Teen Titans is an American animated television series based on the DC comics series of the same name by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. Developed by David Slack for Cartoon Network, the series was produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation with Sander Schwartz serving as executive producer and Glen Murakami, Bruce Timm, and Linda M. Steiner signing on as producers. The series follows the adventures of a team of crime-fighting teenaged superheroes, consisting of the leader Robin (voiced by Scott Menville), foreign alien princess Starfire (voiced by Hynden Walch), the technological genius Cyborg (voiced by Khary Payton), the dark sorceress Raven (voiced by Tara Strong), and the green shapeshifter Beast Boy (voiced by Greg Cipes).

Inspired by the success of the DC Comics based series Justice League, the series was created in a semi-serialized format, utilizing anime styles and mixing it with American style animation. The show was greenlit in September 2002 and began airing on Cartoon Network on July 19, 2003, and on Kids' WB network on November 1, 2003.[1][2][3] The series lasted five seasons, each consisting of 13 episodes, with the 65th and final episode airing on January 16, 2006. The series was concluded with a television movie titled Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo on September 15, 2006. Each season has a story arc revolving around a main character: Robin (season one), Terra (season two), Cyborg (season three), Raven (season four), and Beast Boy (season five). The series's alternative network, Kids' WB, aired two seasons of the show. All five seasons of the series were released on DVD, starting with the first season on February 7, 2006 and ending with the fifth season on July 22, 2008.

Teen Titans has been critically acclaimed for its strong storylines and for its use of anime influences.[4][5] The first season garnered strong ratings for Cartoon Network, which prompted the network to order 52 more episodes. The series was also nominated for 3 Annie Awards.[6] The series was also nominated for 3 Annie Awards.[7]


Season 1 (2003)

