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Maudeline and Finis Everglot are the cruel, snobbish parents of Victoria Everglot and the secondary antagonists in Corpse Bride.

They are aristocrats who have no money to their family name so they arrange their daughter to marry Victor Van Dort, the son of wealthy fish merchants in order to restore their family fortune.


Physical Appearance


Maudeline's outward appearance is inspired by her values and personality. Her hair, potentially her most noticeable aspect, is as high as her pride and always well maintained despite the circumstances. Her crisp, tailored dress a testament to expensive living, but not extravagant or need for attention. Her face and posture speak for the old money she is -perfect composure and an upturned nose compliment her look of disdain and impeccable, posh accent.


Finis resembles a toad where he is shorter than his wife and wears a suit and pocket watch, with his hair neatly combed.



Haughty and contempt, Maudeline is a cold, distant figure whose primary objective is in keeping with proper etiquette and civilized habits to preserve her family's good name. She makes it clear that her feelings for her husband, Finnis, extend only so far as toleration and that she does not "like" him and that her motherly duties are only to find her daughter a "proper" match (in this instance- money).


Finis is so dour and grumpy that he can't even smile. One of his first reactions to being upset is to call for his butler.

Role in the film


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