This is a complete transcript of Quest for Camelot.

The Camelot Saga / United we Stand

[The Warner Bros. Family Entertainment 75 Years logo animates in complete silence, after the logo fades out we hear the sea sound effects]

[We see the ocean with a deep mist as we pan over to cliffs and up on a path that three travellers are traveling on their horses: Lady Juliana, Sir Lionel and their daughter Kayley. Kayley rides her horse acting like a knight just like her father]

Kayley: Come on. [their ride down to the beach. Sir Lionel is helping Juliana off her horse, Kayley is standing on her horse giggling] Father! [As she jumps into his arms they roll down a sandy bank laughing] Father do you really have to go?
Sir Lionel: I’m afraid I must Kayley. You know the king’s knights will be here soon
Kayley: Tell me again why you became a knight
Lady Juliana: Kayley, you’ve heard it a thousand times!
Sir Lionel: Oh, but it’s fine dear. Well my daughter, before you were born the land was dark and treacherous. [Sir Lionel kneels down and draws three circles in the sand with his finger] The people stood divided, brother fighting brother. [The sand blowing transitions the scene to a foggy dark land, we zoom towards and through the Stonehenge like pillars, and stops in front of the magic stone holding the sword Excalibur] The only hope for peace was in the legend of Excalibur, for it was said that only the true king could pull the magical sword from its stone and unite the people. Many tried, all failed. [Everyone tries to pull Excalibur out, but to no avail and gave up] then, on the very day you were born, [a boy’s shadow appears over the stone which three engraved interlocked rings glow] an unexpected hero stepped forth, his name was Arthur, [Arthur grabbed hold of Excalibur and pulls the sword out to everyone’s amazement] and he was that true king. With Excalibur at his side he led us out of the darkness [We fade through time lapse as the sky brightens and the castle and its moat are halfway built] and together we built the greatest kingdom on earth, [Everyone helped building the kingdom and placing the round table in a large tower] everyone rejoiced.

[We see Camelot’s residents dancing outside the castle in union. They formed three interlocked rings to show union and danced in formation. We fade back to the present at the beach where Kayley is dancing inside a drawn circle.]

Kayley: Camelot! [She giggles in excitement]
Sir Lionel: [showing her his shield which displays three interlocked rings] and so these three rings represent the unity of our people. As a knight I took an oath to protect Camelot, King Arthur, and Excalibur.
Kayley: The knights are here!
Sir Lionel: I must go now Kayley, The king has summoned his knights for a special day in Camelot [Sir Lionel and Lady Juliana kiss over Kayley’s horse and Sir Lionel goes to ride off] Goodbye.
Kayley: I’m coming with you daddy!
Sir Lionel: Yes, when you are old enough Kayley. I will take you to Camelot, I promise. I love you.
Kayley: One day I will be a knight, like father.
Sir Lionel: Let’s go!

[The knights ride off as "Warner Bros. Presents" fades in and fades out. We pan upwards to the sky as the film title "Quest for Camelot" [or "The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot" in some countries] fades in and fades out. The knights travels on their horses on the main road to Camelot as the opening credits appear. The knights travel three days without stopping on their way to Camelot.]

Chorus: [singing] United we stand, now and forever, in truth, divided we fall. Hand upon hand, brother to brother, no one shall be greater than all. [The drawbridge lowers as “Directed by Frederik Du Chau” fades in and fades out and the knights go inside Camelot] United we stand, now and forever, in truth, divided we fall. Hand upon hand, brother to brother, no one shall be greater than all.

[Sir Lionel passes a young boy who is seemly blind is practicing his skills. The knights are greeted by their friends. Arthur appears at the main entrance of the castle with his advisor Merlin.]

King Arthur: [singing] It's been ten years we celebrate, All that made our kingdom great, Liberty and justice for all, [The knights follow him inside the castle, not knowing that an strong and deformed knight with red hair comes out of a doorway and secretly follows them. His name is Ruber.] Each of us we now divide, for equal shares our countryside, promising equality for all we reside! [Arthur opens up two doors to reveal the round table room]
Knights of the Round Table: [singing] United we stand, now and forever, in truth, divided we fall. [The knights walk to the table, Ruber clenches his fist menacingly in front of the camera. Arthur draws out Excalibur and holds it in the air, the knights draw their swords and did the same as Arthur and they all placed them in the chairs’ scabbards] Hand upon hand, brother to brother, no one shall be greater than all. [The knights raise their shields one by one]
Liberty – Justice – Trust
Freedom – Peace – Honour
Goodness – Strength – Valour

[The knights lower their shields onto the table, until Ruber slams his shield down, making everyone jump.]

Ruber: ME!!! Charming sing along. Now let's get down to business. I waited a long time for this day. [After nobody responded for a brief second] What about my new land!
King Arthur: Sir Ruber. Always thinking of yourself. As Knights of the Round Table our obligation is to the people, not to ourselves. The lands will be divided according to each person’s needs.
Ruber: Then I need more than everyone. I wouldn't have supported you for all these years if I thought you were running... a charity.
Sir Lionel: [banging his fist on the table] The king has decided!
Ruber: Then it's time for the new king, and I vote for me.

[Everyone is heard moaning at Ruber's remark, Arthur scowls at Ruber, offended. Sir Lionel stands up]

Sir Lionel: [gritting his teeth] I will not serve a false king.
Ruber: Then serve... [he reaches his arm underneath the table and pulls out his mace] A DEAD ONE!

[Everyone, including Arthur gasped as Ruber jumped on the table to charge at the king, the other knights jumped on the table to defend Arthur. Ruber then swung his mace and knocks Sir Lionel off the table with an hard force. Next, he throws down a knight with his arm and knocks out another one by head-butting him. Arthur gasps and then grabs Excalibur quickly to defend himself. Ruber runs towards Arthur, screaming. Arthur drew out Excalibur at the right time and holds it in front of him. Ruber swung his mace at Excalibur, after the mace came in contact with the blade, Excalibur's magic sends Ruber and his mace flying backwards. Ruber fell to the ground as Arthur glares at him while his sword's magic fades away. Ruber then gets up and rubs his right arm.]

Ruber: One day, that sword will be in my hand, and ALL WILL BE MINE!!

[He runs out of the room with the doors closing behind him as the knights throw several spears at him. On the other side, Ruber barricades a door with a wooden beam before running off in exile as nine spears pierce through the doors briefly. Back in the room, the knights gather round Sir Lionel who is lying on the floor, motionless.]

Knight 1: Lionel?
Knight 2: Is he all right?
Knight 3: Sir Lionel?

[All of the knights have received no answer from Sir Lionel who didn't move or speak, he was dead.]

Sir Lionel's Funeral / "On my Father's Wings"

[We fade to Juliana’s Farm during winter, Kayley is seen on her horse acting as a knight as Juliana sweeps up the snow with a broom. Until she hears a horse neighing in the distance]

Kayley: Mother, listen, father!

[Kayley runs to meet him, standing around the path of the horses. The knights look at Kayley sadly, until she sees Lionel's dead body on the wagon being pulled by oxen]

Kayley: No.

[We fade to a cliff where Sir Lionel’s stone coffin is with stone pillars. Tears run down Kayley's face as Arthur gave Sir Lionel's dented shield to Lady Juliana who is crying]

King Arthur: Your husband died saving my life. And saving Camelot. Lady Juliana, the gates of Camelot will always be open to you. [He then gives an eulogy to the knights and the servants] Sir Lionel was my most trusted knight. And also my dear, dear friend. We will always remember how he bravely upheld the ideals of Camelot.

[He then takes out Excalibur and held it in the air and the other knights take out their swords and held them in the air in respect for their deceased knight. Kayley runs to his coffin and feels the three rings engraved before running to her horse, hugging it and begins to cry in sadness.]

Female Voice: [singing] If you were with me now, I'd find myself in you. If you were with me now, you’re the only one who knew, all the things we planned to do.

[Kayley then goes over to a pond and one of her tears falls into the pond, and as it ripple the reflection of Kayley changes, transitioning to her much older until another waves ripples changing the reflection, transitioning to Kayley now a young woman with her hair in a ponytail.]

Kayley: [singing] I want to live my life, the way you said I would, with courage as my light, Fighting for what's right, Like you made me believe I could.

[We fade to Kayley sliding down a sandy slope at the beach, and draws a circle in the sand. We cut to Kayley hopping on some rocks. Kayley remembers that when she was a young girl, she played with her late father. Kayley giggles as Sir Lionel throws her in the air. Until it fades back to the present time, and Kayley lands on a rock and waves crash on it.]

Kayley: [singing] And I will fly on my father's wings, To places I have never been, There is so much I've never seen, And I can feel his heartbeat still, And I will do great things. On my father's wings.

[A seagull flies to a camera, and it cuts to Kayley back on the farm. Juliana hands her a basket full of waste and mud for the pigs. Kayley then feeds the pigs but she was daydreaming that she didn’t know that she dumped it on the pigs’ heads.]

Kayley: [singing] This world I'll never see, My dreams that just won't be, This horse's stride with one days ride will have covered more distance than me.

[She grabs a pitchfork, startling an white chicken with red comb, and climbs on a fence, jumping on one plank to another and jumps on her full grown horse. And rides it to a barn. They hit a make-shift scarecrow on the way. Kayley then throws the pitchfork at the target on the hay pile. The pitchfork then hits a rope, which catapults it to an armour, and bounces off it and lands on the target.]

Kayley: [singing] But I will fly on my father's wings, To places I have never been, There is so much I've never seen, And I can feel his heartbeat still, And I will do great things. On my father's wings.

[She grabs the pitchfork and puts a large pile of hay into a cow’s pen. She then goes over to a wooden door window]

Kayley: [singing] Someday with his spirit to guide me, And his memory beside me, [She then opens the wooden doors and climbs on the window ledge] I will be free to [She then jumps on a wooden plank, sending a white chicken from earlier flying] Fly on my father's wings [Kayley grabs the soup’s lid and spoon from a barrel to feed an oxen. The chicken lands in the barrel of soup. Kayley then does air fighting with a spoon and finally feeds the oxen] To places I have never been [She tosses the lid away, which hits the chicken by accident] There is so much I've never seen [She then runs up a hill next to the house and onto a stone ledge where she runs with her arm wide open and stops at the end] And I can feel his heartbeat still And I will do great things. On my father's wings. On my father's wings.

[She then comes down from the ledge. Juliana then smiles and Kayley go to her mother and they go inside. Meanwhile, the white chicken was lying down with the other chicken comforting him. Until a female chicken arrives. The chickens ran for cover, the white chicken tries to explain, but the female chicken grabs his wing and disciplines him. We fade out.]

Excalibur has been stolen

[We fade to Camelot at night. We zoom towards the castle, then we fade to the magic stone where its rings are still glowing. We fade to Arthur in the round table where he and the knights are here for a meeting]

King Arthur: In the ten years since Sir Lionel's death, equality, and freedom, have spread throughout the lands. Excalibur, has given us the strength to stand together against all injustice. [‘’The knights applaud]’’ Camelot has prospered beyond our greatest dreams-

[Arthur was suddenly cut short when an loud thunderous noise came from above. A Griffin had broken through the roof and lands on the round table with pieces of broken wood from the roof. The griffin’s wings extinguishes the torches, sending the room nearly into darkness. The knights draw their swords ready.]

Knight 4: [whispers] It's a Griffin

[The Griffin growls menacingly as King Arthur is about to reach Excalibur with his hand very slowly but the Griffin grabs Excalibur [along with its scabbard and belt that was holding it] with his beak, breaking Arthur’s chair and slashed his arm, wounding Arthur in progress. The Griffin flies up from the round table as the other Knights start to charge and throw spears at the Griffin]

Knight 5: It's taken Excalibur!
Knight 6: Arthur is wounded!
King Arthur: Never mind me! Find Merlin and go after the sword!

[The Griffin breaks out of the tower, destroying the entire roof, causing the guards to notice the Griffin and shoot flaming arrows, but to no avail, as The Griffin flies over the borders and the moat]

Guard 1: Send word across the land: Excalibur's been stolen!

[The Guard blows the horn as the drawbridge lowers and the knights ride out to get Excalibur back. Meanwhile Merlin arrives at the guards' tower.]

Merlin: Silver Wings, protect the sword!