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Production
1 1 Final Exam July 19, 2003 385–903–103 Cartoon Network
The Titans battle against Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth – members of the villain organization The Hive sent by Slade for their final test – and lose, with Robin going missing. The Hive members then kick the remaining Titans out of their tower and take over. Robin returns and the whole team fights to kick the Hive out of their home. Despite their defeat, Slade was pleased with the outcome.
2 2 Sisters July 26, 2003 385–902–102 Cartoon Network
Blackfire, Starfire's older sister, comes for a visit and quickly ingratiates herself among the Titans. Feeling left out, Starfire decides to leave the Titans before being attacked by drones sent from Centauri to arrest Blackfire for stealing. Discovering that her sister tried to have her take the blame, Starfire tracks down Blackfire and has her arrested by the Centauri police.
3 3 Divide and Conquer August 2, 2003 385–901–101 Cartoon Network
Cinderblock breaks into a prison but is beaten there by the Titans. However, a misstep in the "sonic boom" attack knocks the Titans out and allows for Cinderblock to escape and take a quarantined Plasmus with him. Robin and Cyborg fight about who messed up, causing Cyborg to quit. Slade unleashes Plasmus on the remaining four Titans. Cyborg later returns and assists the Titans in defeating Plasmus and Cinderblock.
4 4 Forces of Nature August 16, 2003 385–904–104 Cartoon Network
Beast Boy tries to prank Cyborg, but Starfire is accidentally targeted. She stops talking to him as a result. Meanwhile, the Titans deal with a duo known as Thunder and Lightning, who's version of having fun is causing chaos among the city. The duo is approached by a mystic sage, who teaches them how to amplify their powers using an assortment of twigs and leaves. The sage, however, uses magic to animate the burning sticks as a monster. The Titans fight the monster off before it reaches town. Beast Boy attempts to break through to Thunder while Robin faces off against the sage, who turns out to be Slade.
5 5 The Sum of His Parts August 23, 2003 385–905–105 Cartoon Network
While playing football in the park, Cyborg suddenly shuts down. After rebooting, he tells the other Titans that his batteries are dying and requires recharging, but doesn't get the chance, because the nefarious Mumbo is causing havoc in Jump City. While facing him down, Cyborg's emergency batteries fall of, and his inert body falls down into the underground depths of a junkyard. The Titans believe Mumbo has kidnapped him, but he has instead been found by a strange machine called Fixit, who doesn't share Cyborg's views of humanity. Instead, he believes it to be a flawed part of Cyborg's biology – one that he intends to correct, with or without Cyborg's consent.
6 6 Nevermore August 30, 2003 385–906–106 Cartoon Network
During a battle with Dr. Light, Raven loses control of her powers, which makes the Titans worried. Later, Beast Boy and Cyborg goes to Raven's room to apologize, but knock her door down, and Beast Boy discovers a strange-looking mirror, which sucks him and Cyborg into alternate realm where they meet various Emoticlones, the different emotions and personality traits of Raven. Unbeknownst to them, they've stumbled upon a portal into Raven's mind, which causes an adverse effect on Raven. Raven enters the realm and finds Beast Boy and Cyborg, just as her anger appears in the form of her father, Trigon. Raven fuses with her other Emoticlones to take down her father. The ordeal brings Raven closer with Beast Boy and Cyborg, who stay besides her as she fought her anger.
7 7 Switched September 6, 2003 385–907–107 Cartoon Network
The Titans receive a package containing puppets modeled after themselves. The Puppet King uses the puppets to trap the souls of Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy and takes control of their bodies. While trying to do the same to Raven and Starfire, Raven uses her powers to stop him, causing their souls to switch into each other's bodies. The girls resolve to learn how to use the other's powers while in each other's bodies. At the Puppet King's headquarters, Raven and Starfire manage to use each other's powers to stop the Puppet King and break the controller, returning all the souls to their respective bodies.
8 8 Deep Six September 13, 2003 385–908–108 Cartoon Network
