Mr. Tinkles is the central antagonist of the Cats & Dogs franchise. He is the main antagonist of the first film, and a supporting antagonist of the second film. He is a selfish, cruel, ruthless and pompous cat who has a hatred of dogs and will stop at nothing to make people everywhere allergic to dogs.


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Cats & Dogs

Mr. Tinkles first appears when he and his henchman are discussing getting rid of Lou. He first sends in Ninja cats, and later a Russian blue kitten; each of them fail, and the formula is completed. Mr. Tinkles learns this and then he and his cat henchmen drive to a Christmas building factory (pretending to be Mr. Mason) and fires all the human workers in order to take over the factory. He also takes Lou's human family hostage and demands that Lou deliver the formula and all it's notes or the family will "be put to sleep". Just as he does so, the cats steal it and Mr. Tinkles refuses to let the family go.

At the factory, Mr. Tinkles summons thousands of mice to work for him. Just then, Lou, Butch, and the other dogs arrive just in time to stop Mr. Tinkles. Mr. Tinkles rides on a crane, using the claw as a weapon. He captures Butch and attempts to crush him in the shredder, but Lou defeats him by firing a snow gun at him and is presumed dead when the factory blows up. However, he survives the explosion and is taken into custody by his maid owner to live with her and her sisters and wore a lot of costumes.

Other appearances

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Mr. Tinkles returns in the 2010 sequel, but Kitty Galore takes his place as the main antagonist. Instead, Mr. Tinkles (arguably) acts as a supporting antagonist. He is detained on Alcatraz Island, and, alongside the creepy prisoner in the cell next to him, is a reference to Hannibal Lecter. He gives the group of animals a riddle on what to do about Kitty Galore. After her defeat, it is reported that Mr. Tinkles escaped.





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