Sonia Kaspbrak is Eddie Kaspbrak's mother, and a supporting character in the 2017 film, It.




Since the death of her husband due to cancer, Sonia, believing the world to be a dangerous place where illnesses are prevalent, tries to keep her son Eddie under extremely tight control.

She frequently claims Eddie has numerous health problems to try and manipulate him. Eddie eventually realizes that his mother is manipulating him during a visit to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist's daughter, Gretta, tells him that his medication is placebos. 

Physical Appearance

Due to her beliefs that it's dangerous outside the confines of her house, Sonia rarely gets out and about. As a result, she doesn't have a job and is extremely fat.





It (2017)

As Eddie prepares to go to the Barrens to help Bill look for his deceased little brother, Georgie, under the pretense that they're going to play croquet at Bill's house, Sonia forces Eddie to give her a kiss before leaving while reminding him to be careful and not roll in the grass because of his allergies.

Going to the Well House to confront Pennywise much later, Eddie gets his arm broken during the scuffle; upon bringing him home, Sonia immediately accuses Bill and the others of doing it to him. Bill attempts to set the record straight, but Sonia won't listen to a word any of them say, even calling Beverly a "dirty girl" due to the vicious rumors about her being promiscuous, and forbids them from interacting with Eddie again, and vice versa. Bill's other friends, excluding Beverly, also turn on him, causing the group to disband for several weeks.

Later on, in August, when Beverly is captured by Pennywise, Eddie gets a phone call from his friends at home, and agrees to help them save her. However, Sonia stops him, claiming that he's getting over his "sickness". Eddie, enraged and fed up with her selfishness, manipulation, and lies, stands up to her, declaring that his medication and illnesses are nonsense, and that she has been trying to keep him away from his friends, the only people who truly cared for him. With that, he runs out on her to reunite with his friends. 

It: Chapter Two

Sonia passes away sometime after the events of the summer of 1989. She appears in a flashback Eddie has when he goes to the basement of the pharmacy during his search for his token, where she is tied to a chair, before being attacked by It in the form of the Leper, though Eddie is unable to save her.

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