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This template inserts a colored bullet, with an optional wikilink. The bullet’s shape and size can also be changed.



  • Colors are most commonly specified as either a color keyword or as the hexadecimal triplet representing an RGB combination. See web colors for details. The default is black.
  • Shape is optional; valid arguments are:
c / circle / r / round
d / diamond
tu / up / uptriangle
td / dn / downtriangle
tl / lt / lefttriangle
tr / rt / righttriangle
  • The wikilink parameter is also optional and specifies the article to which the text should point.
  • The named parameter size is a number specifying the bullet size as a percentage of the default style text size. Default is 100.



See also

  • {{Color box}}, a small color box with black borders and text color. (e.g. <span style="background-color:orange; color:Script error; border:1px solid #000000; text-align:center;">    </span> or  ORANGE  )
  • {{RouteBox}}, a borderless version with text color and wikilinks. (e.g.  ORANGE )
  • {{Colorbull}}, a colored bullet with wikilinks. (e.g. )
  • {{legend2}}, another borderless version (e.g.,   )
  • {{Color sample}}, a small color box with black borders. (e.g., )
  • {{Swatch inline}}. (e.g., orange)
  • {{Background color}}. (e.g., orangeExpression error: Unexpected < operator.)
  • {{*}}/{{bull}}/{{bullet}}, a simple bullet. (e.g. Template:*)

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