Much Ado About Nutting is a 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.


From atop his tree in Central Park, a squirrel spies an outdoor stand selling nuts. The squirrel crosses the street, races up the peanut cart and jumps into a bag of peanuts. He has a stack of them in his arms before spying something more glorious than peanuts: walnuts! Moments later, he sees the most beautiful sight in his life: Brazil nuts! Finally, in all their eye-popping glory: coconuts. Coconuts stacked to the sky. The squirrel manages to roll a coconut back to his tree. But his anticipated feast is thwarted when he discovers he can't bite into it. He can't even crack it open with a rock. The rock breaks. He can't drop it from a branch in his tree. It just makes a hole in the ground. The squirrel finds to his mounting frustration that nothing seems to break the coconut. But the squirrel is determined to crack open his prize. He is, in fact, determined enough to use anything forceful enough to crack the nut open: a saw, an axe, a jack hammer and explosives from the ACME Construction Co. Worksite, and even he tries to roll the coconut to the top of the Empire State Building just to drop it down to the streets below. But nothing seems to work. In the end, the squirrel reluctantly takes the coconut back to its stand, only to find out that the coconut finally got cracked upon falling off its own stand. But when the squirrel tries to open the coconut, he faints unconsciously when he finds out what was really inside.


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The unnamed squirrel from this cartoon later makes a cameo appearance at the end of the movie Looney Tunes Back in Action (2003).

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