SMALLVILLE.NET OPEN TO ALL  Chamber of Commerce Unlocks Interactive Map, was an article published by the Smallville Torch, written by George "The Streak" Talmer II.


Are you lost in the world of Smallville? Can't remember how to get to The Talon? Are you looking for a better route to school? Well, search no further. The innovative minds at the Smallville Chamber of Commerce are unveiling their grandest gig to date:

Originally available exclusively to owners of last year's Talon Mix CD, the interactive map of our town highlights some of Smallville's most intriguing locales, including The Talon, the Luthor Mansion, the Kent farm and the Ezra Small house.

In addition to the features authored by the Chamber, Smallville companies such as LuthorCorp link ads and sites to their corresponding structures on the map. Many of Smallville's preexisting online sites like the Smallville Ledger and our very own Torch link from the map as well.

"Smallville needed an online home--a top level that could help you navigate our whole menu of interactive options," explains B.B. Davenport, President of the Smallville Chamber of Commerce. "Plus we wanted to introduce those who may not be familiar with our town to all the wonderful possibilities Smallville has to offer."

"Looks like a game or something," commented Alex Wilson, a 9th grader at Smallville High. "This certainly isn't just a map." And Alex is right. With several interactive features imbedded into the Flash site, users have the opportunity to really dig deep into the world of Smallville.

You can access the map by clicking here.

The Chamber welcomes your comments on the map. Please e-mail us.

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