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The following is a list of episodes of Mike, Lu & Og, in chronological or in production order.



# Title Written by Storyboarded by Air date Network
0 Crash Lancelot Charles Swenson Mikhail Aldashin November 7, 1998 Cartoon Network

Season 1 (1999-2000)

# First segment Summary Second segment Summary Airdate Production code Network
1 "Sultans of Swat" Mike introduces baseball to the island. "Tea for Three" The last teacup from the Good Ship Betty Anne goes missing. Mike tries to find out who stole it November 121999 102 Cartoon Network
2 "The Tube" Og builds a television. "Roller Madness" Mike introduces everyone to rollerskates. November 19, 1999 101 Cartoon Network
3 "Losing Lancelot" Lancelot risks life and limb to get away from Lu. "Buzz Cut" Og builds a helicopter. November 26, 1999 103 Cartoon Network
4 "Elephant Walk" Lu wants to ride an elephant while Mike and Og create an elephant wash. "Palm Pet" Feeling lonely, Mike befriends a young palm tree. December 3, 1999 104 Cartoon Network
5 "Yo, Ho, Who?" The trio visit a pirate-infested island called The Barnacle. "A Boy's Game" Og creates a gaming platform that bears a striking resemblance to a Game Boy. December 10, 1999 105 Cartoon Network
6 "Whole Lotta Shakin" The Albonquetanians are thrilled about the volcanic activity while Mike and Lancelot express their fear. "The Mother of All Marathons" The Albonquetanians organize a marathon. December 17, 1999 106 Cartoon Network
7 "Hot Couture" In search of a new wardrobe, Mike hosts a fashion show. "Opposites Attack" Og misses a Philosophical Society meeting while performing chores for his family and creates an army of rampaging robots that terrorizes the island after he stresses out with the work burden. January 7, 2000 107 Cartoon Network
8 "Scopin' It Out" Old Queeks convinces everyone that he's psychic after finding a missing Lancelot, but Mike is skeptical about his claims. "The Good Ship Bad" The trio explore an old pirate ship. January 14, 2000 108 Cartoon Network
9 "High Rise" Mike introduces everyone to the idea of an apartment building. "The Great Snipe Hunt" It's Og's seventh birthday, but very little goes his way including a hunting trip with Alfred that goes horribly wrong with his animal friends thinking Og has turned into a cold-blooded killer. January 21, 2000 109 Cartoon Network
10 "Nobody's Nose" Mike is chosen to be The Nose for a springtime ritual. "Scuba Doobie Doo" Everyone prepares for a visit from the flying mailman while Lu prepares for war against the "invader". January 24, 2000 112 Cartoon Network
11 "Jujubombs" Og makes jujubombs for Mike and Lu becomes addicted. "Turtle Stew" The pirates try to turn Lancelot into dinner. January 28, 2000 110 Cartoon Network
12 "A Bicycle Built for Me" Og builds a 27 speed bicycle for Mike and Lu wants it all for herself. "Crowded House" Mike gets Og to build a searchlight to attract a cruise ship filled with tourists, who prove to be nothing but trouble. April 14, 2000 111 Cartoon Network
13 "High Camp" Og sets off to find a blue swallowtail butterfly and inadvertently invites Mike and Lu, while Lu tries to scare the daylights out of Mike and Og with the legend of the Wooly Mountain Elephant. "Sneeze, Please" Mike catches a cold after getting doused by ice water and Lu spreads it hoping it will get Mike off the island for good. April 21, 2000 113 Cartoon Network

Season 2 (2001)

