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This is the Warner Bros. Serververse.
―Al-G Rhythm

Warner Bros. Discovery's Serververse is the name of a shared digital universe within Warner Bros.' digital server. It has worlds based on Warner Bros. properties like its films, television series, etc. It is the major location in Space Jam: A New Legacy.



Sometime before the events of the film and after the original Space Jam, Al-G Rhythm became king of the Serververse. Some time after Al-G at some point convinced the Looney Tunes, except Bugs, on Tune World to travel other worlds in the Server-verse because he did not want them to interfere his plans just in case.


  • The depiction of entire Server-verse is likely little based on the "Worlds" and "Data-Worlds" (or Datascape) in video game Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Kaiju world was not shown in the movie.
  • The world was originally titled Wizarding World, as pays tribute to all Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter films.
  • The world was pays tribute to all Warner Bros. movies and TV shows, Oprah Winfrey Network, Animal Planet, TLC, Food Network, Discovery Family, TNT, TBS, DC Comics, New Line Cinema, Hanna-Barbera, HBO, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Discovery Channel, etc.


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