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Ozzy & Drix is an American animated television series based on the film Osmosis Jones. It centers on Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones, a street-smart white blood cell, and Drix, a stoic cold pill, who battle germs and viruses inside the body of teenage boy Hector Cruz. The series is set in a stylized version of the human body, which resembles a city, where microorganisms are anthropomorphic.

Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, the series aired on Kids' WB for two seasons from 2002 to 2004. It also reran on Cartoon Network from 2004 to 2006.


At the beginning of the series, Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones (Phil LaMarr), a white blood cell with little respect for authority, and Drix (Jeff Bennett), a strait-laced and by-the-books cold pill, pursue a scarlet fever bacterium (Tim Curry). During the chase, the three get sucked up by a mosquito from their host body, Frank Detorre (Jeff Bennett) (who has recently resumed his poor eating habits), and are transported to the body of a teenage boy named Hector Cruz (Justin Cowden). After defeating the virus and settling into their new home, Ozzy and Drix are installed as private investigators, vowing to protect Hector's well-being, and also help him through the trials of adolescence along the way.

Supporting characters include Maria Amino (Tasia Valenza), a female Hispanic white blood cell cop who is highly skilled at fighting; Mayor Paul Spryman (Alanna Ubach), the immature teenage mayor of the city of Hector; Chief Gluteus (Jim Cummings), a gruff old muscle cell who serves as the city's police chief and Maria's superior; Ellen Patella (Vivica A. Fox), an attorney-at-law who helps cells find homes in Hector, and whom Ozzy has a crush on; and the Brain Cell Advisors (Pat Fraley), advisors who help Mayor Spryman run the city due to Spryman being inexperienced with his job.

Recurring characters include The Mole (Jeffrey Tambor), a klutzy former secret agent who holds information on what's going on in Hector; Dander (Frank Welker), Drix's pet dog germ formed from the saliva of Hector's dog Uno; Christine Kolchuck (Kimberly Brooks), a sweet and kind student who is Hector's love interest; Travis Lurn (Rob Paulsen), Hector's classmate and best friend who looks out for Hector when he makes poor decisions; Ernst Strepfinger (Brad Garrett in season 1, Jim Cummings in season 2), a villainous germ who uses a gang of germs and viruses to carry out his dirty work; and Hector's overprotective parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz (Alanna Ubach and Joe Lala), who look after Hector's health and his attitude.


Unlike the film it was spun off from, Ozzy & Drix is entirely animated and contains no live-action. The voices of Ozzy and Drix were recast, with Phil LaMarr replacing Chris Rock as Ozzy and Jeff Bennett replacing David Hyde Pierce as Drix. The show is also less violent than the movie and contains less adult humor, although some villains such as Scarlet Fever still meet grisly ends and there still are a few hidden adult jokes (such as a rapping cell saying he "wanna see how Y-chromosomes fit"). Several episodes also recycle footage from its original film counterpart, Osmosis Jones (similar to Power Rangers).

The series has a number of continuity incongruences with the film. At the beginning of the series, Frank has resumed his unhealthy eating habits, whereas at the end of the movie, Frank commits himself to living a healthier lifestyle after nearly dying. In addition, Ozzy's girlfriend Leah neither appears nor is mentioned in the series, and is replaced by Maria Amino. In the first episode, Ozzy tells Drix that if they catch Scarlet Fever they will get a promotion, despite both already having been declared heroes for saving Frank at the end of the film.


Season 1 (2002-2003)

