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The purpose of the {{Episode table/part}} template is to easily add a header row to episode tables for television series that have split a season into multiple parts, titled "Part (number)", as well as including an anchor to this row under the same name.


{{Episode table/part|p=Part number|c=Background colour|nopart=y|r=reference}}


Main article: Template:Episode table#Parted Seasons

{{#lst:Template:Episode table/doc|parted}}


Parameter Description Type Status
p Part number The part number of the split season in question.
Format: 1
Number Required
c Background colour The background colour of the row for the split season in question.
Format: #1432F5 / blue
Colour Required
nopart Use of "Part" If set to anything, then "Part" will not be displayed for the split season in question.
Format: y
Text Optional
r Reference A reference to add to the header, that is not combined with the anchor and uses Module:Episode table/ref.
Format: <ref>...</ref>
Reference Optional

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