A mysterious new villain called Trident appears and starts stealing nuclear waste from ships. While on a mission to stop Trident, The Titans meet Aqualad, an aquatic hero who knows more about Trident's plot, and his sidekick Tramm, who helps rebuild the T-Ship while the Titans search for Trident. While Starfire and Raven fawn over Aqualad, Beast Boy and Aqualad quarrel over who is better. They eventually realize that Trident is more than one person and soon discover a colony of Tridents. Playing on Trident's ego, Beast Boy gets all the Tridents to quarrel with each other. The Titans then lock the remaining clones in a cave.
9 9 Masks September 20, 2003 385–909–109 Cartoon Network
While Robin is away checking on leads about Slade, the rest of the Titans deal with a new villain, Red X, who takes them down with ease. Red X tries forming a partnership with Slade, but is tasked with retrieving two other computer chips. Starfire discovers that Robin has not been true about his work. After Red X gathers the final computer chips, Slade appears, revealing he knew that Robin was Red X the whole time, and grabs the chips. The Titans arrive at the scene and stop Red X while Slade escapes. Robin reveals himself and chases after Slade, who taunts Robin about their similarities and his obsession over him. The two engage in combat, which ends with Robin overpowering Slade, who is revealed to be a robot. Starfire later approaches Robin about the past events, telling him that Slade and he share one thing in common – their distrust of others.
10 10 Mad Mod September 27, 2003 385–910–110 Cartoon Network
Mysteriously ambushed and knocked out cold, the Titans wake to find themselves in the hands of Mad Mod, a British villain disgruntled by the Titans' interference in other villains' business. Separated from each other, the Titans make their way back to each other one by one while dealing with robots and optical illusions. They catch up with Mad Mod, only to be recaptured one by one. Robin manages to escape capture and find Mad Mod. As Robin fails to even touch the villain, he decides upon a different approach. He passes through all the illusions and reaches the operation center, where he apprehends an elderly Mad Mod.
11 11 Apprentice: Part I October 4, 2003 385–912–112 Cartoon Network
Slade threatens to stop time in the city with a Chronoton Detonator. While searching for the device, Robin, on edge about the dream he had just before the mission, attacks everything in sight, including an innocent bystander. After violently sneezing, Starfire, allergic to metallic chromium – a component of the detonator – unwittingly becomes a tracker for the device. In the sewer, Robin is separated from the team by Cinderblock. After taking Cinderblock down, Robin finds Slade's tracking device, using it to get to Slade's headquarters, he fights Slade for detonator's remote. The rest of the Titans chase after Slade's henchmen carrying the detonator in a speed boat. Upon discovering that the device is fake, the Titans are blasted by a gun, which infected them with lethal nanoscopic probes. Wanting to keep the Titans safe, Robin becomes Slade's apprentice.
12 12 Apprentice: Part II October 11, 2003 385–913–113 Cartoon Network
Blackmailed into becoming Slade's apprentice, Robin becomes an enemy of the Titans, to their surprise. When faced with the opportunity to blast Starfire, Robin freezes, causing Slade to activate the probes. Catching on to the ruse, the Titans find Robin at Slade's headquarters. When Slade reactivates the probes, Robin touches the machine controlling the probes and becomes infected with them. Slade destroys the device and a battle ensues between him and the Titans, after which Slade is defeated. The Titans and Slade escape just as the building self-destructs. With the probe machine, Cyborg removes all the probes from the Titans.
13 13 Car Trouble November 11, 2003 385–911–111 Cartoon Network
Cyborg goes on a chase for his newly finished T-Car after its stolen by Cash and Sammy and entered into the race. After winning the race, Gizmo, one of the contestants in the race, takes the car and leaves Cash and Sammy in a bubble. Cyborg, with the help of a sympathetic Raven, tracks down the car, which crashes into a prison transport vehicle that is carrying Overload. Overload takes over the car and attacks Cyborg, leading Cyborg to destroy his own car, thereby preventing anyone else from stealing it. Raven later assists Cyborg in building a new car.