[The Griffin is flying above the Forbidden Forest with the sword in his talons, a glint of silver appears in the sky and Ayden - a silver winged Falcon attacks the Griffin, swoops away and attacks again, causing the Griffin to drop Excalibur in the forest below. The Griffin dives down to try and catch the sword, as it's falling. Excalibur breaks through the thorns, The Griffin screeches as thorn hands are emerging out through the thorns, trying to grab the Griffin. The Griffin flies away from them but swoops back to regain Excalibur. The thorn hands grab his wings and his tail avoids them. As the Griffin repeatedly bites on the thorn hands, more thorns hands appear and grab him. Ayden watches as the Griffin escapes and flies away. Ayden flies down into the thorns, his wing glints. Meanwhile, the sound of the horn spreads across the land and to the farm where a nearby farmer is harvesting grain when he hears the call]

Farmer: Excalibur! It's been stolen!

[Kayley, at the farm who is collecting the eggs, hears it, gasps and runs into the house. Later in the house, after Kayley has explained the situation.]

Lady Juliana: No! Absolutely not!
Kayley: But mother, Excalibur is missing. I must go after it.
Lady Juliana: That's a job for knights, not for a young girl. [she holds up a white dress, that the seamstress has been making]
Kayley: But I want to be a knight. Going on grand adventures, [She does air sword fights] fighting evil, rescuing damsels in distress. [the seamstress tries to measuring Kayley but it was very hard for her because she kept moving around. Finally she measures her] What is a damsel, anyway?
[Lady Juliana puts the white dress over Kayley's head, with help from the seamstress]
Lady Juliana: Now, Kayley, Kayley, stand still, and try on your new dress.
Kayley: Mother! I don't want a new dress. I want to save Camelot. If you'd just let me, I know I'd find Excalibur all on my own.
Juliana: The knights will find the sword, and they'll do it by working together.
Kayley: [taking Sir Lionel's shield from a servant who was going to clean it] While I work here. Doing the chores, fetching the eggs, taking care of the house! Boring! Where's the glory in that?
Lady Juliana: day, you will learn [she puts her hands on Kayley's shoulder, then places her hand on Kayley's cheek] what Camelot means. Till then, you'll stay here with me.

[Kayley escapes from her mother's embrace]

Kayley: Oh, alright!

[She takes off the dress, Lady Juliana sighs and Kayley runs off to her room. Lady Juliana feeling remorseful of what she said to Kayley, looks at a framed tapestry of herself, Sir Lionel and Kayley]

Lady Juliana: What would you do?

[We zoom towards the tapestry to the section of Sir Lionel.]

Ruber invades Juliana's farm / "Ruber"

[Later, Kayley is outside, collect the eggs while the white rooster from earlier, tries to flirt with the other chickens. The female chicken then sees him angrily. We see from the female chicken's POV as she goes over to the white rooster. Then we go back into audience view where the female chicken stomps on his talon making the rooster to turn around. The female chicken smacks the white rooster sending him flying into Kayley who going to see what’s going on. She looks at the rooster with a depressed look.]

Kayley: How am I ever going to do great things if I’m stuck here with these silly chickens?

[As she was collecting the eggs and putting them in the basket. A shadow appears on a wall. The chicken shrieks and Kayley gasps and drops one of the eggs she’s holding.]

[The flaming arrows shoot through the house’s windows. A large flame explodes behind the doors knocking them down. A few more flaming arrows break through the windows, one of them lands on the table, scaring Juliana and her servants. Then several barbaric men charge through the doorway. Juliana gasps as a man that is Ruber with red armor and a horned helmet on his head.]

Ruber: [from inside the helmet] Knock, knock?
Lady Juliana: Who, who are you? [Ruber takes off his helmet, revealing his identity. Lady Juliana gasps] Ruber!
Ruber: Juliana. I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd invade. How about a kiss? [Ruber places his hand on Juliana's chin] I hear you're still single...
Lady Juliana: [Disgusted, she slaps his hand away from her chin] Impertinent pig!
Ruber: Is that a no?
Lady Juliana: I demand you leave immediately!
Ruber: [mockingly] So rude! And after I came all this way. Just to see you.
Lady Juliana What do you want?
Ruber: Camelot. [singing] Let's go back to war and violence. I'm so bored with peace and [A servant shakes a cup in fear before dropping it] 'SILENCE!' [The servant runs to the other servents, who cower in terror] Knights of Evil filled with fear. [Takes Sir Lionel's shield from above the mantelpiece] Your worst dream, that's my idea of fun! [He flings the shield across the table. Lady Juliana grabs it before it crashes]
Lady Juliana: You're mad!
Ruber: [speech] I'm so glad you noticed! I've been working at it for years! [singing] Let darkness find its sad ways. Let's go back to good old bad days. [He stamps his foot on the table, which makes a sword on the end of the table fly across the room] No more foolish acts of kindness. [He catches the sword] Arthur and his kingdom...will be mine! [he uses his sword to cut out a section of the tapestry which depicts Kayley] [speech] And pretty're going to help me.
Lady Juliana: I would sooner die!
Ruber: [He pulls the torn section of the tapestry, depicting Kayley. He then cuts it off and holds up the picture of Kayley up, blocking the door] I think you'll find YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO RESIST!

[As he says this, Ruber uses his sword to decapitate Kayley's head in the tapestry, which then reveals that in the doorway, Kayley has been captured by his men. Lady Juliana gasps in shock and Kayley is then dragged across the room]

Kayley: Mother!

[Ruber laughs and gives his sword to one of his men. Kayley is thrown down on the floor in front of Ruber]

Lady Juliana: [frees from the men holding her arms.] Don't you dare harm her! [The men grab hold of her arms again]

[Ruber smirks at Kayley before he turns around, Kayley quickly grabs the mace from one of Ruber's men]

Ruber: Follow my plan... [Kayley swings the mace behind Ruber, but he suddenly turns around and grabs it, before she can hit him and he moves it around with his hand] ...and she won't be hurt.

[We cut outside Juliana’s house with Ruber standing in front of the well.]

Ruber: Years from now, no one will bother, to recall your good King Arthur, because all of this will be mine! This will all be mine! [The servants cower in fear as Ruber starts singing] I have a plan; it includes you. You, Juliana, will lead me to Camelot Where I will claim all this is mine In the back of your wagons, my men will all hide You'll sit up front as the gates open wide Now watch me create my mechanical army with pride! [One of Ruber’s henchmen runs up to him and present with a box. He opens it and Ruber grabs a green glowing liquid potion labelled "ACME" from the box.] With this potion I bought from some witches [He grabs the rooster from the female chicken. He opens the potion and puts a drop on the chicken and few drops of it into the well. The liquid bubbles are emits green steam and smoke. ] A drop on this chicken; And watch as it switches into a weapon that I can use at will. [Ruber places the potion in one of his Armor and grabs an axe that was thrown to him and hurls both the axe and the chicken into the well] now this chicken can kill! [The powerful blast of steam and smoke rises so fast that it spooks Kayley and Juliana. Ruber cackles as out came the rooster now an axe chicken hybrid] Ta-dah! Behold: umm, Bladebeak! [Bladebeak lands and feels his new look. Ruber walks around the well, humming.] Stand right up and enter quickly; [He kicks a henchman into the well and throws two chain maces with him. And out comes the mace wielding henchman hybrid] I'll transform the meek and sickly into iron men with hands of steel. [Ruber’s thugs make a line to be changed into various weapon merged hybrids. One of Ruber’s men places a pile of weapons next to him] Yes, into the water! Quickly! Now, go, you fools! [Ruber thugs go into the well, one by one, and jump out with their new form] Next stand up straight, now! Move it along! [One of Ruber’s Thugs stupidly shows him a fork to know if this could be useful] No, no, no, no, no, that's no good! [Ruber snatches the fork from him and hands him the arrows and crossbow and shoves him into the well. The thug jumps out in his new form with a cannon for his hand that shoots arrows.] Prepare for the dawning of a new age! [One of Ruber’s men who was holding Kayley hostage, stupidly lets go of her grip and runs to the well] The Ruberian age! Year One! [The newly formed thug hold Juliana as Kayley hides to prevent being spotted]
Lady Juliana: [Whispers] Go to Camelot. Warn Arthur.
Kayley: I won't leave you here.
Lady Juliana: Kayley, Ruber will be in Camelot in three days. Take the main road. Get there before us.
Kayley: But, Mother...
Lady Juliana: Go. I have the chance. Go, Kayley you’re our only hope. [Kayley then goes through the hole of the wall] Be careful, dear.

[By now, all [except for one who was holding Juliana, but turns into his new form later] of Ruber’s men has transformed into ironmen-hybrid forms and were dancing around the well. Ruber then cackles evilly]

Ruber: Only one will be revered, worshiped, hated, loved and feared. [Bladebeak then looks at his talons and then dances around the well in a weird fashion] I just like to say a few words: [Ruber climbs to the top of the stack of crates] “I, ME, MINE!![he twitches his eye] You are mistaken if you believe, Ruber will someone who will crumble and leave, now I'm back! And I will be staying this time! I told you once! [Ruber jumps from the stacks of crates and lands in front of the well] I told you twice! [The camera pans up as three interlocked rings rise and form behind Ruber and his ironmen] Everything will see before you! Every last bit of it! WILL! BE! [The rings then turn into snakes and disappear into streaks of steam] MINE NOW! [Ruber then laughs evilly.]

[The ironmen starts packing things into the wagons]

Ruber: [off-screen] To the wagons! [Ruber then climbs up the slope up to the stone ledge] Next stop: Camelot! [One of Ruber’s thugs grabs the female chicken and places it in a small cage]

[Meanwhile, Kayley was sneaking away quietly when the Griffin from earlier flies up the stone ledge. Kayley gasps as the griffin lands on the ledge, Kayley hides so she won’t get spotted by Ruber or the griffin. Kayley then witness Ruber and the Griffin’s conversation.]

Ruber: My faithful pet. How was the flight? Panic sweeps across the land.
Griffin: Precisely.
Ruber: My plan is perfect.
Griffin: Precisely.
Ruber: Without the sword, Arthur is vulnerable.
Griffin: Precisely.
Ruber: [turning himself around evilly and gleamed] And now Excalibur, is mine.
Griffin: [grunts, and quickly turns around nervously] Here's where we enter a gray area.

[Ruber after hearing this, turns around suspiciously]

Ruber: Hmm-mm? [he grabs the Griffin by the ruff of his neck.] Excuse me? [The Griffin groans in pain as he grabs hold of him] You lost Excalibur? How?!

[Kayley suddenly heard this and climbs up some stones to listen more carefully without being seen]

Griffin: I was attacked by a falcon.

[Ruber has already let go of the Griffin]

Ruber: What? My magnificent beast outmatched by a puny, little pigeon?
Griffin: It wasn't a pigeon. It was a falcon, with silver wings.
Ruber: [mockingly and sarcastically] "Silver wings?" Ooh, scary. [He grabs hold of the Griffin by the ear and pulls him to his level, whilst doing so, parts of his hair gets into his face] You stupid animal! [he fixes his hair back up] Where is the sword now?
Griffin: In a place of untold danger.
Ruber: The Forbidden Forest.
Griffin: Precisely, Master.

[Kayley gasps and then sneaks away quietly to the barn]

Ruber: [runs his finger along the Griffins beak and up to the top of his head] [softly] Have I told you today, how magnificently and totally worth-LESS YOU ARE?!! [He strips a feather of the Griffin's eyebrow causing the Griffin to screech in pain. Ruber walks away, annoyed.] Excalibur is the one thing, that can keep me from my conquest of Camelot!

[Ruber stops in his tracks when he suddenly hears a horse neighing from the distance. Ruber immediately turns to see Kayley riding off on her horse towards the Forbidden Forest]

Ruber: [screaming bloody murder] OH! TH-THE-THE GIRL!

[Ruber turns to his "ironmen" who are clumsy.]

Ruber: 'You! You! And You! Fancy Feet! [Bladebeak turns to Ruber, and continues dancing, and bumps into a ironman's leg. Bladebeak jumps startled] After her! And bring her back! [to the Griffin] And you... [he grabs hold of the Griffin's head and pulls him threateningly] you are going to lead me, to Excalibur!

"The Prayer" / Forbidden Forest

[Kayley charges through the gate with her horse and rides off on the stone path. Juliana who was being put into the wagon by Ruber’s men sees Kayley riding off into the distance.]