# First segment Summary Second segment Summary Airdate Production code Network
14 "A Learning Experience" Mike attends her first day of school on the island and meets the Cuzzlewits. "We the People" Mike and Wendell compete for the position of governor. January 7, 2001 201 Cartoon Network
15 "Money" The Albonquetanians trade in clams and pigs for modern currency. "Repeat After Me" Wendell's bird, Skipper, gets Mike into a lot of trouble. January 14, 2001 202 Cartoon Network
16 "Thanks, but No Thanks" The pirates are starving, so Mike invites them over for an "All Foodstuff's Eve" dinner but under the condition that the Pirates dress as Mike's friends visiting from Manhattan. "Hot Dog" Mike is sick of eating coconut-based meals, so Og creates a hotdog machine. Since everyone is more or less vegetarian, and the ingredients of the hotdog are vague, Og improvises causing a near riot with everybody who goes into a hot dog eating craze. January 21, 2001 203 Cartoon Network
17 "That Sinking Feeling" Wendell warns everyone that the island is sinking. "Founder's Day" The Albonquetanians celebrate the founding of their island with a musical play. February 4, 2001 204 Cartoon Network
18 "Giant Steps" Mike and Lancelot must collect a piece of shell from the waga-waga bird, a piece of web from the geyser spider, and the eyetooth of the black shark to prevent a "Giant" from invading the island. "Night of the Living Ancestors" Queeks, who was in a very angry mood, attempts to curse Mike, by bringing the island's ancestors back from the dead. Instead they take a liking to Mike and cause misery to the others on the island. February 18, 2001 205 Cartoon Network
19 "For the Love of Mike" Haggis and Baggis declare their undying love for Mike. "Sparks" Mike is having trouble sleeping through all the darkness, so Og invents the lightbulb. March 4, 2001 206 Cartoon Network
20 "Brave Sir Lancelot" Lancelot becomes covered in gold paint and worshipped by a tribe of land turtles. "The Big Game" Mike attempts to train an elephant named Abelard who has no confidence in himself in order to beat Lu and her elephant in a game of croquet/polo for the Lady Smythe Trophy. April 29, 2001 207 Cartoon Network
21 "Flustering Footwear Flotsam" A intermodal container with a cargo-load of shoes washes up on the island and everyone goes crazy over them, while they just drive Queeks and Mike crazy. "Fathers and Pies" After a freak accident in Og's workshop, Margery and Alfred thinks that Og's been turned into a pie, but Og doesn't turned because he's alive yet. May 6, 2001 208 Cartoon Network
22 "Queeks, Queeks, Who's Got the Queeks?" The Cuzzlewits kidnap Queeks and Mike sets off to rescue him. "Alfred, Lord of the Jungle" A stereotypical North American documenter shows up on the island to film a documentary and winds up filming an action film starring Alfred. May 13, 2001 209 Cartoon Network
23 "The King of Curtains" Lancelot and the Islanders find an old message in a bottle thinking it was from the king of England. A salesman named Bob Johnson, King of Curtains, arrives on the island to sell curtains instead. "Margery the Duck" Og's experiment accidentally hypnotizes Margery into thinking she's a duck. May 20, 2001 210 Cartoon Network
24 "A Freudian Split" Pig and Goat argue about peanut butter and jelly and Og gets caught in the middle. Mike suggests that they should have a debate, and it winds up as a free-for-all brawl. "Fitness Fever" Wendell despairs over his weight gain and Mike offers to help him lose it. Wendell coins the term "Albonquetanian" in this episode. May 20, 2001 211 Cartoon Network
25 "The Hunter and the Hunted" Alfred nails the wombat on the wombat's birthday and upsets him by doing a victory taunt. The wombat retaliates, discouraging Alfred from hunting. Mike acts like an envoy to have the two make up. "To Serve Lu" Mike becomes Lu's slave when Lu tricks her into giving up her Action Guy comic book after losing a bet. Lancelot is off the hook, but feels guilty for it and tells Mike through pantomime of how Lu rigged the game in her favor. May 27, 2001 212 Cartoon Network
26 "The Three Amigas" Lu is jealous of Mike and Hermione's newfound friendship and tries to ruin it. "Sleeping Ugly" Miss Hortense the Sleeping Ugly Hag is accidentally awakened by Queeks' kiss causing total misery for Queeks. May 27, 2001 213 Cartoon Network

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