SHOOTER'S DEATH AS MYSTERIOUS AS NEWEST LUTHOR'S PAST, was an article published in the Smallville Torch, written by Chloe Sullivan.


Dirk Lee, the man arrested for the attempted murder of Lucas Luthor, died mysteriously yesterday after being booked at the Central Metropolis Police Station. Lee's apprehension and subsequent death bring more questions than answers to the budding story of the return of Lionel Luthor's prodigal son.

Last Tuesday evening, a man riding a motorcycle attempted to gun down the newest addition to the Luthor family soap opera. Lucas escaped injury. Acting on a tip from SHS student Clark Kent, Metropolis police tracked Lee to an apartment in Hell's Gate, an outer borough of Metropolis. There, rookie police inspector Dan Turpin and a team of MPD's finest arrested Lee, a Chinese immigrant.

"Mr. Lee did not resist arrest," said inspector Turpin. "In fact, it wasn't until we were walking into the interrogation room that Mr. Lee showed any signs of illness. He just collapsed and stopped breathing."

Without an autopsy report, it is impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of Lee's death. And such a report seems unlikely, as authorities in Beijing have requested that Lee's body be immediately transported to China. According to Turpin, Lee had ties to the Dragons, a notorious crime organization, and was under investigation for his involvement in multiple murders in Beijing and gambling scams in Hong Kong. According to Beijing officials, Lee was working with an accomplice in the United States.

For all you conspiracy theorists out there, Lee's death and the subsequent inaccessibility of his body make perfect fodder. Why was Lee murdered? Who could have killed him in the middle of a police station? And, most importantly, why did he try to kill Lucas Luthor? I'm not pointing fingers here--you be the judge, Smallville. This case, like so many others, may never be closed. E-mail me your theories.

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