Lady Juliana: [singing] I pray you'll be my eyes, and watch her where she goes and help her to be wise Help me to let go. [Kayley stops at the direction signs, One reads “CAMELOT” pointing to the right, and the other reading “FORBBIDEN FOREST” pointing to the left, and then sees two of Ruber’s thugs and Bladebeak riding on boars and chasing after her. Kayley quickly makes a choice and rides down a path leading to the forbidden forest.] Every mother's prayer, Every child knows [The arrow shooting thugs fires several arrows at Kayley, but she dodges and the arrows hit an old tree which collapses, blocking Kayley’s path] Lead her to a place, Guide her with your grace, To a place where she'll be safe [Kayley then goes around the tree into a shallow river and onto a shore and starts riding towards the forest. Bladebeak then gets his bladed beak stuck in a log.] Lead her to a place, Guide her with your grace, to a place where she'll be safe.

[Kayley stops at the edge of the forest, the horses frightened by the fog forming into a mouth, accidently makes Kayley fall off. The horse then runs away scared. The thugs arrive.]

Kayley: The Forbidden Forest! [she turns to see the thugs closing in and she then goes into the forest to run away from them.]

[The boars underneath the thugs then collapse, forcing the thugs to go into the forest on foot. The boar then smashes a log into a rock, sending Bladebeak flying in circles before landing beak first into an arrow thug’s arm]

Bladebeak: Hey! We’re not going in there, are we?

[The thug glares at him, Bladebeak chuckles nervously]

Arrow Thug: Chicken.
Bladebeak: But I’ve got a wife and two eggs at home! [The Arrow thug shakes him off and he and the mace wielding thug chase after Kayley] Hey! Don’t leave me here!

[Kayley who running in the forest, encounters a few branches. Her ponytail tie gets snagged by a branch and undoes her ponytail. The thugs smash their way through the branches. One of the branches hits Bladebeak on the beak, slicing it off. Bladebeak shakes himself back to his senses and continues running. Kayley comes to a rocky ledge, but sees the mace wielding thug closing in and continues running. She jumps over a ledge where many single eyeball creature pops out of many holes. She turns back to see if she lost them, but she trips over a root and falls off a cliff, screaming. But luckily, she lands into the pond unharmed. Kayley emerges from the pond coughing and notices a net tangled around her. At a camera angle at the distance, we see a wooden stick land into the water vertically and someone walking slowly.]

Voice: Hey!

[Kayley turns to the source of the voice, as the camera shot changes, we see a young man who is Garrett coming out of the shadows of the large tree roots den, holding a long wooden staff in his hands.]

Garrett: That’s my net.

[He hits the stick softly in his hand. Kayley stares at him confused. Suddenly the thugs jump off the cliff and land in the water, Bladebeak followed afterwards. Garrett looks around, knowing there could be trouble. The arrow thug grabs Bladebeak and throws it at him. But Garrett dodges at the right time when he hears the sound of the falcon’s screech, and Bladebeak ends up striking the large bark of the tree root. Ayden comes out of the shadows from the trees and distracts the thugs by glinting his wing. Garrett then uses his staff to whack the mace wielding thug into the water, and whacks the arrow thug in the face. The mace wielding thug emerges and about the attack him from behind. But Garrett hits his staff on the mace wielding thug’s crotch and lifts him up, where a tongue wraps around him and the camera pans to reveal a rock stump creature who is swallowing the thug. Kayley gasps as the stump creature belches. Bladebeak then breaks free from the root but notices he’s in mid-air.]

Bladebeak: Uh-oh. [he lands in the water]

[Ayden then flies down to aid Garrett who was holding his stick ready. The arrow thug then approaches him and was ready to attack when Ayden chirps as a signal, Garrett then whacks a vine where Ayden was. The thug hears a noise, and before he can recognize it, he gets whacked by a hanging log into a whirlpool where it closes and all its left is his gargling noises. Garrett then smirked in victory, danger is gone.]

Kayley meets Garrett / "I Stand Alone"

[Kayley then frees herself from the net]

Kayley: That was... incredible! How you, smashed those creatures! How you-you avoided that-that-that, thing! You're amazing! You're- [She realizes that Garrett is not listening to her and he is busy examining his ruined net]
Garrett: Mmhmm.
Kayley: Not, even listening to me!
Garrett: Great! [He holds up parts of his net and gets out the fish that he caught in his undamaged part of the net] Took me six weeks to make this net!
Kayley: [whilst placing her hair back into a ponytail with a spare hair tie] Net? You saved my life. Thank you.
Garrett: Well, everyone can make a mistake. [The fish that he caught slipped out of his grasp and into the water. Garrett uses his staff to lift up his net]
Kayley: Oh, I get it. This is where King Arthur sends his unfunny jesters, right?
Garrett: [chuckling slightly, before going into seriousness] And now I'll thank you...
Kayley: For what?
Garrett: For reminding me why I'm a hermit! Good day! [He drops the net and begins to walk away with his staff. Ayden watches from a branch.]
Kayley: But wait! What's your name?
Garrett: It's Garrett.
Kayley: I'm Kayley! [Garrett seemingly continues to ignore her by walking on] Garrett! Why won't you look at me when I'm talking to you? [She finally catches up to him, and realizes what was wrong with him. He is blind and he uses his staff to help himself around] Oh. Oh, I didn't realize you were-
Garrett: What? Tall? Rugged? Handsome?
Kayley: [Astonished] Blind.
Garrett: [Chuckles lightly, turns around and replies sarcastically] ...You know, I always forget that one.

[Kayley then sighs in annoyance, and doesn’t notice that Bladebeak is following her far behind. Bladebeak hides behind a small bush. But the bush somehow moves]

Bladebeak: Ah! Moving bush! Woo!

[Ayden then tries to tell Garrett something by chirping]

Garrett: Not now, Ayden.
Kayley: Hey look! Your falcon has silver wings.
Garrett: [deadpan; more sarcastic] Really? I'll have to take your word for that.
Kayley: Oh no, I'm sorry. It, it means he knows where Excalibur is.
Garrett: Sure he does. In Camelot. You know, big castle, lots of flags.
Kayley: No, it’s somewhere in the forest. Ruber has stolen it and he’s taken my mother hostage. That’s why I’m here! I must find the sword and return it to Arthur or Camelot and my mother are doomed.

[Ayden lands on Garrett and chirps to him about the stolen sword.]

Garrett: Excalibur is here? [Ayden chirps in agreement] Right, were going after it!
Kayley: [in relief] Great!
Garrett: Not you, Me and Ayden. [He points his stick at her to make his point] We work alone.
Kayley: Well I don’t see any reason why I can’t come along. [She pushes the stick away from her in annoyance]
Garrett: [singing] I know the sound of each rock and stone [he taps the stone with his staff that he’s on, which raises and lift him up towards a cliff] And I embrace what others fear. You are not to roam in this forgotten place [Kayley then climbs up a rock after him] Just the likes of me are welcome here. [He walks up on a fallen tree up to a waterfall] Everything breathes, And I know each breath, For me it means life, For others, it's death [Kayley manages to get herself on the ledge and follows Garrett behind his back, Bladebeak then rises his head behind a rock with a bush on his head. Garrett opens up the waterfall with his staff] It's perfectly balanced, perfectly planned More than enough for this man. [Kayley goes underneath the waterfall in curiosity of how it manage to stayed open a gap in mid-air. The waterfall closes on her. We cut to Garrett standing next to a giant tree.] Like every tree stands on its own, Reaching for the sky I stand alone, I share my world with no one else, All by myself, I stand alone [Garrett has made his way through the giant tree roots, Kayley sees him on the other and jumps on a tree root, which moves, and the tree opens his eye. Kayley then grabs a branch and lands on a stone ledge. Bladebeak watches from a tree root as Garrett makes a small yodel which makes the leaf creatures to fly around him.] I've seen your world with these very eyes, don’t come any closer, don’t even try [Bladebeak then climbs along the branches but the branch move sharply causing him to fall. Garrett has travelled through several tongue plants alright but Kayley has trouble going through because they whip their tongues at her.] I've felt all the pain And I've heard all the lies [He approaches a lake where water fountains rises and each one lifted Garrett up step by step and one by one] But in my world there's no Compromise [He jumps on a ledge and continues his way down but Kayley has trouble with the fountains. Garrett lands on a tree stump which forms legs and transports Garrett to a slope which he slides down to a giant flower forest] Like every tree stands on its own, Reaching for the sky I stand alone, [he grabs hold of one the flower which lifts him up like a helicopter. Kayley, seeing this, finds a yellow flower, but shrinks down in its annoyance] I share my world with no one else, All by myself, I stand alone. [Kayley finds a helicopter flower and last and grabs hold of it from the bottom and looks down from her slight fear of heights. The flower transported Garrett to a tall giant rock surface] All by myself, I stand alone. [The flower flies straight into a tree forcing Kayley to climb all the way up the rock] All by myself, I stand alone. [Ayden flies around him and lands on his hand. Kayley finally catches up with Garrett at last by helping herself by holding onto his clothes]
Kayley: I stand alone too.

[She then looks on the horizon as Ayden lands on her shoulder]

Garrett: [turning around] Ayden.
Kayley: [giggles slightly as Ayden perches on her shoulder] I just need your help this once [as her and Ayden smile at each other]
Garrett: Oh all right, all right! [They make their way down the rocky slope] But don’t give me any trouble!

[We cut to another part of the forest later on where Garrett gets himself dumped with purple sticky liquid]

Garrett: [groans, and gets the liquid off his head] It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ayden.
Kayley: [as she’s touching the flowers above her, causing them to squirt out purple liquid] Hey, this isn’t so bad. [She steps on a patch of grass which comes alive and forms a mouth, but Garrett whacks it with his staff. The thin thorn branches uncurl behind her] I don’t know why you made such a fuss. [Ayden chirps to signal Garrett who also swatted them with his staff. Kayley is now climbing up a tree.] I’ve had a tougher time collecting eggs! [Garrett grabs a rock and throws it to a giant green flytrap creature who was behind an unaware Kayley.]
Garrett: Trouble, trouble, trouble! [Ayden lands on his arm] With a capital T!

Ruber's Research / Dragon Country

[Meanwhile, back at the pond where Kayley and Garrett first met, the whirlpool spat out the arrow shooting thug, and the stump spat out the mace wielding thug and spat on him. We cut to another part of the forest where Ruber, some of henchmen and the Griffin is looking around]

Ruber: You wretched, mythological moron! Where did you drop the sword?!

[He grabs the Griffin as he shouts, then lets go of him. The Griffin takes out his eyepiece and looks around]

Griffin: It all looks so different from down here.

[There is no sign of the sword, only trees and noises are heard and seen. Ruber, having enough, grabs the Griffin and throws his eyepiece away. Then Bladebeak jumps down the hill, and crash lands into the mud puddle]

Ruber: [turning around and pointing at Bladebeak] You! Report!
Bladebeak: Um, oh, err. The girl and the, the blind warrior are following a sliver winged falcon. [Ruber thoughts for a moment, then grins] Who, who knows where Excalibur is and...
Ruber: They’ll lead us right to it. We’re going after them! [Ruber motions his men to follow him, and after Bladebeak manage to some mud off him, Ruber steps into the puddle, splattering Bladebeak with mud again, Eyeball creatures pop up and look at Bladebeak.]
Bladebeak: You’re looking at me? You’re.. looking at me?

[He turns around briefly, then turn back round suddenly, using his hand as a pretend pistol, scaring the eyeball creatures and forcing them back into their holes, Bladebeak grins as he looks around]

[We cut to Camelot. All the knights have returned back to the castle with news that the sword is nowhere to be found. In the courtyard, one of the knights asks them about the search for the sword, the knights shake their heads, as thorn vines grow on the stone while the glow on the three rings beginning to slowly fade away. In the round table tower, the knights are fixing the roof]

Knight: Come on men! We must repair this tower!

[In Arthur’s bedroom, Arthur has his arm bandaged and Merlin, puts it in a sling]

King Arthur: Merlin, is there any news? Has the knights found Excalibur?
Merlin: I’m afraid not.
King Arthur: Then I’ll go after it myself. [He gets up, but suddenly collapses, and Merlin catches him in time]
Merlin: No! You’ll have to regain your strength.
King Arthur: Is there any of your magic can do?
Merlin: You must rely on the courage of your people.

[We cut back to the Forbidden Forest, Kayley looks around and continues walking far behind Garrett. At a camera angle, we see Ruber’s foot stomping on a cliff and the camera shot changes to Ruber and his thugs looked down at them, grinning evilly. Kayley, Garrett and Ayden have made their way through the yellow fog, there was dead trees and stumps. Garrett got down on one knee and sniffed the air]

Kayley: Have you got a cold?
Garrett: Shh!

[Ayden lands on a dead tree stump, which suddenly collapses in smithereens]

Kayley: What is it?
Garrett: We’re in Dragon Country.

