Parque Warner Madrid, also known as simply Parque Warner, is a three hundred and seventy-one acre (1,501,384 m2) theme park near Madrid, Spain. It is owned and operated by Parques Reunidos, in addition to being partially owned by WarnerMedia. The park opened on April 6, 2002 and was the third and final Warner theme park designed and constructed by Warner Bros. Recreational Enterprises. The largest theme park in Europe, it was designed with inspiration from film, television, comics, music, and used the Golden Age of Hollywood as a base.

Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid opened under the management of Six Flags, with only 5% of the park being owned by TimeWarner, now WarnerMedia. Unlike the two previous Warner Bros. Recreational Enterprises designed parks Movie World Madrid was not constructed with a fully operational production studio, and instead was just a theme park inspired by show business.

In 2017, the park hosted approximately 2 million guests making it the third most visited tourist destination in Spain.[1]



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