This is a Filmography for Speedy Gonzales.

Speedy Gonzales shorts in chronological order by release date

Prototype Speedy

Release Date Title Card Title Co-Stars Director Home Video Release
Cat-Tails for Two Robert McKimson

Cartoons featuring Speedy Gonzales

Release Date Title Card Title Co-Stars Director Home Video Release
Speedy Gonzales I. Freleng
Tabasco Road Robert McKimson
Gonzales' Tamales Friz Freleng
Tortilla Flaps Robert McKimson
Mexicali Schmoes Friz Freleng
Here Today, Gone Tamale Friz Freleng
West of the Pesos Robert McKimson
Cannery Woe Robert McKimson
The Pied Piper of Guadalupe Friz Freleng
Mexican Boarders Friz Freleng
Mexican Cat Dance Friz Freleng
Chili Weather Friz Freleng
A Message to Gracias Robert McKimson
Nuts and Volts Friz Freleng
Pancho's Hideaway Friz Freleng
Road to Andalay Friz Freleng
It's Nice to Have a Mouse Around the House Friz Freleng
Cats and Bruises Friz Freleng
The Wild Chase Friz Freleng
Moby Duck Robert McKimson
Assault and Peppered Robert McKimson
Well Worn Daffy Robert McKimson
Chili Corn Corny Robert McKimson
Go Go Amigo Robert McKimson
The Astroduck Robert McKimson
Mucho Locos Robert McKimson
Mexican Mousepiece Robert McKimson
Daffy Rents Robert McKimson
A-Haunting We Will Go Robert McKimson
Snow Excuse Robert McKimson
A Squeak in the Deep Robert McKimson
Feather Finger Robert McKimson
Swing Ding Amigo Robert McKimson
A Taste of Catnip Robert McKimson
Daffy's Diner Robert McKimson
Quacker Tracker Rudy Larriva
The Music Mice-tro Rudy Larriva
The Spy Swatter Rudy Larriva
Speedy Ghost to Town Alex Lovy
Rodent to Stardom Alex Lovy
Go Away Stowaway Alex Lovy
Fiesta Fiasco Alex Lovy
Skyscraper Caper Alex Lovy
See Ya Later, Gladiator Alex Lovy
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