The Man with flamethrower is a minor antagonist from the 1998 Warner Bros. film Lethal Weapon 4. He only appears in the opening shootout scene from the film.

He is portrayed by the stunt performer Danny Wynands.



The Man with Flamethrower is a cunning, unremorseful and skilled criminal that likes to set fire to any property on a Los Angeles street. Despite him shooting repeatedly at several police cars, he can be almost thrown off balance by Riggs and Murtaugh's shooting. The terrorist loves the habit of listening to heavy metal music whilst he does his terrorism in Los Angeles.

Physical appearance

The Man with Flamethrower is a slender man, with only a flame-retardant, bullet-proof armored suit, with a helmet that is also bullet proof. On his back, he carries a cylinder that contains flammable liquid for his flamethrower. He carries a firearm and a flamethrower to do some property damage.


The terrorist is seen setting flames to buildings and cars in Los Angeles with his flamethrower. But Riggs and Murtaugh arrive and try to stop him by shooting at the terrorist, but the bullets rebound off his suit. When Police cars came, the terrorist sets them on fire. With Riggs and Murtaugh hiding behind their car, talking about Riggs' wife and Murtaugh's daughter being pregnant, the terrorist repeatedly shoots their car and fires flames at other police cars. As the terrorist gets closer, Murtaugh distracts him in his underwear, flapping his arms like a chicken. With the terrorist's back turned, Riggs shoots his gas valve of his flamethrower, turning it into a make-shift jetpack, sending the lunatic flying across the street and into the gas truck. The terrorist was killed when the gas truck explodes, destroying the gas station in the street and as well as Riggs and Murtaugh's car when the gas truck lands on it.



  • When the terrorist is sent flying to the gas truck, a Wilhelm Scream is heard.
  • He is the only minor antagonist whose name isn't revealed at any point in the film.
  • The terrorist doesn't say a word in the opening shootout scene, except for the said Wilhelm Scream and a grunt when he collides with the gas truck.

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