[He picks up some dust from the ground and feels it.]

Kayley: Oh. [she sniffs the air to check] Right. [Then, yellow and green geysers come shooting out. Kayley looks around, and both she and Garrett climb up some structure to reach the other side of a cliff.] Are you sure this is Dragon Country? Shouldn’t there be a sign or something? Hey, it could say “Welcome to Dragon Country”! [The camera angle changes to see that they have climbed through a dragon skeleton which acts as a bridge. The camera shots changes again where they enter the gorge filled with dragon skeletons and carcasses, eggs, pits of lava, and geysers. Kayley looks around] You don’t think we see any, do you? Is there a group of dragons a pack or a flock? Is it a gaggle or a pride? Is it a herd?
Garrett: [putting his hand out; suddenly] Quiet!
Kayley: Did you hear something?
Garrett: No. [he pulls his hand back, and turns slightly.] I just wanted you to be quiet.
Kayley: [annoyed, placing her hands akimbo] Hmmph.

[She continues walking down until a slab of rock from above the gorge falls down in front of her, making Kayley jump back. She looks up to see what has caused it, there were some familiar shapes that might be a dragon, Kayley looks around cautiously, and slowly backs away, until her right foot steps on an egg. She turns and pulls out her foot that was covered with green slime. Garrett, meanwhile, was walking around, unaware of what’s going on, he continues to venture downward. Kayley then manages to shake the slime off her foot. Then she hears some growling noises, making her look around, Garrett was nowhere in sight.]

Kayley: Garrett! Where are you?! [she sees a shadow of a dragon and she runs to find some cover, but with her back turned, two hands reach out and pulled her in the eggshell. It was Garrett, he shushes her, and then they slowly look out of the eggshell to see if anything is all right. Kayley spots something on the wall and gasps.] Dragons!
Devon: Where? I don’t see any dragons!

[Kayley, knowing that the shadow had spoke, turned around to see a tall dragon’s head and a short dragon’s head, she screams, then as falls backwards, breaking the eggshell that she’s in, the tall head screams as he lowers himself back inside the other half of the shell]

Kayley: But, you’re dragons.

[We hear the two voices echoing from inside the eggshell]

Devon: Oh heavens! Someone’s found our hiding place!
Cornwall: Shut up, cricket ball! Let me handle this. We are dragons! Ferocious, hungry dragons! So go away before we eat you!

[As he shouts, Kayley and Garrett look at each other, confused, then the voice make a shadow puppet on the wall, depicting a monster’s mouth which is not very effective]

Devon: [sarcastically] Oh, good show, Corny, That is clever. Here, let me have a go. [he taps Cornwall's hand and then makes a shadow puppet of a bunny, then hums.]
Cornwall: Oh, great! The bunny of death. [he grabs the other hand and then they start fighting] They’re always cringing in fear.

[As they fight, Garrett approaches the eggshell and raps his staff several times on the eggshell, making them stop what they were doing and raise their hands out of the eggshell]

Devon: Please don’t hurt us!
Garrett: Huh. And I thought you were ferocious dragons.
Cornwall: Well, not exactly. The real ferocious ones were the most fire breathing bullies out there.
Devon: Yes! They’re always picking on us, calling us names, pushing us around! I hate them!
Cornwall: [Garrett pokes what seems to be the dragon’s body with his staff, Cornwall pushes it away] Hey, hey! Easy with the stick buddy.
Garrett: Who are you?
Devon: Well, frankly we’re the reason cousins shouldn’t marry [as they get up, they break down the eggshell, revealing they are an conjoined twin dragon. Kayley looked speechless] Oh. Enchantee mademoiselle. I’m Devon, and this growth on my neck is Cornwall.
Cornwall: But you can call me, “Corny” for short. [Kayley giggles when he said that]
Devon: Yes, short on wits, manners, and charm. Everything I hold, dear.
Cornwall: [grabbing Devon’s snout] How 'bout holding ya breath?
Garrett: Come on, Kayley. Let’s go.

[They turn and began heading on]

Cornwall: [letting go of Devon’s snout] Hey, hey! Where are you going?
Kayley: To save Camelot!
Devon: Camelot! The restaurants, the theatres!
Cornwall: The waitresses, the actresses.
Devon: The dragons.

[After they have said that, a dragon is heard roaring off-screen]

Devon and Cornwall: The dragons?!

[Suddenly, Kayley and Garrett spot something and they start running. The creature reveals itself to be a gigantic, fire-breathing dragon. It blasts fire right on Devon and Cornwall's rear end, causing them to shout in pain. As the two run off, they get blasted a few more times. When they catch up with Kayley and Garrett, Kayley sees a lake of acid with floating dragon eggs]

Kayley: Wait! What is it?

[Devon and Cornwall cross the acid lake by hopping on the floating eggs]

Devon: Don't worry. It's perfectly safe.

[Kayley and Garrett stop at the edge of the lake. Garrett pokes his staff in the acid lake, which burns the staff's tip.]

Garrett: Hmmm. Safe?

[he breaks off the charred part of his staff as Kayley pulls him to get themselves to the other side. Devon and Cornwall jump on two eggs and nearly lose their balance]

Cornwall: As long as you don't step in it.

[As Kayley gets to the other side with the two dragons, Garrett carefully crosses the acid lake with Ayden helping him. Suddenly, the dragon reappears with a comrade as they both fly toward the heroes.]

Garrett: Ayden!

[Garrett nearly slips, but with Ayden’s help, hops to another egg]

Kayley: Garrett, hurry!
Garrett: You think this is easy?

[As he jumps to another egg, another dragon emerges from the acid waterfall and breathes fire. It leaps and causes a tidal wave of acid, allowing Garrett to get to the other side. As Kayley gets Garrett back on his feet, the third dragon emerges from the acid lake with its two comrades. As the three dragons chase the heroes, they breathe fire on the trail, which explosively blows up parts of the ground, but they managed to jump away from the fiery breaths. Cornwall then sees something]

Cornwall: Yikes! It's another dragon!

[The winged figure emerges from the fog, revealing himself to be the Griffin]

Kayley: That's not a dragon, it's a griffin!

[Ruber and four of his minions emerge from the fog]

Kayley: And Ruber! They've found us!
Cornwall: Down here!

[Devon and Cornwall jump in a wormhole as Kayley, Garrett, and Ayden follow them. As Ruber and his minions stop to see them gone, Ruber looks around and sees the dragons approaching. They land wildly on their feet as they roar at the villains. Ruber and his minions prepare for combat. One dragon sees Ruber, who throws his sword aside and slowly and calmly backs up on the wall and remains still with a glare on his face. As the dragon approaches him, it opens its mouth to reveal its sharp teeth and green saliva. Ruber rolls his eyes in annoyance and disgust, knowing he is wasting his time and violently punches the dragon very hard, causing it to breathe fire in pain, engulfing the screen.]

"If I Didn't Have You"

[We cut to Kayley, Garrett, Ayden and the two dragons sliding down the wormhole. When Devon and Cornwall got out, they accidentally landed on a sharp stalactite. When Ayden and Kayley got out, she gets up, but Garrett falls on her]

Kayley: Are you sure we're safe down here?
Cornwall: It's a lot safer down here than it is up there.

[He pulls the stalactite off of their rear end]

Devon: We know all the best escape routes.
Cornwall: We've been dodging those bullies since we were 200 years old.

[Cornwall throws the stalactite away, which hits Garrett by accident, knocking him down.]

Devon: Were we ever that young?
Cornwall: Of course we were, you moron!
Devon: I’m not a moron!
Cornwall: Yes, you are!
Devon: No, I’m NOT!
Garrett: With all that bickering, I’m surprised you haven’t fried each other.
Devon: Fried? We can’t even simmer [Devon tries to breathe fire, but coughs out a smoke ring instead]
Cornwall: Yeah, you see. Unlike most dragons, he can’t breathe fire or fly. Hmm. Sad, really.
Devon: Oh excusez-moi, Mr. Self-Denial. But we can’t breathe fire or fly.
Cornwall: Only cause you’re holding me back! [a bubble forms from the lava pit and they break into singing] If I didn’t have you, I do a lot of things! [The bubble splits into two contain Devon and Cornwall separately in each bubble as the camera pans up to a dinosaur skeleton. Cornwall uses its ribcage as a xylophone and starts singing.] I’d be rocking with the dinos! [Cornwall grabs the skeleton which becomes a rhino] Swinging with the rhinos! I’ll be dragonise in a minute! [It transforms into a cave styled living room with an lava lamp, a chair and a television with Devon’s head inside, he turns off the TV] Cornwall, they will sing! Cos I will be The Dragon King [Devon grabs hold of Cornwall and holds him up high on Pride Rock, parodying the scene from Disney’s The Lion King, then drops him back to his chair where a dartboard with Devon’s head is seen in front of it] I would love this world, without you in it! [he throws the dart at Devon’s head, transitioning the scene to a Lava Lamp] If I didn’t have you!
Devon: If you didn’t have me.

[Cornwall turns to the volcano pit that erupts a dish]

Cornwall: If I didn’t have you!
Devon: Or how about if I didn’t have you, huh? [Cornwall shoves an apple into Devon’s mouth, the camera zooms into the apple, transitioning it to another scene where it shows Devon and Cornwall as their separate selves.]
Both: Oh what I could be, I there was only me, Oh what I’d do, If I didn’t have you!
Kayley: [appearing as the silhouette and in speech] Stop bickering and get your act together!
Devon: Act? [they collide together, transitioning to a spotlight scene where Devon and Cornwall are acting with Devon dressed in a kimono from "The Mikado" and Cornwall as "The Phantom of the Opera"] Did someone say “Act”? I can act! If only I had separate parts, [he bonks Cornwall on the head with his fan, and the scene blows up, transitioning to Devon with a sculpture of Cornwall in a Venus de milo style. Devon cracks the sculpture into bits with Cornwall’s eyes popping out and blinking] my career, would be the arts. I’d be the star of “Camelot”! [he turns into silhouette with a model of a castle, then it turns into a ball] You’ll be half of the whole world forgot! [it shows Devon holding Cornwall’s head] If I didn’t have you! [He hurls it in the air]
Cornwall: I should be so lucky! [he lands next to Devon’s head, and Devon zips Cornwall back on the body]
Devon: If I didn’t have you!
Cornwall: Oh wait! You’ll be dead! [he grins briefly, then frowns]
Both: Oh what I could be, I there was only me, Oh what I’d do, If I didn’t have you! [Cornwall pulls the projector screen down to reveal Cornwall, wearing a hockey’s mask, wields a chainsaw at Devon who avoid it, the chainsaw slices the screen, transitioning to a log scene with Devon reading his book with a lamp at the side, and Cornwall tied down about to be sliced in half by a wood cutting blade] Oh what I’d do, If I didn’t have you!

[It fades to a shot of a boulder rolling down on a curved slope with Devon head laid down on it, about to be flattened.]

Devon: Trapped! Ah! Trapped!! [the camera zooms into the boulder, as Devon and Cornwall appear in view, in the same colour as the boulder]
Cornwall: Stuck here with you for 500 years! [face-palms]
Devon: Oh dear, it’s learned to count [he pokes Cornwall in the eye, and it all goes black. It transitions to a scene where Cornwall is on trial]
Cornwall: If you have gotten a good lawyer, I would’ve split 400 years ago!
Devon: [as the judge] Now listen here pal! I don’t come here to be insulted!
Cornwall: Oh. Where do you usually go?
Devon: [morphing into Godzilla and breathe fire at Cornwall] I’ll be a fire-breathing lizard!
Cornwall: [The flame transitions to Devon and Cornwall as an inflatable] I’ll be one high flying wizard!
Devon: You'll be nothing without me, you be extinct! You cease to be! [he drills on the cliff where Cornwall is standing on, making him fall into the canyon in style of the Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoon.]
Cornwall: I’m so tired of your nagging.
Devon: And I’m so tired of your bragging.
Cornwall: Ha, ha. Without me, you’ll have no brains!
Both: With wish to be! [Devon sticks his glove covered hand into Cornwall ear, and then back out, leaving Cornwall stunned, The camera zooms into his ear]

[As they sing, Inside, Cornwall runs up and flirts with Red Hot Riding Hood until she morphs into Devon, then he runs into the camera, transitioning to Devon looking at the mirror, until the mirror image morphs into Cornwall. Devon grabs hold of him and makes him into an egg and bounces him off-screen.]

