The Penguin's Blizzard River is a rapids rafting ride at Six Flags America. It is themed after The Penguin from DC Comics.

Official Description

THE PENGUIN may not realize that humans are not built for coursing down slippery Antarctic slopes, unlike those little birds who waddle over glaciers. Then again, he is a super villain, so he probably designed this ride to ruffle your feathers — to the extreme!

At six stories high, this is the tallest spinning rapids ride in the world. Your six-person mega-raft is the vehicle to adventure. It’s a dizzy-making, fast-paced swish down the brightly striped slide, which twists around in relentless snake-like coils. And while you’re rounding each bend, you’ll be spinning the whole way down. Now crazy dips are whooshing you closer to the main event: the splash!

No penguin ever made a splash this high. The wall of water is tremendous. Hey, why are all those other riders firing water cannons at you as you helplessly cruise back to the station? They must be working for THE PENGUIN too!


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