Nolan Walsh is the secondary human protagonist of the 2005 comedy Racing Stripes. He is the owner of the Walsh farm. The animals refer to him as "the Chief." He is played by Bruce Greenwood.

Role in the film

Nolan used to be a racehorse trainer, but ever since his wife Carolyn was tragically killed in a racing accident, he is now reluctant to let his daughter Channing anywhere near a saddle, fearing she will hurt herself if she rides. Soon Nolan, he eventually relents realizing how his wife would wanted Channing to ride and how much Channing loves Stripes. Nolan and Clara bet that if Stripes wins, Nolan gets to keep Sandy, and if Stripes loses, he goes back to work for her. After Stripes wins, he praises Channing and tells her that her mother would have been so proud of her.

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