Cornwall: I’d be rocking with the dinos, swing with the rhinos, I would dragonise this cave, in a minute. Cornwall, they will sing cos I would be The Dragon King!
Devon: [overlapping with Cornwall’s verse] If only had separate parts, my career, would be the arts. I’d be the star of Camelot!
Both: I would love this world without you in it! If I didn’t have you!

[The egg bounces into a cave scenery where it hatches into a baby Devon, and an another egg bounces in and hatches into a baby Cornwall. Devon shoves the half of the eggshell onto Cornwall’s head, prompting him to fight]

Chorus: If I didn’t have you.
Both: If I didn’t have you!
Chorus: If I didn’t have you. [As baby Devon and Cornwall fight their way off-screen, three eggs dance in, until a cane hooks them away] Yeah! Yeah, Yeah!

[Devon and Cornwall walk in from the side]

Devon: This way, Let me lead. [he tries to dance, until Cornwall lifts him up]
Chorus: Yeah! Yeah, yeah!
Cornwall: No, this way, twinkle toes!

[They fall into the camera, transforming themselves into an Picasso-stylized, stained glass window figures]

Both: Like could be so sweet, If these were both my feet, what I’d do, If I didn’t have you.
[They pull back from the camera and they pop out, dressed like Sonny and Cher]
Cornwall: [in his impression of Sonny Brow] I’d got you babe!
Both: Oh what I’d do, If I didn’t have yooouuuuu!

[Steam comes up from the bottom of the screen, engulfing it, transitioning to an spotlight stage scenery with Devon and Cornwall, dressed like Elvis Presley and with their back turned]

Both: Ohhhhhhhhh, Well If I didn’t, [they turn around] Oh If I didn’t... have yooouuuuu!!! [they jump up and land, in a thank you pose, and in the voice impression of Elvis] Thank you. Thank you, very much.
Devon: [in Elvis’s voice] Devon’s left the building.
Cornwall: [In Elvis’s voice] Hey, you never sang this before, have ya?

[Devon socks Cornwall in the face, ending the song. The scenery fades back to the cave, The camera pans to the right to see Kayley clapping.]

Kayley: Come on, Garrett. [she walks down the cave]
Cornwall: You don’t him, honey. Now you got Cornwall, keeping an eye on ya.

[Garrett follows behind, with an annoyed look on his face. Ayden flies and lands on his arm. We fade out]

[We fade in, Kayley, Garrett, Ayden, Devon and Cornwall have reached the end of the cave, and no fog is around, only more trees and clear sky ahead. Ayden flies out in view.]

Garrett: Well, the good news is, we’re out of Dragon Country. The better news is, [he holds his staff in position] This is where we say goodbye.
Devon: You can't leave us here! If we try to go back, we'll be banished! Ostracized. Exiled...

[they turn around, about to head back]

Cornwall: Not to mention kicked out.
Kayley: Why?
Cornwall: We just broke the dragons' cardinal rule!
Devon: What, never wear brown shoes with the blue suit?

[Cornwall grabs Devon's head]

Cornwall: No, you moron. Never help a human.

[Ayden flies in chirping]

Garrett: Come on, Kayley. We must make camp before dark.
Devon: Camp?
Kayley: Garrett. Let's take them with us. Please.
Garrett: Oh, I suppose so. But no more singing! [they make their way down the path leading to another part of the forest]
Devon: How about interpretive dance?

[Kayley looks at the dragons and giggles, as Garrett sighs.]

[Meanwhile, Ruber and the henchmen are roasting the dragon on a spit that Ruber had killed. Bladebeak takes a slice out, humming "On My Father's Wings"]

Bladebeak: Dragon a la king! [Ruber takes the dragon meat, and eats it] It’s such a pleasure, really, from um, chicken.
Ruber: I can't believe I'm reduced to chasing a little girl, a blind man and a pigeon. [to the Griffin, as he throws the dragon meat to him] Find them all! And report back to me! [The griffin didn’t respond, despite after taking a bite from the meat. Annoyed, Ruber grabs the Griffin's head] Did you hear me?!
Griffin: Sorry, Master. My mouth was full.
Ruber: [as he face-palms] Typical! Of all the evil creatures in the world, I had to find one with table manners! [The griffin flies off] And no mistakes! Or I’ll make space on the spit for you. [To Bladebeak] Hey, useless! Rendezvous with the wagons, and tell them to press on. [Bladebeak, leans to listen more, until he jumps in fear, after the plate, he was balancing on his head, falls to the ground. Bladebeak runs off] As soon as I have Excalibur, We’ll join them, and the kingdom will be, mine! [The thugs growled in approval as Ruber laughs and twitches evilly. The smell of meat, flows down to the forest where the camera pans down.]

Garrett's Story / Self Defense in the Forest

[It fades to the group walking through the forest.]

Cornwall: I’m starving, all these heroics worked up my appetite! [he sniffs the smell] Hey. Something smells delicious!
Devon: Ooh, yes. I could whip for a little something.
Garrett: Well, here’s where we stop.
Kayley: Stop? But what about Excalibur?
Garrett: No one travels through the Forbidden Forest after dark.
Kayley: Well, my father Sir Lionel would have.

[Garrett stops in his tracks, shocked, after hearing the mention of Kayley’s father. Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall, tries to make fire out of twigs]

Cornwall: C’mon, baby, C’mon! Light my fire!
Devon: You know, there’s nothing more pathetic, than a flame retardant dragon.

[Devon takes over at rubbing the twig against the twigs, Cornwall looks up]

Cornwall Hey, Devon! You blew fire! [Devon looks up] No, no. My mistake, just mid-air!

[Before Devon can hit Cornwall with the twig, it came alive and started running off, the other twigs, did the same. Devon and Cornwall look at each other, confused, before they start to chase after them.]

Garrett: Kayley, I must tell you. I knew your father.
Kayley: You did?
Garrett: I used to live in Camelot.

[The camera pans from him, and we fade to a flashback where Garrett, as a young boy (from the beginning) scoops up piles of hay at the stable with a pitchfork.]

Garrett: [narrating] I was a stable boy, but I dreamt of becoming a knight. [We see another flashback where the horses are freaking out by the fire that has broken out in the stables] One evening, there was a fire. [Garrett, after seeing this, rushes to their aid, and releases them] I rushed to save all the horses but, well… [Garrett sees a horse right in front of him, and couldn’t move out of the way, one of the horse's hooves, strikes him right in the eyes, knocking him to the ground in pain] I was hurt. [Garrett recovers, but what he sees from his POV, his vision becomes blurry and wiggly] But first, all I can was shapes, then shadows. And finally, my world went black [Garrett’s vision slowly blacks out completely. We fade to Garrett trying to find himself around, that morning in what left's of the stables. Sir Lionel saw him, and handed him a stick, who has trouble of catching it or holding it.] After I lost my sight, your father was the only one who still believed in me. [Sir Lionel then begins to train Garrett, neither of them noticed that Merlin and Ayden are watching from above.] He told me, that a knight’s strength, comes from a heart, with his loyalty, to the oath of Camelot.

[Garrett, who felt better after what happened, held his staff in front of him, as Sir Lionel draws out his sword, and held it in front of him]

Sir Lionel: United we stand
Both: Now and forever.

[We fade back to the present time]

Garrett: Any hope I had of becoming a knight, died with him.
Kayley: I felt that way too, but I knew he wouldn’t want me to give up. He wouldn’t want you to give up either. You are good as any other knight in Camelot.
Garrett: You really think so?

[Kayley gave him an assuring smile] [Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall are still chasing after the twig]

Cornwall: Hey stick! Come back, come back stick! [They lose it. Ayden then laughs] I got three words for you birdie: "Dinner is served" [With that, he grabs Ayden and swallows him, but comes out from Devon’s mouth, unharmed]

[Garrett lays down some leaves, to make an makeshift bed. Ayden lands on the branch next to Kayley]

Kayley: And how did you find Ayden?
Garrett: I didn’t. When I came to live here, Ayden found me. [Kayley strokes Ayden] He just appeared one day, as if destiny is watching over me. He taught me all the secrets of the forest. What can hurt you, [As Garrett explains, Ayden flies above an deadly plant which is asleep] and what can heal you. [He takes a purple leaf from a healing plant, to show what he means] With Ayden as my eyes, I can survive anything. Look, I’ll show you. [Garrett demonstrates to Kayley of what he does to defeat a deadly plant] I take my position, faced my fears, [he pokes his staff to the plant, it opens up, revealing its tongue with a red bulb on the end] And hold my ground, until the last, possible, moment, waiting for Ayden’s signal, [Ayden chirps the signal, and Garrett moves at the right time as the tongue swings out towards him] to evade! [he whacks the tongue on the tip with his staff, making it dizzy] See. Simple, now you try. [he hands Kayley his staff]
Kayley: All right. No problem.
Garrett: Take your position.
Kayley: Take my position.
Garrett: Face your fears.
Kayley: Face my fears.

[The plant regained consciousness]

Garrett: And hold your ground, until the last possible moment.

[The plant swings its tongue at Kayley, who tries to knock it out, but misses and the tongue hits her in the stomach, knocking her backwards into Garrett’s arms. Ayden chirps]

Garrett: Well, you moved too soon.
Kayley: Uh huh.

[Garrett stares out in blank space, feeling happier that someone has cared for him, Kayley then blushes.]

Devon: [off-screen] Stand clear!
Cornwall: Coming through. [they walk in between Kayley and Garrett]
Devon: Mind your backs!
Cornwall: [to Garrett] Nice try, buddy.
Devon: I say Kayley, Do you have a light?

[We cut back to Ruber’s camp at night, Ruber grabs a handful of burning coal and lifts them up high to his face]

Ruber: When I get my hands on that girl... [he growls evilly with a menacing smirk on his face as he clutches the coals in his hand. We fade out.]

Ruber injures Garrett / "Looking through your Eyes"

[We fade in to the thorn forest, Ayden flies over the thorns, chirping]

Garrett: Ayden’s spotted Excalibur! [Ayden, chirps more] It must be near! Come on, let’s go!

[Kayley and Garrett ran in joy, and as soon as they arrive. Ayden brings down the belt from the sword, Kayley catches it]

Kayley: Look! This must be from Excalibur. But where’s the sword?
Garrett: Someone must have taken it, [he examines a giant footprint with his stick] or something.
Kayley: Oh, We’ll never find Excalibur in time!
Garrett: [knowing something] If we follow these tracks we’ll--
Kayley: Well, this is all your fault.
Garrett: My fault?
Kayley: Yes. If we haven’t stopped...
Garrett: [knowing that Ayden is warning him] Quiet.
Kayley: We should have kept going.
Garrett: Shh!
Kayley: I have to save my mother.
Garrett: [whispering] Please, I need to hear.

[Ayden screeches, and without warning, an arrow suddenly came out of nowhere from the left, and grazes Garrett on the side, causing him to groan in pain and fall to the ground.]

Kayley: Garrett!
Ruber: [from the distance] Get them!
Kayley: No!

[As Ruber approaches Garrett, Ayden flies in screeching and Garrett grabs his staff and knocks Ruber into his henchmen, and Kayley helps him up and escorts to safety. An spike slinger thug, follows behind, cutting many vines. This woke up, the creatures, who whacks their hands to the ground, Devon and Cornwall narrowly dodges them and continues to run to safety. Kayley turns around to see Ruber running up with his sword, yelling, she lays Garrett down to recover, and she grabs a vine before she hoops it onto one of the creature’s arm. As Ruber and his henchmen are near the creature, Kayley pulls it, making the creature to trap Ruber and his gang with his hand. Kayley then continues to escort Garrett to somewhere safe, as Ruber and his men yell and scream.]

Mace-Wielding Thug: We’re trapped!

[Meanwhile, at night where the wagons are containing Juliana is head its way on the main road to Camelot. Juliana stares out of the window towards the moon.]

Juliana: My daughter. Please be safe.

[Bladebeak looks on sadly, then he jumps up in fright as he hears a growl, and Juliana turned around suddenly as one of Ruber’s ironmen enter the wagon.]

Spike-Slinger Thug: Nobody can stop Ruber’s plans to take over Camelot! [he leaves]
Juliana: You don't know my daughter! [then he stares sadly out of the window again]

[We cut back to the Forbidden Forest, rain and thunder had broken out. Kayley continues to escort Garrett to a nearby cave, and gently lays him down against a rock. Kayley takes a leaf from the healing plant and places it against Garrett’s wound]

Kayley: Please, don’t die. I can’t do this on my own. [Devon and Cornwall watch sadly as Ayden flies in] I’m sorry. It’s all my fault that you were hurt, I was rambling on when I should have been quiet. I’m no help to anyone.