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Production
01 01 "Home With Hector" September 14, 2002 385-761-001
By way of a simple mosquito bite, Ozzy and Drix are transferred from Frank Detorre (who has resumed his poor eating habits) and into the body of a teenage boy named Hector Cruz. A nasty germ named Scarlet Fever is also transferred. Ozzy and Drix must capture him before he wreaks havoc on the City of Hector.
02 02 "Reflex" September 21, 2002 385-762-002
Ozzy accidentally rams into a leg nerve with his car, which ends up producing a nerve spasm that causes Hector to trip Ricky Sales, the school bully. When Ricky threatens to beat up Hector after school, Ozzy must figure out a way to help Hector defend himself. But Ozzy is then thrown in jail after refusing to have his Private eye card confiscated by the Mayor. Ozzy escapes prison and heads to the Cerebral Cortex to save Hector. While Chief Gluetus goes on the hunt to stop Ozzy, fearing that he'll wound Hector up in the hospital.
03 03 "Strep-Finger" September 28, 2002 385-764-004
Ozzy becomes jealous of a super agent (Penicillin G.) who has been injected into Hector to track down a powerful germ known as Strepfinger.
04 04 "A Lousy Haircut" October 5, 2002 385-763-003
When Ozzy discovers there are lice eggs in Hector's hair from a recent haircut when a louse jumped off the barber's comb onto Hector's head, he and Drix venture onto the scalp to knock the eggs off before they hatch, only to end up running into the Louse. When Ozzy starts coagulating, Drix has to stop the lice and save Ozzy all at once.
05 05 "Oh, My Dog" October 12, 2002 385-765-005
Drix's new pet dog, Dander, is mistaken for an Allergen that is threatening the city, while, outside Hector, Mrs. Cruz thinks that it is Hector's dog causing the allergy that Hector is suffering from.
06 06 "Street Up" October 19, 2002 385-766-006
Drix tries to learn how to act "street" and ends up helping an acne germ create a huge zit on Hector's face just in time for picture day.
07 07 "Gas of Doom" November 9, 2002 385-768-008
Ozzy, Drix, and Maria commandeer a submersible police craft into the intestines to stop a gas build-up that threatens Hector's social situation and infects him with gastroenteritis. Maria is desperate to stop the build up because one gas attack Hector had killed her father and she's determined to avenge him. However, the Rota Virus captures her and ties her up with rope and struggles to get free.
08 08 "Where There's Smoke" November 16, 2002 385-767-007
Ozzy must keep Nick O'Teen from getting to the brain where he will cause Hector to smoke. However, Nick and his henchmen kidnap him, the Chief, and Spryman and takes over Hector's brain. Christine tries to warn Hector about the evils of smoking, but he doesn't listen to her.
09 09 "The Globfather" November 30, 2002 385-769-009
Hector eats a "rusty dog" from the rusty dog stand and gets salmonella. Now Ozzy and Drix has to save the day and the mayor from the toxic germ Sal Monella.
10 10 "Ozzy Jr." December 7, 2002 385-772-012
Ozzy thinks he is having a baby, but it turns out to be an infection from an intracellular bacteria by returning villain Strepfinger. Ozzy and Drix must find a way to destroy the parasite growing within Ozzy before it spreads its infection to all of Hector. The parasite grows to monstrous proportions, exits Ozzy, and is eventually destroyed by the HPD when Drix finds out it cannot resist Pastery products.
11 11 "Growth" February 1, 2003 385-773-013
The Mayoral election is coming up, and Spryman's opponent, a nerdy brain cell named Sylvian Fisher, is using a secret growth formula to cause destructive unnatural growth spurts and make the Mayor look bad. Ozzy and Drix must stop this fiendish plan, which becomes more difficult when Sylvian takes the growth formula himself and becomes a raging, muscular monster.
12 12 "Sugar Shock" February 8, 2003 385-771-011
Hector binges on candy, creating a sugar rush that speeds up all the cells and causes the bacteria population to swell. When his parents cut him off sugar as a result of this, his drop in blood sugar slows all the cells to a crawl. But the bacteria need sugar, so they form an army to raid Hector's sugar reserves. Now Drix and an extremely sleepy Ozzy, with the help of the Mole, must take on the bacterial army.
13 13 "The Dream Factory" March 1, 2003 385-770-010
Hector experiences recurring nightmares after seeing a scary movie, keeping everyone in the City of Hector awake. Ozzy and Drix go to the "Subconscious Network," where dreams are produced, and enter Hector's nightmare to help him face his fear. However, whatever happens to Ozzy and Drix in the dream happens for real.

