Role in the film

Happy Feet

In Memphis' first appearance, he appears from nowhere when he is singing his heartsong "Heartbreak Hotel". After mating, he and Norma Jean had an egg. When the females went to find food, the males were in charge of watching over the eggs and protecting them from the harsh wind storm approaching. Lonely and cold, the only thing to help Memphis get past the storm was to think of Norma Jean and dancing. However, this caused him to drop the egg, sending it tumbling in the snow. He quickly retrieved it, hoping nothing happened. After, he prayed hard to the Great 'Guin that his child was fine. Mumble's name was not chosen by Memphis or Norma Jean, but Gloria. She called him this because while he was trying to exit his egg, he made small noises. The difficulty Mumble had while trying to break out of his egg concerned Memphis, but what concerned him even more was the way he oddly moved his feet and the fact that he could not sing, and therefore had no Heartsong.

Memphis was not supportive of Mumble's dancing capabilities, saying that it "just ain't penguin". He even resorted to picking the Elders over his family when things got rough with the food shortage. However, when Mumble was taken to the zoo by humans, he went into a state of depression. When Mumble returned, he joined his son in dancing for the humans, and contributed to the return of the fish.

By the end of the film, he completely supported Mumble's dancing and joins in to group dancing willingly.

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