The Rock Ogre's Cave is the home of the Rock Ogre himself.


The Cave is a very tall rocky cave with a open hatch for the Ogre to climb in to sleep. The inside of the cave is covered with bits of moss and filled with carcasses and skeletons.

Role in the film

The heroes went over to the cave until The Ogre returns from the forest and climbs in his cave to sleep. When Kayley, Garrett, Devon and Cornwall, and Ayden spot Excalibur in the Rock Ogre's hand, They form a human chain to grab the sword. Ruber and his henchmen enter the cave as well to grab Excalibur but to no avail, The Griffin sneezed causing the Ogre to open one eye but Kayley puts him back to sleep and grabs Excalibur. The heroes escape the cave as Ruber and the Griffin are trapped under the Ogre's butt. Devon and Cornwall fall down a cliff with Kayley and Garrett on, Ruber had send his henchmen down the cliff after them. Ayden then caused the Griffin to crash into the cliff where Ruber is causing it to collapse. Ruber and his henchmen crash down on an slope unconscious as the heroes slide down the slope and land to safely in a pond.

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