[Garrett, after hearing this, turn his head around, and gently shushes her. Kayley turns around and holds his hand]

Garrett: [gently] You were wrong.

[Kayley then breaks down in tears, but Garrett wipes them away and the music of "Looking Through Your Eyes" swells.]

Garrett: Look at the sky, tell me what do you see? Just close your eyes and describe it to me. [The camera zooms into his eye, transitioning to Garrett’s mind, the image of Kayley and his hand morph into view] The heavens are sparkling with starlight tonight, [We cut back to the outside of his eyes and the camera zooms out from his face] that’s what I see through your eyes.
Kayley: I see the heavens, each time that you’ll smile. I hear your heartbeat just go on for miles. [Garrett tries to get up, but couldn’t do. Then the leaf suddenly dissolves and evaporate magically into his wound, healing it and mending his tunic.] Then suddenly I know what life is worthwhile, that’s what I see through your eyes. [She then hugs Garrett in relief, Garrett then embraces her heartwarmingly. Devon then hugs Cornwall head so much, that he forces Devon to let go of him]
Both: That's what I see through your eyes. [Kayley helps Garrett up with his stick and escorts him out of the cave which stops raining.] Here in the night, I see the sun. Here in the dark, our two hearts are one. [Kayley jumps on a field, causing parts of it to rise each step she takes. She falls backwards and Garrett catches her] It's out of our hands, and we can't stop what we have begun. [The camera rotates around Kayley and Garrett as they sing] And love just took me by surprise. Looking through your eyes.

[Devon cries in joy, as Cornwall takes a leaf from a nearby plant and hold it above his head in order to stay dry. Kayley and Garrett walk through a area of tongue plants. The rest of the song continues with their voices are only heard through their minds.]

Both: I see a night I wish it could last forever. [Garrett pokes the plant with his stick, and shows Kayley how to defend herself against the plants. He lifts his stick in the air and lowers it in front of Kayley who grabs hold of it. As the plant swings its tongue at them, Garrett helps Kayley to dodge the tongue properly and at the right time.] I see the world that we meant to see together. [After he had finished teaching Kayley the skills. Kayley raises his stick, but Garrett lowers it behind her back, smiling. The two share a smile as they fall in love. Ayden flies in a grabs droplets of water with his wings and forms the three interlocked rings around them which stay in mid-air.] And it is so much, more that I remember.
Garrett: More than I remember.
Kayley: More than I have known.

[The three interlocked rings dissolve back into droplets into the water]

Both: Here in the night, I see the sun. [Cornwall pokes a plant which swings its tongue at him, which makes Kayley and Garrett laugh] Here in the dark, our two hearts are one. [Then another plant swing its tongue at Devon and Cornwall and the two plants wrap their tongues around them, and kiss them. Kayley and Garrett laugh and they continue to walk on] It's out of our hands, and we can't stop what we have begun. And love just took me by surprise. [They walk past the waterfall, Kayley opens up part of the waterfall with her hand and the waterfall closes] Looking through your eyes. [Leaf creatures fly up from the ground as Devon and Cornwall walk on. Kayley and Garrett walk past the field of helicopter plants which they fly off.] Looking through your eyes.

[Devon and Cornwall, ran after Kayley and Garrett who are heading towards the Rock Ogre's cave.]

The Ogre

[Meanwhile, back at the cave of thorns, Ruber makes to break through the soil and up to the surface. Then the Griffin did the same, throwing soil over Ruber.]

Griffin: Well master. We lost them again.

[After one second, Ruber suddenly grabs hold of the Griffin's head, pinning him down and raising his fist. The Griffin closes his eyes in fright, but nothing happened. The Griffin opens one eye slowly and sees that Ruber is staring at the tracks of giant footprints]

Ruber: Ah, That's were they went.

[We cut back to Kayley and Garrett who are walking on from the part of the forest and encountered the white fog that covers the footprints]

Kayley: Uh Oh.
Garrett: What is it?
Kayley: We've lost the tracks.

[Suddenly, a loud thumping noise is heard. Devon and Cornwall look around]

Kayley: Tell me that was your stomach.
Garrett: Mm-umm. Just the ogre.
Devon: Ogre?!
Cornwall: Well, see ya! Good luck! Have a nice life! Whatever's left of it...
Kayley: What's so scary about ogres?

[Then, a rib-cage of an animal lands on Kayley and Garrett, but neither of them are hurt.]

Devon: Their appetite!

[Kayley and Garrett soon look around the rib-cage.]

Cornwall: Oh no! I think it's Uncle Yorick!
Devon: [picks up a dragon skull and holds in a pose that was used in the first act of Hamlet] Alas poor Yorick! I knew him well.

[He holds the skull close to his head. Ayden chirps into view, giving Kayley and Garrett the signal.]

Garrett: [gasps, as the ogre's gigantic foot emerges from the fog] Quick! Get out of the way!

[Kayley and Garrett then dodge out of the skeleton, before the ogre steps on the skeleton. Kayley looks up to the ogre as parts of moss fall from him. Excalibur's scabbard fell with the moss, and landed in front of Kayley]

Kayley: [gasps] It's the scabbard from Excalibur! [The rock ogre climbs into his cave. Kayley picks up the scabbard] He does have the sword.

[Kayley walks towards the cave with Garrett, Ayden, Devon and Cornwall following behind as we zoom up to the cave.] [We cut to the inside of the cave, rats are in front of the screen before they scatter. The group enters the cave]

Garrett: [whispering] Ogres sleeping during the day, we wait for him to fall asleep, then we grab the sword.
Devon: Define "we"?
Garrett: Shhh, quiet. The slightest noise and we're finished.
Devon: [sarcastically] Oooh, charming place. I must get the name of his decorator.
Garrett: What's he doing?

[Kayley carefully pokes her head in the opening and all she can see is rocks and moss in the cave]

Kayley: I don't see him.
Garrett: He's here, I can smell him.

[Suddenly, the cave began the shake, and parts of the rocks and moss move. It was the Ogre]

Kayley: [gasps] You're right. He is here.
Garrett: Where's Excalibur?

[Kayley sees that the ogre is picking out parts of his teeth by using Excalibur as a toothpick.]

Kayley: He's using it as a toothpick!
Garrett: Tell me when he falls asleep.

[Right after Garrett said that, The ogre yawns, and goes to sleep, causing the cave to shake like a earthquake]

Cornwall: Let me guess: He fell asleep.
Garrett: Describe the layout.

[Kayley spots Excalibur sticking out from the ogre's hand, and a ledge above the sword, which glints.]

Kayley: There's a ledge, that hangs just above the sword. [gasps] But it must be a 20 foot drop.

[Garrett uses his staff and places it next to Cornwall. He places his hand on the stick, and compares it to Cornwall's height. He walks away, Devon and Cornwall look confused.]

[Later, we see Devon and Cornwall's tail is hooked on the rock on the ledge, as the camera pans down, we see that Devon and Cornwall are holding onto Garrett's feet who is using his staff for Kayley to hook her legs around as she is trying to grab Excalibur. Devon and Cornwall are heard groaning.]

Kayley: Lower down. More.

[Then we cut to the far angle from the human-chain. Ruber's foot stomps in front of the camera. And we cut to the front of Ruber and his men.]

Arrow-Shooting Thug: Hey boss! Look! It's Excal-
Ruber: [whilst shoving one of the mace-wielding thug's mace balls into the arrow thug's mouth] Shush! [he turns to see that the ogre hasn't woken up and the human-chain is anywhere going out of place. To himself, muttering.] I hate ogres. [to his men] Walk this way.

[Ruber's minions tip toe behind Ruber, making some metallic noises every step they take. Ruber sighs in annoyance. Devon spots Ruber, The Griffin and the henchmen from the distance.]

Devon: Oh no, it's him! [Devon points at Ruber, accidentally letting go of Garrett's foot]
Garrett: [from below] Hey!
Devon: Oops.

[The chain began the jolt, Kayley nearly fell, but her feet managed to stay hooked on Garrett's staff. Kayley has lowered herself enough to Excalibur. Ruber has climbed on the Griffin and it begins to fly off, causing dust to rise.]

Griffin: Ah-ah-ahhh-CHOOO!

[After the Griffin sneezed, Ruber gasped, then Cornwall, then Garrett, and lastly Kayley. Then the ogre opens his eye in front of Kayley.]

Kayley: Uh-oh. Nap's time over! Quick, swing me back and forth! [Garrett does so, but he groans whilst doing so] You're getting very sleepy, sleepy.

[The ogre fell back to sleep shortly after Kayley hypnotized him]

Garrett: Can you reach it?
Kayley: [grabbing hold of Excalibur] I've got it!

[Devon and Cornwall moan as Ayden grabs hold of Devon's head and pulls the chain to safety. Ruber and the Griffin fly off again to try to steal back the sword. But the ogre, still groggy, yawns in front of them, as the group ran for the exit. Ruber and the Griffin scream as they fall to the ground. Three of Ruber's henchmen chase after the group, but the ogre slams his hand into them, narrowly missing the group. Ruber and the Griffin land, and the ogre yawns and lifts his hand in the air. The flattened, but unharmed minions, blink. Then the ogre begins to change his sleeping position. Ruber and the Griffin gasp, as the ogre's rear end is lowering in front of them. The ogre sits down in his sleeping position, causing dust to rise.]

Ruber: The ogre's butt! [the dust clears to see that Ruber and the Griffin are indeed trapped under the ogre's butt]
Griffin: Well, master. At least things can't get any worse.

[After the Griffin said that, the ground begins to shake]

Ruber: [to the Griffin] Wanna bet?

[As the group ran towards the exit of the cave, breaking wind is heard.]

Cornwall: Whoa! Watch it!

[They dodge as Ruber and the Griffin are sent flying above them, and crash in front of the wall, dodging its stalactites. The group ran past them.]

Ruber: [high-pitched] Seize them!
Griffin: [high-pitched] Yes, master!

[Devon and Cornwall are the first to run through the exit, and stop at a cliff.]

Cornwall: There's no way out!
Kayley: Well, there's one way out: You'll have to fly!
Devon: We can't fly! [to the camera, breaking the forth wall] We've explained that, before our song.

[Kayley and Garrett bump into them, knocking themselves off the cliff]

Cornwall: Houston, we have a PROBLEM!

[His voice echoes, as they slide down the cliff. Ruber stops at the cliff, followed by his henchmen]

Ruber: After you! [he kicks them down the cliff, after the heroes.]

[Ayden chirps in view, Ruber sees this, and motions the Griffin to attack him. The Griffin does so, but misses him, and Ayden flies around Ruber, who swings his sword at him, but misses. The Griffin's eyes widen and shrieks when he realizes what he's flying into. Ruber growls in shock, as the Griffin crashes into the cliff right below him, crumbling the cliff with Ruber on it, causing him to fall with the Griffin.]

[Meanwhile, back to the group who are still sliding down the cliff with Kayley and Garrett on Devon and Cornwall, with Ruber's minions still sliding far behind. The Griffin and Ruber are right behind them.]

Devon: Ladies and Gentlemen: Please put your seats in the upright position!
Cornwall: Assume the crash position and hope you don't smell your socks! Tray tables up and put away your sandwiches!
Devon: Turbulence!
Cornwall: Hold on, gang. I think we're going in.
Devon: Help! Mayday! Mayday! [Devon tries to grab the branch, but loses grip and continues falling and sliding down the cliff]

[After the group had slided away, Ruber's minions crash-land on a rock nearby knocked out. Then the Griffin and Ruber fall onto them unconscious. Meanwhile, the group are still sliding down the slope, Devon and Cornwall's tail is catching fire, due to the friction when they are sliding down on the cliff.]

Devon: We know you do have a choice, so thank you for flying Dragon Air! Ow! OW! OWW!!

[They land on a lake extinguishing the fire, Garrett fell off into the water, but Kayley managed to stay on.]

Cornwall: Tell you what, next time you try to fly, and we'll hold on.
Kayley: We did it. We did it! I can't believe it! We did it!
Garrett: [chuckles] Congratulations.
Kayley: [she takes Excalibur out of its scabbard] So this is Excalibur.

[Devon and Cornwall squabble over each other to hold the sword]

Devon: Can I hold it? Give it to me!
Cornwall: Please, let me hold it. Me!
Garrett: [to Devon and Cornwall] No! Excalibur only belongs in the hands of Arthur. [He walks away] Come on, Kayley.

