Pied Piper of GuadalupeA Gruesome TwosomeGuided Muscle
Beep PreparedWalky Talky HawkyRhapsody in RivetsHigh NoteNelly's Folly
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