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The ogre's butt...
―Ruber after being trapped under the ogre's rear

The Rock Ogre or better known as The Ogre, is a brief semi-antagonist and a minor character in Quest for Camelot.


The Rock Ogre is an gigantic creature that is dumb, and lazy. He does tend to use Excalibur as a toothpick, and he can easily camouflage in his cave, nearly making it difficult for Kayley, Garret, Ayden, Devon and Cornwall to retrieve Excalibur. Although he sleeps during the day, he can easily wake up from a loud noise that disturbs his slumber. The ogre does have an large appetite for eating creatures and animals that trespassed in his cave.

Physical appearance

The Rock Ogre is an giant obese creature with his body made out of several grey rocks and with green mosses and has brown eyes.

Role in the film

The rock ogre's footprints is the only thing Kayley and Garrett spot whilst on their search for Excalibur, in the valley of thorns to know that he taken Excalibur leaving just the belt in the vines.

The Rock Ogre is finally seen when his nearly steps on Kayley and Garrett and climbs up his hill into his cave home to sleep. The heroes enter the cave to rescue Excalibur and they find the Ogre using the sword as a toothpick and goes to sleep. Once he's asleep, Kayley, Garrett, Devon and Cornwall form a human chain to retrieve Excalibur from the Ogre's grip. After the Griffin sneezed it woke up the Ogre but Kayley puts him back to sleep and grabs Excalibur before the Ogre finally wakes up. The Heroes manage to escape, leaving the Ogre to press his hand on Ruber's minions against the wall and sat on Ruber and the Griffin, trapping them. The Ogre breaks wind, sending the two villains flying to a wall narrowly dodging the rock spikes. After that, the Ogre isn't seen again in the rest of the film.


  • The Rock Ogre bares a noticeable resemblance to the Rock Biter from The Neverending Story.
  • The Rock Ogre is the only character to be rendered and animated in CGI, rather than digital ink and paint (that technique would later be used for the title character from Warner Bros.' next animated film The Iron Giant). But appears as a hand-drawn character in the comic.

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