Mil-Looney-Um 2000 (Cover)

Mil-Looney-Um 2000: The Looney Tunes Bumper Collection was a special New Year's-themed VHS Tape consisting of classic Looney Tunes cartoons.

Cartoon List:

  1. Rabbit Seasoning
  2. Hare Trimmed
  3. Bad Ol’ Putty Tat
  4. Wideo Wabbit
  5. A Street Cat Named Sylvester
  6. Water, Water Every Hare
  7. Dime to Retire
  8. Bunker Hill Bunny
  9. From Hare to Eternity
  10. Greedy for Tweety
  11. Bully for Bugs
  12. Big House Bunny
  13. Of Rice and Hen
  14. A Star Is Bored
  15. The Prize Pest
  16. Canned Feud
  17. Rabbit Fire
  18. Tweety’s Circus
  19. Robot Rabbit

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