Season 2 (2004)

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Production
14 1 How Long Is Forever? January 10, 2004 257–321–201 Cartoon Network
Starfire is trying to commemorate the Tamaranian holiday Blorthog, a festival of friendship, but is disheartened at the sight of the rest of the team's constant fighting. When Warp, a villain from the future, comes back in time to steal an antique, Starfire follows Warp as he prepares to jump through time, arriving 20 years into the future. She searches for the Titans for help, but finds the team broken up. She attempts to rally the Titans together to take down Warp and return back to her time.
15 2 Every Dog Has His Day January 17, 2004 257–322–202 Cartoon Network
A lonely Beast Boy goes into the city as a green dog when the rest of the team is too busy for him. He gets captured by a spaceship and played with by the alien Soto, who believes him to be his original dog. Meanwhile, the other Titans have noticed Beast Boy has gone missing, and end up chasing Soto's dog, believing it's their teammate.
16 3 Terra January 24, 2004 257–323–203 Cartoon Network
The Titans meet Terra, a girl with the power to move the Earth around her, and invite her to stay with the Titans, much to Beast Boy's delight. A seemingly great addition to the team, Terra later confesses to Beast Boy about her inability to control her powers. While on a mission with the Titans, Terra is confronted by Slade, who knows her secret and taunts her with it. Terra later leaves after the rest of the Titans learn her secret.
17 4 Only Human January 31, 2004 257–324–204 Cartoon Network
When Cyborg beats Atlas, a self-proclaimed full robot, in an online video game, he challenges Cyborg to a real, physical fight. Due to the limits on his strength while Atlas has none, Cyborg loses to Atlas. Atlas then kidnaps Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy as his prize and challenges Cyborg to a rematch where his friends' lives are at stake.
18 5 Fear Itself February 7, 2004 257–325–205 Cartoon Network
The Titans defeat Control Freak at a video store and receive a scary movie free as reward. After watching the movie, the Titans are awakened by screams and find the tower under siege by mysterious monsters similar to those in the movie, with Raven unable to use her powers. One by one the Titans are taken out, with Raven left to fight the monsters alone. Despite denying her fear at first, she accepts it and regains control over her powers, vanquishing the monsters in the process. She awakens to learn that the monsters accidentally came from her powers as a result of her denial of fear.
19 6 Date with Destiny February 14, 2004 257–326–206 Cartoon Network
A new villain named Killer Moth breeds an army of insects and unleashes them on the town. However, he promises not to destroy the city only if Robin will take his daughter Kitten to her prom at a party cruise. Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy scope out Killer Moth's lair, while a jealous Starfire attends the prom to keep a close eye on Robin.
20 7 Transformation February 21, 2004 257–327–207 Cartoon Network
Starfire wakes up to discover a huge forehead lump on her forehead, which leads to tusks on her neck, elongated zebra-coloured fingernails, weird cravings for unusual food, pointed ears, large hairy feet and scale-like skin. Believing she is turning into a monster, she leaves and takes refuge on a planet deep into space. She meets a charming, kindhearted alien who dispels her fears. After she becomes encased in a chrysalis, the alien turns out to be a Tamaranian chrysalis eater. Meanwhile, the rest of the Titans search the galaxy for her, eventually finding the planet and rescuing a refreshed Starfire from peril while the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater is defeated.
21 8 Titan Rising February 28, 2004 257–328–208 Cartoon Network
Terra returns to the Titans claiming to have control of her powers and everyone except Raven is welcoming. Meanwhile, Slade releases giant drill worms to sink the Titans' Tower.
22 9 Winner Take All March 6, 2004 257–329–209 Cartoon Network
Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg are summoned by the Master of Games to compete in a "Contest of Champions" against other super powered males. Everyone invited is willing to participate, but Cyborg becomes suspicious when he sees losing contestants vanishing.
23 10 Betrayal July 31, 2004 257–330–210 Cartoon Network
Terra and Beast Boy go out on a date during the night while the tower is under siege by Slade's minions. Slade then interrupts the date and shows Beast Boy where Terra's loyalties lie.
24 11 Fractured August 7, 2004 257–331–211 Cartoon Network
Robin is bothered by Larry, his double from a different dimension, who appears after Robin breaks his arm. While wrestling with Larry, Robin breaks Larry's magical finger, causing the city to become distorted. Villain Johnny Rancid takes advantage of the chaos and transforms himself into a darker version of himself.
25 12 Aftershock: Part 1 August 14, 2004 257–332–212 Cartoon Network
Slade sends a newly-transformed Terra to attack the Teen Titans. Unable to defeat her, the Titans retreat and regroup, planning to break Slade's grip on Terra. Terra frees Cinderblock, Overload and Plasmus from prison and, through Slade, disperses them throughout the city to take down the Titans. This turns out to be a decoy to bring the Titans out of hiding and destroy them one by one.
26 13 Aftershock: Part 2 August 21, 2004 257–333–213 Cartoon Network
With the Titans seemingly gone, Slade has taken control of the city, but the Titans don't go down so easily. They unleash payback on Terra for betraying them to join Slade, which leaves her feeling broken inside more than ever before. Regretting every action since her betrayal, she begs Beast Boy to finish her off before Slade takes control of the situation and causes a horrific and saddening fate that leads to his own demise. In the end, Terra sadly sacrifices herself to save the city and the Teen Titans as the Titans mourn their good friend, even Beast Boy.

