Riddle Me This is a ride located in Gotham City at Six Flags America. The ride originally opened in the park as "World Wind", but was rethemed in 1999 to fit the theme of the new land, being themed after the Batman villain The Riddler.

Official Description

You can tell from the giant question marks which super villain’s been sneaking into Gotham City. It’s the notorious trickster, THE RIDDLER! And now he’s devised a game only the bravest Super Heroes will play. Today’s riddle: How fast do you have to spin before you get pinned?

Take your place atop a giant circular disk and get ready to spin! As the big wheel under your feet turns, hold onto the wall behind you. Actually, you’re gonna have to, because pretty quickly the whole world starts to rotate around you, so fast you can’t even move. The spinning force will push you to your limit! You’ll be pinned to the side by sheer gravity, like in a giant centrifuge. As the wheel tilts to 45 degrees, you’ll be spinning wildly out of control, but the forces of nature will magically hold you in place.

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