Sherry Stalls (Shelley Stalls in the novel) is a supporting character in the 2010 film Flipped.


Official Description

Sherry Stalls is believed to be the finest girl at the local school, but not in the eyes of Juli Baker, who considers her a "whiny, gossipy, back-stabbing flirt, all hair and no substance" and a "shallow conniver".




Sherry is a very good-hearted and glamorous girl, she displays a friendly demeanor towards everyone she talks to, though she is a little snide when she interacts with Juli, because of their rivalry.

Physical appearance

Sherry Stalls is a slender, young, teenage girl with white skin and gold hair, with a glamorous face. 


Role in the film

Bryce Loski dates Sherry at the film's beginning in an attempt to get Juli out of his hair. Bryce's plan works, right up until his best friend, Garrett Einbinder, takes an interest in Sherry himself. Bryce observes them talking about their respective science fair project ideas. Unfortunately, Garrett tells Sherry the real reason why Bryce is dating her. While drinking from the water fountain during recess, an angry Sherry comes up to Bryce, taps his shoulder to get his attention, slaps him, and calls him a jerk before walking off.

Later on, as the basket boy auction approaches, and Bryce is basket boy no. 9, Garrett informs him that Sherry is planning to bid on him against Melanie. On the day of the auction, Bryce, having heard that Juli has cash as well, expects that she is going to bid on him as well. However, much to Bryce's surprise, Juli bids eight dollars on Eddie Trulock, basket boy no. 8. During lunch, Bryce and Juli sit at different tables, facing each other. Eventually, Bryce leaves Sherry for Juli. It is unknown what happens to her afterwards.






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