Season 3 (2004-2005)

No. overall No. in season Title Original air date Production code Network
27 1 Deception August 28, 2004 257–481–301 Cartoon Network
The Titans send Cyborg undercover as Stone to investigate the HIVE's newest plan. Cyborg finds out that a new headmaster, Brother Blood, is now in charge of the academy. The plan becomes compromised as Cyborg grows fond of the popularity he has attained amongst the students and the return to his human self.
28 2 X September 4, 2004 257–482–302 Cartoon Network
The Titans are faced with a dilemma when Red X returns, causing concern among the team towards Robin. Realizing that the new villain is after xenothium, a powerful element that powers the suit, the Titans scramble to find Red X. As the Titans close in on Red X, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire are captured by Professor Chang, who has his own plans for the xenothium.
29 3 Betrothed September 11, 2004 257–483–303 Cartoon Network
Starfire is called upon to her home planet of Tamaran to be married to create peace among her planet, only to find Blackfire as the Grand Ruler and her groom to be an unsightly alien from a distant planet. The Titans become suspicious and soon discover that there's more to Blackfire's plan than she let on.
30 4 Crash September 18, 2004 257–484–304 Cartoon Network
Beast Boy uses Cyborg's circuitry to play a video game but accidentally releases a virus that makes him delusional and hungry. The Titans call upon tech villain Gizmo to destroy the virus affecting Cyborg. Beast Boy, feeling guilty about his mistake, joins Gizmo in destroying the virus core while facing off against the drones and Cyborg's white blood cells while Robin, Raven and Starfire stop Cyborg from eating everything in sight, including the city's communication tower.
31 5 Haunted October 2, 2004 257–485–305 Cartoon Network
While the Titans face off against Cinderblock, Robin encounters Slade, who plans to cause an earthquake within the city using seismic generators. The Titans split up to find the generators, only to find nothing. After witnessing Robin fighting himself, the team become concerned that his obsession with Slade has manifested into a delusion. Despite capturing him, the Titans soon realize that Slade may be more real that they thought.
32 6 Spellbound October 9, 2004 257–486–306 Cartoon Network
Raven, feeling alone and isolated from the team, bonds with Malchior, a wizard trapped in her book. Wanting to be more powerful, Raven learns spells from the wizard while growing closer to him. When put to the test, the powers become more than she can handle and Raven realizes that Malchior is not who she thought he was.
33 7 Revolution October 16, 2004 257–487–307 Cartoon Network
During the 4th of July celebrations, Mad Mod transforms the city into Britain, steals Robin's youth using his cane, and captures him. After facing off against Mad Mod's minions, the Titans go underground and regroup. Struggling to decide on a plan, each of the Titans carry out their own plan to no avail. Deciding to use all their plans in one attack, the Titans rescue Robin and take down Mad Mod.
34 8 Wavelength October 23, 2004 257–488–308 Cartoon Network
Aqualad appears at the Tower to warn the Titans about Brother Blood's latest weapon – a sonic generator based on Cyborg's blueprints, capable of creating a tidal wive large enough to destroy the city. However, Blood is prepared for their arrival and destroys the T-Sub. Meanwhile, another teen hero Bumblebee is playing double agent from within the H.I.V.E.
35 9 The Beast Within October 30, 2004 257–489–309 Cartoon Network
Following a battle in a batch of chemicals, Beast Boy begins exhibiting aggressive behavior, much to the other Titans' concern. Their worries grow when Beast Boy and Raven go M.I.A. and are found with Raven hanging by Beast Boy's mouth. But little do they know, there is something else lurking in the shadows behind this...
36 10 Can I Keep Him? November 6, 2004 257–490–310 Cartoon Network
Beast Boy gives Starfire his pet Silkie – one of Killer Moth's silkworms from their last battle – and she begins bonding with it. When Silkie grows too big, Starfire gets rid of him and inadvertently sends him back to Killer Moth.
37 11 Bunny Raven... or... How to Make a Titananimal Disappear January 8, 2005 257–491–311 Cartoon Network
The Titans are drawn into Mumbo's magic hat and turns the Titans into various animals, with the exception of Beast Boy who is turned into inanimate objects.
38 12 Titans East: Part 1 January 15, 2005 257–492–312 Cartoon Network
A new branch of the Titans is founded to help track down Brother Blood. Bearing the name Titans East, it consists of Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and the super fast Guatemalan twins Más y Menos. Cyborg goes to assist in building the Titans East Tower when Brother Blood suddenly shows up. A large battle ensues with an army of robots based on Cyborg's specs, which stuns Cyborg himself.
39 13 Titans East: Part 2 January 22, 2005 257–493–313 Cartoon Network
Brother Blood takes control of the Titans East tower with the team under his mind control. Using Cyborg's technology against him, Brother Blood plans to turn the team into half-robots as he has done to himself. Cyborg calls on the Titans to help him out.

Season 4 (2005)

