Return of Superman puts Daily Planet Back at Number One

RETURN OF SUPERMAN PUTS DAILY PLANET BACK AT NUMBER ONE! was a promotional newspaper article published in a special edition of the Daily Planet back in 2006 to promote the film Superman Returns.


As would-be thugs reconsider pitting themselves against the crime-stopping prowess of the Man of Steel. Superman's return has also has a drastic effect on the sales of this newspaper, the Daily Planet. Readers know where to turn for all things Superman, from his thoughts on the world's changes these last five years to the most explosive details of the crimes he thwarts. Newspapers are delivered to newsstands everywhere in mass quantities but don't stay on the racks for long.

"I don't even get to read it myself!" said one exasperated newsboy. If there's one thing that sells papers, it's Superman!" declared Daily Planet editor Perry White. "People can't get enough of him! And there's no other news source under the sun that can deliver the kind of access the Daily Planet can!"

White vows to continue bringing Daily Planet readers all the latest exclusives as the Man of Steel circles the globe keeping the world out of harm's way.

This Sunday, look for the Daily Planet's special insert entitled, Superman: The World's Most Eligible Bachelor!

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