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The Prime Minister (film)The Prince and the Pauper (1937 film)
The Prince and the PinheadThe Prince and the ShowgirlThe Prince of Pennsylvania
The Printer's Devil (film)The Prisoner of Second AvenueThe Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
The Prize PestThe Prize Pest/GalleryThe Problem Solverz
The Procreation CalculationThe Promise (2005 film)The Propagation Proposition
The Property Division CollisionThe Proposal (TV series)The Proposal Proposal
The ProprietorThe Protector (1985 film)The Proton Regeneration
The Public EnemyThe Queen Is WildThe Queen Was in the Parlor
The Quick Draw McGraw ShowThe Quilt ClubThe Rain People
The Rapture (1991 film)The Rat Pack (film)The Rattled Rooster
The Re-Entry MinimizationThe Real (talk show)The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
The Real CancunThe Real LifeThe Really Great Dictator
The ReapingThe Rebel Without ClawsThe Rebel Without Claws/Gallery
The Reckless HourThe Reclusive Potential
The Red Line (TV series)The Redeeming SinThe Relaxation Integration
The RememberedThe RemembrallThe Renaissance
The Replacements (film)The Retraction ReactionThe Return To Acme Acres Zone
The Return of BatduckThe Return of Captain NemoThe Return of Doctor X
The Return of the King (1980 film)The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space
The RewriteThe Rich Are Always with UsThe Riddler
The Riddler's RevengeThe Riddler RevengeThe Ride of the Valkyries
The Right Stuff (film)The Right of WayThe Right to Live (1935 film)
The Rise and Fall of Legs DiamondThe Rise and Rise of Michael RimmerThe Rising of the Moon (film)
The Rite (2011 film)The Ritz (film)The River Changes
The River RisingThe Road Runner Show
The Road Runner Show ThemeThe Road to SingaporeThe Roaring 20's (TV series)
The Roaring TwentiesThe Rock Quarry StoryThe Roman Holidays
The Roman Spring of Mrs. StoneThe RookeryThe Rookie (1990 film)
The Rosary MurdersThe Rowdyruff Boys (characters)
The Rowdyruff Boys (characters)/GalleryThe Rowdyruff Boys (episode)The Royal Children
The Royal RiderThe Ruff and Reddy Show
The Ruling VoiceThe Run of the CountryThe Runaway Bear
The Russian RevolutionThe Sacred Flame (film)
The Safran CompanyThe Saint of Fort WashingtonThe Salton Sea (2002 film)
The San Francisco StoryThe San FranpsychoThe Sand Whale Strikes
The Sandman SleepsThe Santa Simulation
The Sap (1926 film)The Sap (1929 film)
The Scarecrow (2000 character)The Scarecrow (2000 film)
The Scarecrow (The Wizard of Oz)The Scarlet PumpernickelThe Scarlet Pumpernickel/Gallery
The Schnook Who Took My Comic BookThe Science of SleepThe Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour
The Scooby-Doo ShowThe Scooby & Scrappy-Doo/Puppy HourThe Scrying Game
The Sea BeastThe Sea ChaseThe Sea Gull
The Sea Gypsies (1978 film)The Sea Hawk (1940 film)The Sea Inside
The Sea Wolf (1941 film)The Searchers (film)The Second Floor Mystery
The Secret BrideThe Secret Circle
The Secret GardenThe Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff
The Secret SaturdaysThe Secret Serum
The Secret Squirrel ShowThe Secret of Shark IslandThe Secret of the Ghost Rig
The Sensitive Male!The Separation Triangulation
The Sergeant (film)The Shadow of CourageThe Shanty Where Santy Claus Lives
The Shawshank RedemptionThe Sheepish WolfThe Shell Shocked Egg
The Sheltering Sky (film)The Sherry Plaza Hotel
The ShiningThe Shining/GalleryThe Shining/Transcript
The Shining (miniseries)
The Show of ShowsThe Shrieking MadnessThe Shuttered Room
The Sibling RealignmentThe Silk ExpressThe Silver Chalice (film)
The Silver SlaveThe Sin SistersThe Singer Not the Song