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Production
40 1 Don't Touch That Dial January 17, 2005 257–494–401 Cartoon Network
The Titans discover Control Freak is out of jail and in the television, hopping from channel to channel. Using the same device, The Titans get inside the television dimension and chase after Control Freak. The chase between the Titans and Control Freak, as well as his monsters, are causing damage to the viewers brain waves. Beast Boy, the couch potato of the group, leads the Titans in taking down Control Freak.
41 2 The Quest January 29, 2005 257–497–404 Cartoon Network
After losing a fight of martial arts with the villain Katarou, Robin travels to Asia to find the True Master to train him in martial arts. While there, he encounters an elderly woman who prepares him for his meeting with the True Master through a series of tasks. Once complete, Robin faces off against Katarou, who followed him there to steal his apprenticeship with the True Master. Robin, along with the woman who reveals herself as the True Master, defeats Katarou and begins training. While Robin is away, the other Titans try to fill in the gap left by Robin by trying out his clothes and gadgets.
42 3 Birthmark February 5, 2005 257–496–403 Cartoon Network
Raven's birthday approaches, but she has no interest in celebrating it, wanting the day to pass. The Titans throw her a surprise birthday party, but Raven shuts it down, destroying the decorations. When the Titans respond to an alert, the face off against Slade, who has acquired new powers and has a message from Raven's father, foretelling her destiny. During the battle between Slade and the Titans, Raven stops time, with only her, Slade and Robin unaffected.
43 4 Cyborg the Barbarian February 12, 2005 257–495–402 Cartoon Network
Cyborg is accidentally thrown five thousand years into the past, and by coincidence comes to the aid of a young woman named Sarasim, whose tribe is under attack by a horde of gruesome creatures. While simultaneously becoming the tribe's savior, the battle wears out his batteries, and there is no place for him to recharge.
44 5 Employee of the Month February 19, 2005 257–498–405 Cartoon Network
Amidst a series of UFO raids on farms (with the targets being cows, to everyone's mystification), Beast Boy wants a moped but has no money to get one of his own. Robin won't buy him one and Cyborg won't build one, so he gets a job at Mega Meaty Meat, a restaurant which sells nothing but meat. Beast Boy manages to overcome his distaste for meat in order to get the job, but his workplace proves to be more than just a restaurant.
45 6 Troq May 14, 2005 257–499–406 Cartoon Network
Val-Yor, an alien, enlists the help of the Titans to fight an enemy of vicious-fighting machines called the Locrix. Despite his strength, courage and bravery, he displays a noticeable hatred for Starfire and the rest of her Tamaranian kind, causing some discomfort among the team.
46 7 The Prophecy June 4, 2005 257–500–407 Cartoon Network
Raven has been hiding a dark secret, but her secret is putting her teammates in danger. Slade is after her again and still wants her to become the portal. She finds that she is unable to escape the prophecy of her birth and decides to tell the rest of team her secret.
47 8 Stranded June 11, 2005 257–501–408 Cartoon Network
When being attacked by an alien in outer space, the Titans inadvertently split the T-Ship apart. Stranded and separated on several different areas of an alien planet, the Titans must now find each other again. Beast Boy displays a bad hand in technological skills, even with simplified instructions from Cyborg, Raven is being followed around by small alien creatures; and Robin and Starfire must come to terms about their strong romantic feelings for each other.
48 9 Overdrive June 18, 2005 257–502–409 Cartoon Network
Cyborg installs a new computer chip into his circuits, greatly strengthening and increasing his speed and efficiency eight times over. But when a multiplying metahuman, Billy Numerous, appears on the scene, Cyborg may give up a lot to try and catch him.
49 10 Mother Mae-Eye June 25, 2005 257–503–410 Cartoon Network
Summoned through an enchanted pie delivered to the Tower, Mother Mae-Eye manages to induce mind-control over all the Titans, mentally regressing them into obedient, sweet "children" who regard her as their mother. When Starfire is accidentally knocked out of the villain's mind-control during a mission against the H.I.V.E. Five, she realizes the truth behind Mother and attempts to bring her fellow Titans' minds back to teenaged maturity.
50 11 The End - Part 1 July 2, 2005 257–504–411 Cartoon Network
The day Raven has feared has come and Raven does her best to make her final day with the Titans the best. When Slade comes to claim her, the rest of the Titans won't let go without a fight.
51 12 The End - Part 2 July 9, 2005 257–505–412 Cartoon Network
Raven and the Earth have been destroyed and Trigon takes over, casting Slade out with the rest of the Titans. With Raven's "farewell blessing" and the mystical ring of Azar, the rest of the Titans spread out to fight off Trigon while Slade and Robin search for Raven.
52 13 The End - Part 3 July 16, 2005 257–506–412 Cartoon Network
Robin rescues a seven-year-old version of Raven, who has been stripped of both her powers and her memories, but still thinks she must hold the key to Trigon's defeat. Also down in Trigon's realm, Slade fights a demonic guard to regain his "flesh and blood". Meanwhile, the three other Titans are fighting for their lives against evil doppelgangers of themselves. The originals find that they are not successful trying to fight the darker and evil doppelgangers, so Starfire suggests that they switch opponents. They later re-join with Robin and a young Raven to face their strongest and most powerful enemy yet: Trigon the Terrible, and Raven's true power may not be all gone.