The End of the Forbidden Forest / Garrett leaves / "I Stand Alone (reprise)"

[We cut to the iron-men and the wagons on the main road that is likely an hour away from Camelot. Juliana stares out of the window, sadly. We cut back to the forest where Kayley and Garrett climb down from a rock]

Kayley: Garrett, do you think my mother's safe?
Garrett: If she's anything like you, I'm sure she's fine. We must hurry. There isn't much time left.

[We cut to Devon and Cornwall walking on in the forest]

Cornwall: First dragons to enter Camelot! We'll be famous!
Devon: I can see us on the poster now! "Presenting... The Wonderful Devon! ...And his little head, Cornwall.

[Ayden flies in, chirping to Kayley and Garrett who are holding hands, that they have reached the end of the forest]

Kayley: Garrett, up ahead. The sky.
Garrett: The end of the Forbidden Forest.

[Kayley runs forward, hoping to bring Garrett with her, but Garrett stops. Kayley turns to him. Garrett lets go of her hand.]

Garrett: It's okay. You go on ahead. [Kayley continues to run on ahead.] I'll be... [his smile suddenly fades] ...right behind you.

[As Kayley carried on running ahead, Garrett walks on sadly.]

Cornwall: [To Devon, off-screen] Why don't you shut up? [The camera cuts to them arguing again.] How 'bout "Cornwall, and his obnoxious talking wart"?!

[Garrett who is walking by, sighs and swings his stick at them, but they dodged.]

Garrett: Knock it off.

[He walks off, Devon and Cornwall look puzzled]

Cornwall: I don't know what's eating this guy?
Devon: Envy, poor lad.

[Ayden has flied through the last part of the forest and into the opening. Kayley gasps and then she happily pushes back the branch to reveal Camelot in the distance.]

Kayley: Camelot! [she exits the forest, along with Devon and Cornwall.] Oh, Garrett! It's so beautiful!

[Garrett who has exited the forest, looks up sadly to Camelot.]

Garrett: Mmmmmm.
Kayley: I just wish you could see it.

[Garrett walks up to Kayley sadly, who is still amazed of seeing Camelot, and takes Excalibur off his shoulder]

Garrett: I have seen it, and it was no place for me.
Kayley: Garrett, what's wrong?
Garrett: [handing Kayley Excalibur] Take Excalibur to Arthur, you don't have much time.

[He turns back to the forest, Kayley looks at Excalibur and then at Garrett, confused. Then she runs up to him, blocking his path]

Kayley: But we'll deliver the sword together!
Garrett: No. You'll deliver it. I, I don't belong in that world. [he walks back into the forest] Come on Ayden.

[Kayley looks at Garrett sadly as he walks on back into the forest]

Kayley: [sadly] But you belong in mine.

[She turns around and walks towards Camelot, whilst Garrett continues walking down the forest with Ayden flying around.]

Garrett: [singing] Like every tree, stands on its own. Reaching for the sky, I stand alone. [Ayden keeps chirping and squawking at Garrett to tell him to go back. Garrett speaks to Ayden.] You don't understand. In Camelot, she'd only see me through their eyes. Not a knight, not a man, [he continues walking on, shedding a tear] not anything. [singing] I share my world, with no-one else, all by myself. I stand... alone. [Garrett continues walking on deep into the forest]

Ruber takes Excalibur

[We cut back to Kayley, Devon and Cornwall, still saddened at Garrett's departure, are still walking on from the forest to Camelot.]

Cornwall: Forget about him. You're better off alone. He walks funny. He even looks funny. People'd throw darts at him.
Devon: [appalled] How can you be so cold-blooded?
Cornwall: I'm a reptile. [sticks out his tongue, in a snake-like fashion]
Devon: Eurgh! Listen, you Jurassic twit! Kayley deserves someone who will love her. [Devon performs the following actions at Cornwall.] Someone...who'll hold her in his arms [As he squeezes Cornwall's head, the latter's eyes bulge when Devon does that.], who'll run his fingers through her hair, [As he runs his fingers across Cornwall's head, which squeak as he does so, he pulls out a hair. He pushes his and Cornwall's heads together, so, their eyes are immediately opposing each other, respectively.] look deeply in her eyes, [Breaks off the embrace] and make her feel like a real woman!

[He kisses Cornwall after saying that, but Cornwall splutters, causing Devon to feel nauseous and immediately turns green. Devon begins to gag as the camera zooms out. After the camera is in its position, they both begin spit and splutter dramatically.]

Cornwall: I got your tongue on my gums! Bleh!

[Kayley continues to walking onward on the main road. Kayley looks thoughtfully at Excalibur and then suddenly stops.]

Kayley: I'm going back for Garrett.

[She turns back, but a shadow covers her and it turns out to be two of Ruber's thugs. Kayley is then captured by the mace-wielding thug.]

Ruber: [off-screen] I'll take that.

[Kayley grunts and then gasps as Ruber takes Excalibur from its scabbard]

Ruber: Oh, Excalibur! Mine! Forever! [His eye twitches as he says it, and then turns to Kayley] You've been quite annoying...for a girl. [his eyebrow and lip roll upward.]

[Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall carry on walking with Cornwall still spluttering.]

Devon: Anyway, Cheer up! When we get to Camelot we'll be kissed by the world's most beautiful woman!
Cornwall: Right. We're a giant lizard with two heads! We have to beat him off with a stick.

[They stop track when they see Kayley captured by the ironmen and Ruber holding Excalibur. Devon was about to call out for help but Cornwall clamps his mouth shut with his hand and they run behind a rock and watch without being seen.]

Ruber: I've been waiting ten years to hold this sword! [he laughs evilly] And now I can make sure I can hold it forever. [He takes out his potion from his cleavage and swings Excalibur in front of the camera. Ruber uncorks the bottle with his teeth and spits the cork out.] Prepare... [As he puts a drop of his potion onto his hand and the hilt] for the dawning... [The potion's magic begins to swirl and flame up his hand and Excalibur] OF A NEW AGE!!!
Kayley: NO!

[Ruber begins to writhe in pain as the potion's magic and flames begin to shoot upwards, creating clouds of green smoke above Ruber. The green comet shoots past Kayley and the ironmen. Then, Cornwall quickly pulls Devon's head down as an another comet flies above them. As the potion continues to painfully meld Excalibur to Ruber's hand (and making his whole arm mechanical), Bladebeak runs around scared, before he jumps into the wagon. He pokes his head out and hold the curtains around his head, shivering.]

Griffin: Chicken!

[The potion's magic and clouds of smoke have reduced to a billowing green flame left on Ruber's hand, Ruber blows the green flame out to reveal his hand is now merged with Excalibur, which its hilt turned from sunlight gold to black, and his arm now entirely mechanical.]

Ruber: It's hot!

[Kayley fell to her knees in defeat, knowing that she had failed. Ruber walks up to her, and runs his only left hand's fingers on her chin]

Ruber: Don't worry, little girl. I can make sure Arthur gets it back. Or gets it in the back. [He breaks out laughing after he said that.] As the case may be! Throw her into the wagon.

[The arrow shooting thug grabs Kayley and hurls her into the wagon.]

Lady Juliana: [off-screen] Kayley!
Kayley: [softly] Mother!

[Lady Juliana and Kayley hug in reunion.]

Lady Juliana: Oh, thank heavens you're safe!
Kayley: I failed you mother, and now, Camelot will be lost. [Kayley cries on her mother's lap.]
Lady Juliana: No, dear, you were brave.

[Bladebeak and his wife look on sadly. Ruber's shadow looms over them]

Ruber: [sarcastically] What a touching reunion. [Juliana glares at Ruber who is outside the wagon on his horse] But all this love is making me nauseous. And you've got a job to do Juliana. Remember, if you don't.

[The Spike-Slinger Thug appears in the wagon.]

Spike-slinger Thug: I'll do my job on her.
Lady Juliana: [to Kayley, softly, as she is being dragged back two of Ruber's minions to the front of the wagon] Don't lose hope. [They drag Juliana out of the wagon.]

[Bladebeak, blows his "beak" with his handkerchief, tearing it apart in progress. Bladebeak looks at his caged wife and moans sadly.]

[Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall had just ran back into the forest to warn Garrett]

Devon: I say Garrett, something awful's happened!
Cornwall: Yeah, don't just stand here. We can explain!

[As Devon and Cornwall explain to Garrett, he ignores them and continues walking on]

Devon: Kayley's been captured! [Garrett gasps]
Cornwall: And Ruber's got Excalibur!
Garrett: [turning to them] What? [he heads on past them in the opposite direction he was walking] Take me to her! Come on Ayden. [Ayden chirps]
Cornwall: They'd be halfway to Camelot by now!
Devon: Cornwall's right. We'd have to fly there to get there in time. [As Devon and Cornwall head on past Garrett and as they are speaking, they are unaware that their wings began to flap which makes them flying.] Ruber drives me completely nuts! He makes me so mad and angry!
Cornwall: He's definitely a jerk! A giant jerk!

[Ayden sees that Devon and Cornwall are flying - which they did not know yet, and flies back to Garrett and tells him the news]

Devon: [off-screen] That foul barbarian. Wait till we get our hands on him. I'll tear him limb from limb.

[Ayden and Garrett arrive at the scene]

Cornwall: Yeah, we'll show him a thing or two. Won't we?
Devon: [as Garrett swing his stick underneath them to see if they are flying] Yes, we darn well will.
Garrett: You're flying!

[Devon and Cornwall realize this]

Devon: Gosh, he's right! We are flying.
Cornwall: I did it![he puts his arm in a supinated position and shows off his biceps] I'm great. [kisses his biceps twice] I love me! I did it.
Devon: [hitting Cornwall on the head] Excuse me, Egomaniac. You mean I did it.
Cornwall: No, no!

[Suddenly, their wings stopped flapping, due to them arguing again, causing Devon and Cornwall to fall into a mud pool, splattering mud everywhere, some went onto Garrett.]

Garrett: Don't you get it? [Devon and Cornwall raises their heads from the mud pool, Devon has parts of the grass and mud on his head like a beret, and Cornwall has parts of mud and a flower on his head and neck stylized as hair and a bra.] The only reason you can't fly is because you can't agree on anything. There must be something you can agree on. You both love Kayley, don't you?

[Devon and Cornwall spit out mud and they look at each other]

Chaos in Camelot / To the Rescue

[We cut to a bunch of storm clouds, The Griffin flies from them in front of the camera and flies over it. The wagons are heading towards the drawbridge of Camelot as the storm clouds slowly circle the kingdom.]

Guard: Wagons approaching!

[Ruber has hidden himself in a black cape to disguise himself.]

Ruber: [whispering] Not a word. And let's all keep our heads, shall we?

[Juliana turns to the inside of the wagon to see that the Spike-Slinger Thug has tied Kayley's hands and holds his blade close to her neck. He laughs evilly when he does. Juliana gasped and turned back round to the front.]

Guard: It's Lady Juliana, lower the bridge at once!

[The drawbridge lowers. Ruber grins evilly as the wagons and himself enter Camelot. The camera zooms towards Arthur's bedroom tower]

African-Descendant Guard: Pardon me, my king. Lady Juliana has payed us a surprise visit.
King Arthur: Ah, good. [he rises from his chair] Tell her I'll receive her at the round table.

[Meanwhile, the wagons had arrived in Camelot. Ruber's minions have hidden themselves in the carts. Ruber looks around carefully to see if no-one is suspicious. A girl plays with her doll, as her dog barks happily, she drops the doll, until her mother picks it up and hands it back to her. Ruber's horse slows down]

Ruber: [quietly] Steady, steady.

[The residents walk around the wagons, as Ruber grins to himself, evilly. Suddenly, one of the wagon's wheels goes over a rock, causing it to jolt. Kayley, who is now bound and gagged, kicks the thug with her legs, causing him to fall through the floor and scrapes himself on the tiles. Kayley dodges as the thugs pierces the wooden beams with his claws. Bladebeak had finished clucking to his wife and turns to Kayley]

Bladebeak: Ah! Bladebeak, at your service! [he uses his "beak" to slice off the ropes on Kayley's hands, and Kayley unties the gag. The wagons have come to a halt in front of the castle]
Knight: Lady Juliana?

[Kayley suddenly bursts out of the wagon]

Kayley: Hey! It's a trap!

[The residents and the knights gasp in fright, Ruber reveals himself and his horse neighs.]

Ruber: ATTACK!

[The knights gasp as Ruber charges on his horse towards them. Then, all of the thugs burst out of the wagons, scaring off the residents. Finally, the Spike-Slinger Thug, burst out of the wagon, slicing it, into pieces. Ruber slices most of the knights' spears and swords with Excalibur.]


