Odor of the Day is a 1948 Looney Tunes one-shot short that was directed by Arthur Davis.


On a cold winter day, a dog that is looking for a place to stay sneaks into a cabin with a fire and a cozy bed. However, he does have a rival, a skunk who looks like Pepé Le Pew but in fact is a different skunk, for the bed. The two battle by spraying each other with scents. The skunk has his foul odor, while the dog has his perfume. The two then dive into a frozen lake in an attempt to remove the smells and they catch colds in the process. Now unable to smell each other's scents, the two decide to share the bed together.


  • The dog resembles Wellington from "Doggone Cats".
  • Wellington sneezed eleven times while the skunk sneezed twice.
  • The skunk and Wellington have no lines of dialogue in this cartoon, save for only one line at the end of the cartoon "Gesundheit!".



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