Season 5 (2005-2006)

No. overall No. in season Title Original air date Production code Network
53 1 Homecoming - Part 1 September 24, 2005 257–507–501 Cartoon Network
The Doom Patrol, Beast Boy's former teammates, have been captured and Beast Boy and the Titans have to find them. Later, they discover that the Doom Patrol have been taken captive by their worst enemies, the Brotherhood of Evil.
54 2 Homecoming - Part 2 October 1, 2005 257–508–502 Cartoon Network
The Doom Patrol, now free, get Beast Boy to rejoin the team on their hunt for the Brotherhood of Evil while refusing the Titans' help. While on their mission, each of the Doom Patrol are worn out by the villains of Brotherhood of Evil. Beast Boy and Mento, the last remaining members, infiltrate the Brotherhood's fortress. The Titans and the rest of Doom Patrol join the two.
55 3 Trust October 8, 2005 257–509–503 Cartoon Network
The Brotherhood of Evil has begun its plan to eliminate young superheroes across the globe. With the honorary Titan Wildebeest captured, Madame Rouge is after the Brotherhood's second target, another honorary Titan known as Hot Spot. Detecting the threat, Teen Titan Robin immediately heads for Morocco.
56 4 For Real October 15, 2005 257–510–504 Cartoon Network
As the Teen Titans are away dealing with the Brotherhood of Evil, the Titans East come to Jump City to watch over, but they have some trouble gaining acceptance among the public. Meanwhile, Control Freak escapes from prison, ready to face off against the Teen Titans with a series of challenges designed specifically for them, sure to succeed.
57 5 Snowblind October 29, 2005 257–511–505 Cartoon Network
While the Teen Titans are fighting a mysterious creature in Russia, Starfire searched the monster everywhere by herself and gets lost in a blinding snowstorm. Starfire is rescued by a young radioactive soldier named Red Star, who hides away in a battle shelter to prevent his power from harming others. When the rest of the Titans arrive, however, they find out the creature is derived from his power. Red Star joins the Titans in defeating the radioactive creature, but the battle causes a change in him. Red Star asks Starfire to send him into space, where he releases his power. Red Star is now a Titan.
58 6 Kole November 5, 2005 257–512–506 Cartoon Network
During a fight against a new and improved Dr. Light in the Arctic Circle, the Teen Titans fall through a layer of ice. They find themselves in a jungle where they discover two new superheroes — Kole, and her caveman sidekick, Gnarrk, who invite to their place for nourishment. However, Doctor Light discovers them too and captures Kole, using her crystal-generating abilities to amplify the effects of his machine. The Titans and Gnarrk find Kole and Dr. Light, and a battle ensues. Gnarrk overcomes his technophobia and destroys Dr. Light's machine while saving Kole. The Titans give Kole and Gnarrk a Titans locator, which the Brotherhood of Evil tracks down from their headquarters.
59 7 Hide and Seek November 12, 2005 257–513–507 Cartoon Network
Raven is tasked with bringing three young superheroes – Melvin, Timmy Tantrum, and Teether – to a monastery while avoiding interference from Monsieur Mallah. The task proves difficult as Raven's patience with the kids' tantrums is tested.
60 8 Lightspeed December 3, 2005 257–514–508 Cartoon Network
While the Titans are away, the H.I.V.E. Five cause panic in the city, committing various crimes. However, Kid Flash interrupts their crime spree before being captured.
61 9 Revved Up December 10, 2005 257–515–509 Cartoon Network
When Ding Dong Daddy steals a briefcase containing Robin's most prized possession, Robin races him to get it back, with the rest of the Titans and a host of villains joining in.
62 10 Go! December 17, 2005 257–516–510 Cartoon Network
The episode tells the origins of the Teen Titans. During the episode, Starfire escapes capture from Gordanian and lands on Earth, causing mayhem for the town. Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg arrive to stop her. When they calm her down, the Gordanians call for Starfire's return. At the end Robin and Cyborg gave the other Titans a locator so "When there's trouble, you know who to call".
63 11 Calling All Titans (Part 1) January 7, 2006 257–517–511 Cartoon Network
As the Teen Titans return to Jump City, the Brotherhood of Evil get ready for their final attack. When the Brotherhood of Evil make their move, the Teen Titans have begun recruiting young superheroes. As the ultimate battle between the Titans and the Brotherhood of Evil begins, Robin has a strategy of his own.
64 12 Titans Together (Part 2) January 14, 2006 257–518–512 Cartoon Network
With all the Titans scattered across the globe and the Brotherhood of Evil taking down young superheroes one by one, Beast Boy leads Pantha, Mas, Herald, and Jericho – the only ones left – to take on the Brotherhood and rescue the Titans.
65 13 Things Change January 16, 2006 257–519–513 Cartoon Network
The Titans return from their adventures to find that the city has changed. While exploring the city, Beast Boy spots a girl that looks like Terra and tries to jog her memory.

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