[Everyone ran for the lives. Ruber charges on his horse into the castle, and two of his thugs block up the front doors after Ruber went in. The knights charged towards the ironmen, but they were defeated. A knight tries to strike the mace-wielding thug with his sword, but the blade broke off in contact. Then a thug's grabs a knight and hurls him to a another knight, next to a pit of fiery coals. The knight crashed into the pit, knocking it over, spilling out the coals, causing fire to spread near the stables. The knights again, try to defeat the ironmen, but to no avail. A knight was thrown back.]

Knight: Ruber has breached the castle keep, The king is still inside!

[Kayley looks at the front doors that have now been blocked and then at the tower's scaffolding.]

Kayley: Mother, I must help the King.

[She head off to the scaffolding]

Bladebeak: Don't worry, we'll be fine! [he grins, and his wife looks at him]

[Kayley has made her way on the ramparts and tries to run across the scaffolding to get into the castle, but the Griffin flies in, and Kayley jumps off the scaffolding and out of the way as the Griffin smashes through the scaffolding. Then two thugs came from both sides of her and corner her on the rampart's edge. Then Kayley loses her balance, and seemingly falls off the ramparts and off-screen. Then after one second, Kayley is raised back up, and turns out that Garrett had broke her fall with his staff and is now on Devon and Cornwall who are now flying.]

Kayley: Garrett! You came back!
Garrett: Heads up! [Garrett jumps down, and Kayley dodges as Devon and Cornwall swung their tail at the thugs, causing them to fall into the moat, screaming.] Sorry I'm late. I hate flying coach.

[the two hug each other in reunion]

Kayley: [to Devon and Cornwall] You're flying!
Devon: Yes, we are frequent fliers now!

[Meanwhile, Arthur heads down the corridor to the Round Table Room]

King Arthur: Juliana?

[Then we cut to Ruber sitting in Arthur's damaged chair, waiting for him]

Ruber: Ta-da!
King Arthur: Ruber!
Ruber: Pleased to see me? [After hearing the doors are being locked. Arthur grabs a nearby spear. Ruber walks up from the throne, hiding his arm with his cape.] A spear? [he chuckles mockingly] How stone age! A king would hold a nobler weapon! A king would hold [He pulls off his cape, revealing the bonded Excalibur on his hand]... Excalibur! [Ruber twitches his eye]

[We cut back to the ramparts]

Garrett: Where's Ruber?
Kayley: He has the king trapped inside, there's no way in!
Garrett: The King... Wait, I know a way! Through the stables!

[Suddenly, the Griffin flies into view, Kayley and Garrett gasp. But Ayden attacks the Griffin, causing the creature to chase the falcon off. Then, more of Ruber's minions are closing in.]

Kayley: Give me your hand. [spotting a haystack cart with a horse] Jump! [Both Kayley and Garrett jump down from the rampart, and into the cart. Kayley lands in the hay, and Garrett lands in front and rides the cart off to the stables] Garrett, what are you doing?
Garrett: [whilst enjoying driving the cart] I'm driving!
Kayley: Do you think that's a good idea?
Garrett: No problem! Hang on!
Kayley: [as Garrett continues driving past the ironmen, Kayley looks worried] Garrett, Garrett, on your left! Your other left. No, Garrett, right! Right!
Garrett: Coming through! [the cart heads towards the fire]
Kayley: Look out!
Garrett: Look out! [the hay catches fire, and the cart crashes, sending Kayley and Garrett to crash land on bags of flour, unharmed] See? That wasn't so bad, was it? [Kayley looks at Garrett, and then she sighs]

[Back in the Round Table Room, Ruber threw the injured Arthur on the table]

Ruber: So many memories in this room. Makes me want to puke. [he climbs on the table and towers over Arthur] You said everyone at this table was equal. [he wields Excalibur] Well, I have something sweeter: [Yells] Revenge!

[Garrett opens up a tile that leads to the catacomb tunnels underneath Camelot]

Garrett: These tunnels lead to the Round Table.

[they walk onward through the darkness, Rats scatter when they are nearby]

Kayley: I can't see.
Garrett: Don't worry. I'll be your eyes.

[They head towards the end of the tunnel that leads to the Round Table.]

[Meanwhile, outside above Camelot. The Griffin is still chasing Ayden, until he finally grabs the falcon.]

Griffin: Finally, Silver wings. You're mine.

[The Griffin's tail is suddenly yanked]

Devon: [from below] Excuse me?
Cornwall: [whilst Devon is holding the Griffin's tail] Pick on somebody ya own side! [To Devon] Let's barbecue this bully!
Devon: I couldn't agree more.

[The Griffin is about to eat Ayden until Devon and Cornwall breathe fire at him, causing the Griffin to let go of Ayden and screech in pain. As Ayden falls in the air, The Superman theme starts playing in the background, Devon and Cornwall swoop down and catch him]

Cornwall: [stroking Ayden] Hang on little birdie!

[Devon and Cornwall then chase off the Griffin by repeatedly breathe fire at him. Back in Camelot, Juliana is tending to as injured knight as Bladebeak and his wife watch on. Then the Mace-Wielding Thugs spins its mace-balls around, roaring. Bladebeak steps up to him]

Bladebeak: You got to ask yourself: "Do I feel clucky? Well, do ya punk?!"

[Bladebeak squawks as he jumps on the mace-wielding thug and starts to peck on his neck with his "beak". Bladebeak's wife turns to Juliana, she points at him, and then to herself, as if it was saying "That's my man".]

Final Battle / Ruber's Death

[In the Round Table Room, Kayley and Garrett enter by lifting up a floor tile and moving it aside. Kayley spots Ruber trying to strike Arthur with Excalibur, but keeps missing and ending up striking the table, causing splinters to fly.]

Ruber: I'm gonna have more fun of getting rid of you, than when I got rid of Sir Lionel!

[Kayley clenches her fists angrily after hearing Ruber's gloat. She begins to climb up a scaffolding]

King Arthur: [off-screen groaning] I may not survive...
Garrett: [whispering] Kayley, no!
King Arthur: ....but you'll never destroy the ideals of Camelot!
Ruber: Well, I got to start somewhere. [he swings Excalibur at Arthur, but the latter dodges as Ruber strikes the edge of the table. Ruber wields Excalibur in the air and grabs Arthur, merciless] Say hello to your new king!
King Arthur: [gritting his teeth at Ruber] You're no king!
Ruber: You're right! Perhaps, I'm... more of A GOD!

[as Ruber says it, he holds Arthur in the air, and hurls him across the table.]

Kayley: [from the scaffolding, standing on a wooden beam attached to a rope] Hey, Ruber!
Ruber: [turning around] You!
Kayley: I will not serve a false king!

[Ruber growls after hearing those words from ten years ago. Kayley then swing down on the beam which knocks Ruber off the table straight to the window. We cut outside of the tower, where the window shatters and out comes Ruber and Kayley landing on the tiled floor behind the circles of stones, unharmed. Kayley comes to and see that Ruber is doing the same. He gets himself up, using Excalibur, with its blade digging into the tiled-floor. Kayley gasps and turns to see the Magic Stone, now completely covered with thorny vines, and then turns to Ruber who is getting himself back on his feet. Kayley comes up with a plan and slowly backs away to lure Ruber to the stone.]

Ruber: [groaning] You in the way, just like your father! [Kayley hides behind a stone pillar] Since, you're dying to be like him! [Ruber swings Excalibur at her, but Kayley dodges out of the way, and rolls towards the stone, and gets herself back on her feet. She places her hand on the stone which its magic swirls around her hand.] Let's see if I can help you out! [As Ruber prepares to strike, Garrett comes up behind him with his staff, ready to strike him from behind. But Ruber spots him slightly, and then turns round suddenly and slices Garrett's staff in half with Excalibur. Two halves of the staff land on the ground, Garrett moves his hands around to find his staff. Ruber approches him] Oopsie Daisy You'll probably needed that! [he grabs Garrett by the hair to throw him away from his now decapitated stick. Kayley watches in shock as Ruber grabs Garrett by the shoulder and hurls him to Kayley who catches him. Ruber then wields Excalibur.] Where's you pigeon, now?
Kayley: [whispering] Hold your ground, until the last possible moment.
Garrett: [whispering] Yes. And you'll give me the signal.
Ruber: [getting ready to strike] Two for the price of one! [Kayley and Garrett glare at Ruber as they wait for the right moment to move away] This must be my lucky day! [Ruber is then ready to strike]
Kayley: Now!

[Kayley and Garrett then move away from each other just as Ruber strikes Excalibur at them, missing them completely, and ending up stabbing the stone instead. Ruber soon realizes this, as the vines break off from the stone]

Ruber: Oh no, the stone!

[Ruber tries to yank himself free, but unable to do so, since he is not the rightful king. Kayley watches as Ruber screams in pain, as the stone's magic flashes on Ruber's fused arm and Excalibur. Then lightning strikes on Excalibur, and a magic beam flashes around him as the potion's magic explodes into smoke. Then we cut to the front view of the castle where lightning and the light beam flash from behind the round table tower. The beam causes a magical shock-wave that spreads throughout the kingdom]

[As Juliana fights off the thugs, the magical shock-wave passes, transforming not just all of Ruber's minions, but Bladebeak back to their normal selves. Then the magical shock-waves passes Devon and Cornwall, finally separating them to their separate selves.]

Devon: [looking at his new self] Hey!
Cornwall: [looking at his new self, also] Hey!

[Devon and Cornwall look at each other sadly. Then, they make their decision as the next magic shock-wave passes, they make themselves back to their conjoined self. In the Round Table room, the magical shock-wave passes Arthur, which removes the sling off him and healing his arm. Arthur looks at his healed arm and gasps happily.]

[Meanwhile, back at the magic stone, the light beam flashes rapidly as lightning continues to strike Ruber's arm. Ruber is laughing away as the light beam is blowing off his shoulder pads and his armor plates. Then Ruber notices his mechanical arm is being dismantled, and continues laughing as he turns to charcoal black. After the last armor plate was blown off from Ruber, a ball of green light bursts out of his chest and Ruber is disintegrated into smoke from chest to toe, whilst his arm is dismantled completely with the fused hand, leaving only Excalibur in the stone where lightning is now striking the hilt. The light beam fades away as Excalibur's hilt turns from black back to sunlight-gold. Kayley watches as the light beam and the flashing on the stone fades away. There was only clouds of smoke left above the stone. Then, something fell from the sky and landed back on earth. The smoke cleared, revealing that it is one of Ruber's shoulder pads. Kayley ran up to Garrett and hugged him as Devon and Cornwall land into the circle of stones and Ayden flying into view. They all watch as Arthur steps out from the castle and walks up to the stone. Arthur draws Excalibur out of the stone and holds it in the air, then the sword shines with a lens flare.]

Just Knighted

[The lens flare transitions the scene to the Brightly lit Round Table Room, decorated with flags with the interlocked rings on them. Kayley in her white glittering dress, steps into the room, where Arthur and Garrett, in his knight uniform is waiting. Then Devon and Cornwall then sniffle and their blow their snouts.]

Juliana: Kayley? [Kayley turns to her mother who hands her Sir Lionel's shield] You forgot this. Take it, it's yours.

[Arthur holds Excalibur in the air]

King Arthur: I dub thee: Sir Garrett, [he taps Excalibur on Garrett's shoulder] I dub thee: Lady Kayley. [he taps Excalibur on Kayley's shoulder] Thank you for saving Camelot. You have reminded us that the kingdom's strength is not based on a king, but the strength of the people. From this day forward, You'll will both sit as Knights of the Round Table!

[Kayley gasps in joy, as everyone and the knights cheer and applaud. Then, music starts to play in the background as they begin to dance. Kayley hands her shield to Arthur who walks away with it as she dances with Garrett. Then the rooster dances with his wife.]

Kayley: Isn't this everything you've ever wanted?
Garrett: Hmmmm, not quite... Everything. [then Kayley and Garrett share a kiss]

[Devon and Cornwall watch in awe and teary eyed. Then Devon starts to make kissing noises to Cornwall]

Cornwall: Hey! Don't even think about it!

[Ayden flies over them who watch as Ayden flies over to Merlin who strokes him]

Merlin: Well done, Ayden.

[Kayley hands Garrett his new staff and leads him away. Then, we cut to the outside of Camelot in the distance. Kayley and Garrett ride on their horse, passing the camera. The sign reads "Just Knighted" on the back on their horse as they ride off into the horizon, as the camera pans up to the clouds. Then we cut to black]

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