Michael Hobbs is Buddy Hobbs's 12-year-old half-brother and a character from Elf.



Physical Appearance

​Role in the film

Michael is the 12-year-old son of Walter Hobbs and Emily Hobbs. He first appears eating dinner with his parents, when Walter tells Emily he needs to eat in the bedroom because he's behind on work (not telling them he's actually going in there due to stress after meeting Buddy for the first time), and Michael asks Emily if he can eat in his room as well because he has a lot of homework, but she tells him no. When Walter brings Buddy home for the first time, Michael is initially put off by his adult brother acting like a young child, but warms up to him after Buddy defeats a gang of bullies in a snowball fight in Central Park. Buddy takes Michael to Gimbel's to meet Jovie, and Michael suggests that he ask her out on a date. While there, Buddy tells Michael that he thinks Walter is the "world's greatest dad", and Michael said he was actually the world's worst dad because he cared about nothing other than work and money. Michael meets Jovie and Buddy manages to successfully get a date with her on the next Thursday. On Christmas Eve, the day after their date, Buddy interrupts Walter's team's meeting with Miles Finch to tell Walter about his newfound love, and mistakes the vertically-challenged Finch for an elf. An angered and insulted Finch walks out on Walter, who has had enough and disowns Buddy out of fury. Heartbroken, Buddy runs back to the apartment and leaves a note for Walter, Emily, and Michael before running away. Shortly thereafter, Michael arrives home and finds Buddy's note. Deeply concerned, he frantically interrupts Walter's make-or-break meeting with Fulton Greenway and successfully convinces Walter that family is more important than work, so Walter resigns much to Greenway's anger, and, with Michael, searches all over the city for Buddy. When they see Santa Claus's sleigh fall out of the sky and land in Central Park, they decide Buddy must be there and run to find him. They find him while he is looking for the sleigh's engine and Walter apologizes to Buddy for his harsh words and truly accepts him as his son. Buddy takes Walter and Michael, who were both skeptical of Santa, to meet him, and they believe. Santa shows Michael his list, and that he knows he wants a real huffboard, and Michael takes the list to show it to the citizens gathered outside the park, as the Central Park rangers chase Santa and Buddy. After Buddy saves Christmas, the family celebrate together, and by next Christmas, Walter has started his own publishing company, with his first book being Buddy's autobiography.




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