The Singer of NaplesThe Singing FoolThe Singing Kid
The Singing MarineThe Sins of Rachel CadeThe Siren's Song
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (film)The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2The Sisters (1938 film)
The Six Wazillion Dollar DuckThe SkatebirdsThe Skull
The Slap-Hoppy MouseThe Slap-Hoppy Mouse/GalleryThe Sleeping Dictionary
The Slick ChickThe Sludge Monster from the Earth's CoreThe Smiling Ghost
The SmithsThe SmurfsThe Snake
The Sneezing WeaselThe Snorkasaurus HunterThe Snowmen Cometh
The Social HighwaymanThe Soft TouchablesThe Solder Excursion Diversion
The Solid Tin CoyoteThe Solo OscillationThe Song Remains the Same (film)
The Song of MysteryThe SopranosThe Sopranos: Road to Respect
The Sorting HatThe Sour PussThe Special Relationship (film)
The SpecialistThe SpecterThe Spirit Spooked Sports Show
The Spirit of '76 (1990 film)The Spirit of St. Louis (film)The Spitfire Grill
The Split PersonalityThe Spock ResonanceThe Spooky Fog
The Sportsmen QuartetThe Spy SwatterThe Spy Who Didn't Love Me
The SquallThe SquasheningThe Squawkin' Hawk
The Stag ConvergenceThe Staircase ImplementationThe Stairs
The Star WitnessThe Stars Fell on HenriettaThe Stayover
The Steel Claw (film)The Steel JungleThe Steve
The Stockholm SyndromeThe Stork's Holiday
The Story StickThe Story of Louis PasteurThe Story of Mankind (film)
The Story of Seabiscuit
The Story of Us (film)The Story of Will RogersThe Stout Trout
The Strange Love of Molly LouvainThe Strange Secret of Bruce WayneThe Strawberry Blonde
The StraycatchersThe Streets of San FranciscoThe Strip (U.S. TV series)
The Stupid CupidThe Stupids (film)The Stupor Salesman
The Sum of His PartsThe Sun Is Also a StarThe Sundowners
The Super GlobetrottersThe Super Powers Team: Galactic GuardiansThe Super Snooper
The Superman/Aquaman Hour of AdventureThe Superman/Batman Adventures
The Swarm (film)
The SweepstakesThe Sweet Body of DeborahThe Sweet Stench of Success
The Swimming PoolThe Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries ThemeThe Sylvester and Tweety ShowThe System (1953 film)
The Tailor and the MiceThe Tam TurbulenceThe Tangerine Factor
The Tanks Are Coming (1951 film)The Teddy Roosevelt ShowThe Tenderfoot (film)
The Tenth WomanThe Terminal Man (film)The Terrible Trio
The Terrible TudorsThe Terror (1928 film)The Tesla Recoil
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The BeginningThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 film)The Thief Lord
The Thief Who Came to DinnerThe Thief and the Cobbler
The Thing (TV series)The Third DayThe Third Degree
The Third LorelaiThe Third MouseThe Thomas Jefferson Program
The Thorn Birds (miniseries)The Threat (1960 film)
The Three BearsThe Tie That Binds (1923 film)The Tiger Band
The Time, the Place and the Girl (1929 film)The Time, the Place and the Girl (1946 film)The Time Machine (2002 film)
The Time ThingThe Time Traveler's Wife
The Time of My LifeThe Timid Toreador
The Tom and Jerry Comedy ShowThe Tom and Jerry Show (1975 TV series)
The Tom and Jerry Show (2014 TV series)The Tomorrow People (U.S. TV series)The Torra Regata
The Tower of Dr. ZalostThe Towering InfernoThe Town (2010 film)
The Train RobbersThe TransplantThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre (film)
The Tree's KneesThe Trial of Duck Dodgers
The Trial of Mr. WolfThe Trouble with LarryThe Trouble with Scribbles
The Truth About YouthThe Trygon FactorThe Tune Stadium
The TurkeyThe Turn-Tale WolfThe Twins
The Two Curious PuppiesThe Two Curious Puppies/FilmographyThe Two Mrs. Carrolls
The TycoonThe Tycoon (The Flintstones)
The U.S. Civil War

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