Season 2 (2003-2004)

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Production
14 01 "An Out of Body Experience Part 1" August 23, 2003 385-774-014
Ozzy accidentally gets transferred into Christine's body when she gives Hector CPR after he jumps off the high dive to impress her. While there, Ozzy starts changing colors and acting like a girl and gets arrested because they think he is a virus.
15 02 "An Out of Body Experience Part 2" August 30, 2003 385-777-017
Ozzy is still in Christine, using REM sleep (or Random Eye Movement). He calls Drix for help, and that's when he learns he's gender morphing. When a cell from a certain gender goes to a body of another gender, that cell becomes that gender. With Drix's plan, and the help of another Drixinol cold pill in Christine called "Drixina", Ozzy returns Hector, and prevents Christine from obtaining pneumonia.
16 03 "Lights Out!" September 6, 2003 385-778-018
Everyone inside Hector forgets who Ozzy and Drix are when Hector experiences a concussion, forcing them to locate the site of the concussion, so they can reboot Hector's memories before Hector crashes.
17 04 "The Conqueror Worm" September 13, 2003 385-775-015
Hector eats a barely cooked sausage and gets sick to his stomach, leading him to getting two worms Trichinella spiralis in his body. The male worm dies, but the female survives. Ozzy, Drix, and a crazy captain must try to kill it before Hector's stomach is destroyed.
18 05 "Puberty Alert" September 20, 2003 385-780-020
Hector discovers hair growing on his chin; the testosterone gang ties up the Mayor and wreaks havoc, causing Hector to get into trouble, especially when sneaking out to an all night party in a dangerous part of town when his parents forbid it. It's up to Ozzy and Drix to stop the testosterone gang and save the Mayor.
19 06 "Tricky Ricardo" September 27, 2003 385-781-021
After getting injured on a police case, Maria is sent home to rest for the week. She decided to use this time to work on a family reunion coming up for her. Drix notices a rip on the corner of Maria's family picture. Maria does not seem to want to talk about it but then her brother, Ricky comes in and starts putting the puzzle pieces together. Maria and Ricky share their past with Drix which turns out as Ricky being the family prankster. Maria lost her trust in him so Drix decides to help Ricky get it back. He allows him to be a private eye along with Ozzy with good results and Ricky actually becomes one of the best. Unfortunately, Ricky is working for Strepfinger, who plots to create a tumor out of Drix's medications, but now Ricky is reluctant to hurt Maria again.
20 07 "Aunti Histamine" October 4, 2003 385-779-019
Hector uses a nose spray to clear his nose, and Drix's aunt appears. Suddenly, Hector's water levels drop and Ozzy realizes Drix's aunt is causing it, thanks to Hector's carelessness.
21 08 "A Growing Cell" October 11, 2003 385-776-016
Hector is super-sizing at fast-food restaurants too much which not only makes him a little chubby, but it also gives Stickety Lipid, a bad cholesterol beatnik, the chance to kidnap a fat cell family's child, in an attempt to clog an artery. Ozzy and Drix (and the new navigational system, installed by Drix, named Backseat) must return the huge blob to his parents in time. Hector must also get in better shape.
22 09 "A Cold Day In Hector" October 25, 2003 385-784-024
While snowboarding with Travis, Hector crosses an off limits area. Hector starts to freeride, but falls and rips his snowsuit. This causes a virus named Cryo to drop Hector's temperature. Ozzy and Drix were getting ready for a day at the beach, but now have to stop Cryo from making Hector die of hypothermia.
23 10 "Supplements (a.k.a. Triumph of The Supplements)" June 14, 2004 385-785-025
When Hector accidentally breathes in lead while helping his dad strip old paint off of a shed, the Lead Gang cause him to feel ill. Drix then uses the Mayor's new control system to make Hector eat cereal so he can bring in the Supplements who ask him to be their sidekick.
24 11 "Double Dose" June 21, 2004 385-786-026
Ozzy goes into mitosis and a four armed evil clone doubles from him, trying to steal the iodine that will allow Hector to grow.
25 12 "Nature Calls" June 28, 2004 385-782-022
Billy Blob Bile creates a detour away from the small intestine so bacteria will come to his hotel. Ozzy, Drix, and Maria, who are camping and forced to work at the hotel, must stop Bile before Hector's appendix bursts.
26 13 "Journey to the Center of the Tooth" July 5, 2004 385-783-023
After Hector eats excessive sugar without brushing his teeth, he gets a cavity caused by General Malaise. Malaise plans to cause further pain when Hector goes to the dentist. Meanwhile, Drix must overcome his claustrophobia.

Home media

The complete series was released on DVD on June 20, 2017, as part of the Warner Archive Collection.

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